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This blog follows the breeding season of Gentoo penguins at the Gars O'Higgins research facility, as well as the King, Adelie, and Gentoo penguins at South Georgia Island. This blog will consist of images taken from the nesting site at O'Higgins Station, the surrounding area on the Antarctic Peninsula, and the beach on South Georgia Island.
Updated: 11 hours 2 min ago

Penguin Activity Summary 02.06-07.2016

Monday 8th of February 2016 05:05:00 AM
 Site 1 Creche 02.06-07.2016
Site 1 Near 02.06-07.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 02.03-05.2016 (The Cam is Back!)

Saturday 6th of February 2016 04:51:00 PM
 Site 1 Creche 02.03-05.2016
Site 1 Near 02.03-05.2016
If the timeline jumps a few hours or minutes, it's because I eliminated those images that were too out of focus due to fog. 
Once again, thanks to the Argentines for swiftly fixing the cams. They rock! 
LinPenguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.31-02.01.2016

Wednesday 3rd of February 2016 12:18:00 AM
The cams have broken down again, but I'm posting what images I have at the moment. Once they are fixed, I'll begin posting anew. Take heart... we should be able to see our chicks shed their baby feathers and begin their lives as juvie penguins, ready for the sea very soon. Those Argentine guys have been wonderful in keeping the cams going and I can't thank them enough for allowing us to watch this year's chicks hatch and mature!


Site 1 Creche 01.31-02.01.2016 
Site 1 Near 01.31-02.01.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.29-30.2016

Sunday 31st of January 2016 03:03:00 PM
Site 1 Creche 01.29-30.2016 
Site 1 Near 01.29-30.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.27-28.2016

Sunday 31st of January 2016 12:43:00 AM
 Site Creche 01.27-28.2016
Site 1 Near 01.27-28.2016

Penguin Watch

zpenguin Activity Summary 01.25-26.2016

Thursday 28th of January 2016 05:07:00 AM
 Site 1 Creche 01.25-26.2016
Site 1 Near 01.25-26.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.22-23.2016

Monday 25th of January 2016 01:47:00 AM
 Site 1 Creche 01.22-23.2016

Site 1 Near 01.22-23.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.20-22.2016

Saturday 23rd of January 2016 04:44:00 AM

 Site 1 Creche 01.20-22.2016

Site 1 Near 01.20-22.2016
Since there are now so few penguins at Site 2, I have elected to not summarize them. Instead, the far cam on Site 1 takes images of the chicks gathering place or as it's normally called, the creche. Also, I've noticed that the adults all leave to feed and the pair who have late chicks in the Near cam image are left to babysit. 
I'm very concerned at the lateness of those aforementioned chicks. They're so small and they were hatched a month behind the rest of the chicks. Let's keep an eye on them and hope that they both have time to mature before they all leave in the fall. 

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.18-19.2016

Wednesday 20th of January 2016 07:13:00 PM
Site 2 01.18-19.2016 
 Site 1 Near 01.18-19.2016
Site 1 Creche 01.18-19.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.15-17.2016

Monday 18th of January 2016 03:22:00 AM
 Site 1 Near 01.15-17.2016
 Site 1 Far 01.15-17.2016
Site 2 01.15-17.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.13-15.2016

Sunday 17th of January 2016 01:05:00 AM

 Site 1 Far 01.13-15.2016

Site 1 Near 01.13-15.2016

Site 2 01.13-15.2016

Penguin Watch

Penguin Activity Summary 01.11-13.2016

Friday 15th of January 2016 11:47:00 AM
Site 1 Far 01.11-13.2016
 Site 1 Near 01.11-13.2016
Site 2  01.11-13.2016

Penguin Watch

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