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How to Install Packages from Source on Linux

Saturday 1st of April 2017 01:07:49 AM
Most modern Linux distributions enjoy standard repositories that include most of the software you’ll need to successfully run your Linux server or desktop. Should a package come up missing, more than likely you’ll find a repository you can add, so that the installation can be managed with the built-in package manager. This should be considered a best practice. Why? Because it’s important for the integrity of the platform to ensure the package manager is aware of installed software. When that is the case, packages can easily be updated (to fix vulnerabilities and the like).

U.S. Broadband Privacy Rules: We will Fight to Protect User Privacy

Friday 31st of March 2017 11:13:27 PM
In the U.S., Congress voted to overturn rules that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created to protect the privacy of broadband customers. Mozilla supported the creation and enactment of these rules because strong rules are necessary to promote transparency, respect...

How to Install osTicket with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Friday 31st of March 2017 09:53:58 PM
In this tutorial, I will show you step by step to install and configure osTicket on Ubuntu 16.04. OsTicket is an open source support ticket system based on PHP. It's a simple and lightweight support ticket system, designed to be easy to use and easy to install.

Linux, meet DisplayPort

Friday 31st of March 2017 07:44:27 PM
At ELC 2017, Intel’s Manasi Navare described how she patched Linux 4.12 for true DisplayPort compliance, and offered tips on pushing patches upstream. If you’ve ever hooked up a Linux computer to a DisplayPort monitor and encountered only a flickering or blank screen, we’ve got good news for you. A graphics kernel developer at Intel’s […]

Microsoft's Patent Blackmail Against Samsung Part of a Strategy of Divide and Conquer Against Android

Friday 31st of March 2017 06:24:58 PM
The 'new' Microsoft turns out to be the same old Microsoft, where software patents are used not just for extortion and extraction of 'protection' money but also to compel OEMs to use Microsoft's own 'version' (or distribution) of Android

UBER CLI : Easily Get Uber Pickup Time & Price Estimates from Linux Command Line

Friday 31st of March 2017 04:52:03 PM
Now, user can quickly get pickup time and price estimates for Uber from Linux command line, much faster compare with GUI Uber App in phone.

Awesome way to Create fancy linux banners using figlet

Friday 31st of March 2017 01:41:56 PM
Many times we write a shell script for performing any task. Want to show the status messages with fancy way. Then you must create fancy linux banners using figlet.

Tractor Owners Using Pirated Firmware To Dodge John Deere's Ham-Fisted Attempt To Monopolize Repair

Friday 31st of March 2017 12:22:27 PM
It was John Deere's decision to implement a draconian lockdown on "unauthorized repairs" that has magically turned countless ordinary citizens into technology policy activists. A lengthy EULA the company required customers to sign last October forbids the lion-share of repair or modification of tractors customers thought they owned, simultaneously banning these consumers from suing over "crop loss, lost profits, loss of goodwill, loss of use of equipment … arising from the performance or non-performance of any aspect of the software."

Open-source developers targeted in sophisticated malware attack

Friday 31st of March 2017 11:02:58 AM
For the past few months, developers who publish their code on GitHub have been targeted in an attack campaign that uses a little-known but potent cyberespionage malware.

Deep Hardware Discovery With lshw and lsusb on Linux

Friday 31st of March 2017 09:43:29 AM
The glorious lshw (list hardware) command reveals, in excruciating detail, everything about your motherboard and everything connected to it. It's a tiny little command, weighting in at a mere 639k, and yet it reveals much.

Global Enterprises Join The Linux Foundation to Accelerate Open Source Development Across Diverse Industries

Friday 31st of March 2017 08:24:00 AM
Just this week, AT&T joined The Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member, and 16 other organizations joined as Silver Members. Together, these organizations combine to help support development of the greatest shared technology resources in history, while accelerating innovation across industry verticals.

Fixing the Linux Graphics Kernel for True DisplayPort Compliance, Or: How to Upstream a Patch

Friday 31st of March 2017 07:04:31 AM
If you’ve ever hooked up a Linux computer to a DisplayPort monitor and encountered only a flickering or blank screen, we’ve got good news for you. A graphics kernel developer at Intel[he]#039[/he]s Open Source Technology Center has solved the problem with a patch that will go into Linux 4.12. Manasi Navare’s patch modifies Atomic Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) technology to gracefully drop down to a lower resolution to display the image.

Linux Kernel 4.10.7 Released with AMDGPU and Networking Improvements, Bug Fixes

Friday 31st of March 2017 05:45:02 AM
Greg Kroah-Hartman announced today the release and immediate availability of the seventh maintenance update to the Linux 4.10 kernel series, along with Linux kernel 4.9.19 LTS and Linux kernel 4.4.59 LTS.

A Penguin tries out TrueOS, formerly PC-BSD, part I

Friday 31st of March 2017 04:25:33 AM
A Penguin tries out TrueOS, formerly PC-BSD, and compares it to his beloved Debian GNU/Linux desktop..

OpenGL accelerated games come to Raspberry Pi

Friday 31st of March 2017 03:06:04 AM
Eltechs released v2.0 of its ExaGear Desktop VM for running x86 apps on ARM/Linux devices. It adds OpenGL hardware graphics acceleration for the Pi 2 and 3. Recently, Raspbian developers led by Eric Anholt ported the OpenGL driver to Raspbian, thereby making the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 the first hacker SBCs to do so.

Top Interesting cron Jobs To Run On Linux

Friday 31st of March 2017 01:46:35 AM
A cron job is a scheduling service on Linux/Unix operating systems. These are simply a set of commands that are run periodically to do various tasks mostly used by system administrators and other users to do mundane tasks and procedures automatically with no user interaction. One can setup commands or scripts which run repeatedly at a prescribed time.

CloudLinux 7 and 6 Users Get New Linux Kernel Update That Fixes CVE-2017-2647

Friday 31st of March 2017 12:27:06 AM
CloudLinux's Mykola Naugolnyi announced today the general availability of new stable kernel updates for the CloudLinux 7 and CloudLinux 6 operating system series.

Google Opens Up on Open Source

Thursday 30th of March 2017 11:07:37 PM
Google's new website might well become "Open Source 101" for DevOps considering moving into open source.

Why and how to handle exceptions in Python Flask

Thursday 30th of March 2017 09:48:08 PM
In my last Python Flask article, I walked you through the building of a simple application to take in a Threat Stack webhook and archive the alert to AWS S3. In this post, I'll dive into Python exception handling and how to do it in a secure more

Study Ruby Programming with Open-Source Books

Thursday 30th of March 2017 08:28:39 PM
This compilation makes 9 strong recommendations. There are books here for beginner, intermediate, and advanced programmers. All of the texts are, of course, released under an open source license.

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Leftovers: Ubuntu

  • Snap creation tool 'snapcraft' has a new release with the groundwork for collaboration
  • Mobile Ubuntu Gamble to Fizzle Out in June
  • The Pop GTK Theme Brings Ubuntu with GNOME to Life
    If you’re looking to give your newly minted GNOME desktop a bit of a makeover look no further than the Pop GTK theme. Created by the popular Ubuntu computer seller System76, the Pop GTK theme puts a modern spin on the Ubuntu brown and orange colour scheme (which also happen to be the colours used in the System76 logo).
  • 2017 will be the year of the Linux desktop... for GNOME on Ubuntu
    A few weeks ago, Mark Shuttleworth, now CEO of Canonical, announced that the Unity desktop shell would be abandoned in favour of GNOME. While we were told that GNOME would be used by Ubuntu 18.04, we weren't sure whether it'd be included in Ubuntu 17.10, the next release. Following a meeting on IRC, we now know that GNOME will ship by default in the next release.
  • Ubuntu GNOME merged into mainline Ubuntu
    Ubuntu has been using the Unity environment developed by Caonical Ltd. since the netbook edition of Ubuntu 10.10, initially released on June 9, 2010. However, it has been decided that the Unity environment would no longer be the standard environment used for the popular GNU/Linux distro. In a blog post by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, he says, "We are wrapping up an excellent quarter and an excellent year for the company, with performance in many teams and products that we can be proud of. As we head into the new fiscal year, it’s appropriate to reassess each of our initiatives. I’m writing to let you know that we will end our investment in Unity8, the phone and convergence shell. We will shift our default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS."

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