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Updated: 11 min 45 sec ago

How to deduplicate files on Linux with dupeGuru

Monday 5th of January 2015 02:22:01 PM
Recently, I was given the task to clean up my father's files and folders. What made it difficult was the abnormal amount of duplicate files with incorrect names. By keeping a backup on an external drive, simultaneously editing multiple versions of the same file, or even changing the directory structure, the same file can get […]Continue reading...The post How to deduplicate files on Linux with dupeGuru appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to create a cloud-based encrypted file system on Linux How to backup a hard disk on Linux How to manage LVM volumes on CentOS / RHEL 7 with System Storage Manager How to create a software RAID-1 array with mdadm on Linux How to create a custom backup plan for Debian with backupninja

Antergos 2014.08.07 Screenshot Tour

Monday 5th of January 2015 01:24:50 PM
Antergos 2014.08.07 is available.Antergos is a modern, elegant and powerful operating system based on Arch Linux. It started life under the name of Cinnarch, combining the Cinnamon desktop with the Arch Linux distribution, but the project has moved on from its original goals and now offers a choice of several desktops, including GNOME 3 (default), Cinnamon, Razor-qt and Xfce. Antergos also provides its own graphical installation program.

Korora Takes Fedora 21 and Improves It

Monday 5th of January 2015 11:33:11 AM
Korora, an unofficial Fedora Remix distribution with tweaks and extras to make the system work out of the box and that aims to provide an improved user experience, has been upgraded to version 21 Beta.

Open Source Photography: NDFilter Android App

Monday 5th of January 2015 09:38:49 AM
Getting exposure right when using ND filters can be tricky, unless you enlist the help of NDFilter.

Red Star 3.0 Desktop Screenshot Tour

Monday 5th of January 2015 04:40:15 AM
Red Star OS is a North Korean Linux-based operating system. Development started in 2002 at the Korea Computer Center. Red Star OS 3.0, like its predecessors, uses a KDE 3 desktop. However, 3.0 more closely resembles Apple's OS X whereas previous versions more closely resembled Windows XP.

CES: Acer introduces first 15.6" display Chromebook

Monday 5th of January 2015 02:45:53 AM
Acer introduces big and sturdy Chromebook at CES.

Running Glassfish 4.1 in Nova-Docker Comtainer on RDO Juno

Monday 5th of January 2015 12:51:31 AM
This post follows up Docker image been built bellow has pre-installed JDK 1.8 and GlassFish 4.1,providing ssh connect to Nova-Docker container ( launched via this image )it allows initialize Glassfish with JPA support manually.

Android-x86 4.4-r2 Screenshot Tour

Sunday 4th of January 2015 10:57:09 PM is glad to announce the 4.4-r2 release. This is the second stable release of Android-x86 4.4. The 4.4-r2 release is based on the Android 4.4.4_r2 (KitKat-MR2.2) release. We have fixed and added x86-specific code to let the system run smoothly on x86 platforms, especially on tablets and netbooks. Features include: upgrade the kernel to the latest stable version 3.18 with more drivers enabled and support for more modern hardware like Intel's Baytrail platform; initial support for UEFI booting, the installer still doesn't work with GPT partition table; improve suspend and resume; merge updates from upstream; bug fixes. This release contains two files - one is the traditional ISO file that can be booted on devices with legacy BIOS, the other is the EFI image that can be used on more modern devices with UEFI firmware.

5 Top Free TeX Books

Sunday 4th of January 2015 09:02:47 PM
TeX is a system for computer typesetting. It is a powerful low-level markup and programming language that creates professional quality typeset text. The system was developed by Donald Knuth at Stanford University with the purpose of enabling anyone to generate high-quality books, and to develop a system that yields the same results whatever computer is used.

Installing Apache 2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 21 (LAMP)

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:08:25 PM
Installing Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 21 (LAMP)LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This tutorial shows how you can install an Apache2 webserver on a Fedora 21 server with PHP5 support (mod_php) and MySQL support.

4MRescueKit Live CD gives you easy access to Antivirus Live CD, BakAndImgCD, 4MParted and 4MRecover

Sunday 4th of January 2015 05:14:03 PM
The distribution is derived from the latest version of the well-known 4MLinux operating system and comprises of four standalone distributions that are also based on the 4MLinux, including Antivirus Live CD, BakAndImgCD, 4MParted, as well as 4MRecover.

Docker to Gain New Ground in 2015, After Taking Center Stage in 2014

Sunday 4th of January 2015 03:19:41 PM
In the cloud/virtualization world, one technology dominated the conversation in 2014: "Docker." The technology will see further expansion in 2015.

Fixing USB Autosuspend

Sunday 4th of January 2015 01:25:19 PM
The Linux kernel automatically suspends USB devices to save power. However, some devices are not compatible with autosuspend and will misbehave. Affected devices are most commonly mice and keyboards.

How to install owncloud 7 on OpenSUSE 13.2

Sunday 4th of January 2015 11:30:57 AM
This tutorial is based on OpenSuse 13.2 server, so you should set up a basic OpenSuse 13.2 server installation before you continue with this tutorial. The system should have a static IP address.

Open source alternative to Minecraft, new games for Linux, and more

Sunday 4th of January 2015 09:36:35 AM
In this week's roundup, I take a look at an open source alternative to Minecraft, a new Desura client, and new games for Linux.

The Best Linux Software

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:42:13 AM
Linux is full of awesome apps, both open source and proprietary. People new to Linux might be used to Windows or Mac OS X apps that aren’t available on Linux, and don’t know about available alternatives. Even seasoned Linux users tend to find new and useful software quite often.

Top 5: Catch up on 2014 in a flash! Linux at #1

Sunday 4th of January 2015 05:47:51 AM
To bid a happy farwell to 2014, we recapped the year in open source by writing best of articles that list the top stories of the year for open source news, games, hardware, software, and so much more. Four of them made the Top 5 this week, but the #1 article stands out.

How to check memory usage on Linux

Sunday 4th of January 2015 03:53:29 AM
When it comes to optimizing the performance of a Linux system, physical memory is the single most important factor. Naturally, Linux offers a wealth of options to monitor the usage of the precious memory resource. Different tools vary in terms of their monitoring granularity (e.g., system-wide, per-process, per-user), interface (e.g., GUI, command-line, ncurses) or running mode (e.g., interactive, batch mode).

Run Google’s Kit Kat Android on Your PC as a Linux Distro

Sunday 4th of January 2015 01:59:07 AM
Android-x86 is a port of the Android operating system for the x86 platform. The developers have just released a new update for it and version 4.4-r2 is now out and ready for download.

How Copyright Makes Culture Disappear

Sunday 4th of January 2015 12:04:45 AM
A few years ago, we wrote about some research by Paul Heald that did an astounding job visually demonstrating how much copyright law today harms the dissemination of content. The key graphic was the following one:What it shows is that while new books are available for sale, they quickly go out of print and are basically not available -- until you get down to 1923, at which point the works are in the public domain.

More in Tux Machines

CuBox-i4Pro Review

A bundled microSD card arrives preinserted into the rear of the CuBox-i, and it’s loaded with a version of Google’s Android operating system. Interestingly, SolidRun has gone to the effort of seeking the certifications required to load the Google Apps suite onto the card, meaning users receive Google Mail, YouTube, Google Maps and full access to Google Play straight out of the box. An even newer build, based on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat branch, can be downloaded from SolidRun’s website and provides an entirely useable desktop Android experience. Read more

Working on 3.19 – the kernel column

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux kernel version 3.18 in time for the holidays. In his mail, Linus noted that the previous RC, release candidate 7, had been “tiny” (in terms of changes and bugfixes), so it was time to get the final release out. The latest kernel includes support for storing AMD Radeon GPU buffers in regular application memory (building upon similar work done by Intel for kernel 3.16), and overlayfs (which we have covered previously), amongst a number of other less interesting new features. A full summary is provided at Kernel Newbies. Read more

The top 10 rookie open source projects

Open source has become the industry's engine of innovation. This year, for example, growth in projects related to Docker containerization trumped every other rookie area -- and not coincidentally reflected the most exciting area of enterprise technology overall. At the very least, the projects described here provide a window on what the global open source developer community is thinking, which is fast becoming a good indicator of where we're headed. Read more

First thoughts on KaOS 2014.12

The latest snapshot of this rolling release distribution includes initial support for UEFI, the KDE 4.14 desktop, systemd version 218 and the Qupzilla web browser. I mention Qupzilla because I feel it is a rare gem in the open source world, a quick capable browser that perhaps does not get the attention it deserves. KaOS is available in just one edition, a 64-bit x86 build. The ISO we download for KaOS is 1.6GB in size. Read more