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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
Updated: 11 hours 58 min ago

Development Release: NomadBSD 1.4 RC1

Wednesday 27th of January 2021 01:22:50 AM
Marcel Kaiser has announced the availability of the first release candidate for NomadBSD 1.4, a FreeBSD-based live operating system for USB flash drives (with persistence), available for both x86_64 and i386 architectures. The new build upgrades the base system to FreeBSD 12.2 and also provides various improvements: "We....

Distribution Release: Zentyal Server 7.0

Tuesday 26th of January 2021 02:25:01 PM
Zentyal Server is an Ubuntu-based server distribution that aims at offering an easy-to-use Linux alternative to Windows Server. The project's latest release is Zentyal Server 7.0 which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. "Zentyal Development Team today announced the availability of Zentyal Server Development Edition 7.0. This is....

Distribution Release: Tails 4.15

Tuesday 26th of January 2021 07:20:55 AM
Version 4.15 of Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System), a Debian-based live image designed for anonymous browsing of internet websites, has been released. As usual, the new version fixes a handful of security issues: "Tails 4.15 is out. This release fixes known security vulnerabilities. You should upgrade as....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 901

Monday 25th of January 2021 12:13:30 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Mabox Linux 20.10News: GALPon MiniNo shuts down, Slackware tests new C library, Fedora to use GNOME 40, pfSense gets WireGuard, Red Hat offers free production subscriptions, Ubuntu booting on Apple ARMQuestions and answers: Deep diving into systemdReleased last week: XigmaNAS corner:....

BSD Release: XigmaNAS

Sunday 24th of January 2021 11:52:48 PM
Michael Zoon has announced the release of XigmaNAS, a new stable snapshot of the project's embedded, open-source NAS (Network-Attached Storage) distribution based on FreeBSD. This is major update and the first released built on top of FreeBSD 12.2: "We are pleased to announce the release of XigmaNAS....

Development Release: Qubes OS 4.0.4 RC2

Sunday 24th of January 2021 02:54:35 AM
Qubes OS is a security-oriented Linux distribution whose main concept is "security by isolation" by using domains implemented as lightweight Xen virtual machines. The project's latest development snapshot is Qubes OS 4.0.4-rc2 which updates its operating system tempates and packages. "We're pleased to announce the second release candidate....

Development Release: Redcore Linux 2101 Beta

Friday 22nd of January 2021 03:59:32 AM
Ghiunhan Mamut has announced the availability of a beta build of Redcore Linux 2101, the upcoming new release of the project's Gentoo-based distribution with a goal to provide a pure Gentoo system without the need to compile it from source code. "I'm happy to let you all know....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 900

Monday 18th of January 2021 02:05:16 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: CRUX 3.6.1, NuTyX 20.12.0News: Fedora doubles down on zRAM, Debian developers discuss bundling dependencies, openSUSE 15.1 nearing end of life, FreeBSD publishes status reportQuestions and answers: Alternatives to running commands as root userReleased last week: Alpine Linux 3.13.0, KaOS 2021.01, GhostBSD 21.01.15Torrent....

BSD Release: GhostBSD 21.01.15

Saturday 16th of January 2021 06:17:59 PM
GhostBSD is a desktop-oriented operating system based on FreeBSD. The project has released a new snapshot which reduces its memory footprint on live media. This release also removes the guided partitioning option which would take over an entire disk with a UFS partition. "I am happy to announce....

Distribution Release: KaOS 2021.01

Friday 15th of January 2021 03:16:12 PM
KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE Plasma desktop environment. The distribution's latest snapshot ships with some components of Qt 6 in preparation for more applications and the Plasma desktop eventually migrating from Qt 5. "For the many changes in this....

Distribution Release: Alpine Linux 3.13.0

Thursday 14th of January 2021 05:59:58 PM
Alpine Linux is a community developed, lightweight operating system designed for routers, firewalls, VPNs, VoIP boxes and servers. The project's latest version, Alpine Linux 3.13.0, introduces official cloud images, the option of running PHP 8.0, and Node.js is compiled for better performance. "New features and noteworthy new packages:....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 899

Monday 11th of January 2021 12:07:27 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: PakOS 2020-08-24News: Arch improving reproducible build tools, Gentoo debates usefulness of LibreSSL, Tails outlines plans for 2021Questions and answers: Testing multiple hardware devices quicklyReleased last week: Linux Mint 20.1, Puppy Linux 7.0 "Slacko", ExTiX 21.1Torrent corner: ExTiX, GParted Live, Linux Mint, KDE....

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 20.1

Friday 8th of January 2021 02:15:15 PM
The Linux Mint team has announced the release of Linux Mint 20.1, a long-term support release which will continue to receive updates until 2025. The project's newest version features a new web apps manager which will assist users in setting up websites to act more like native applications.....

Development Release: Elive 3.8.18 (Beta)

Thursday 7th of January 2021 01:11:14 AM
Elive, or Enlightenment live CD, is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD featuring the Enlightenment window manager. The distribution's latest development snapshot is Elive 3.8.18 Beta, features convenience functions for trackpad, a faster installer, and updates the base packages to those provided by Debian 10.7. The....

Development Release: Emmabuntüs DE4 Alpha 2

Monday 4th of January 2021 02:58:07 PM
Emmabuntüs is a lightweight desktop distribution based on Debian. The project's latest development release, Debian Edition 4 alpha 2, includes a few new utilities and a series of package upgrades. New utilities featured in the distribution include GtkHash, Warpinator, VeraCrypt, and zram-tools. "This Alpha 2 version includes the....

Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 7.0 "Slacko

Monday 4th of January 2021 09:08:56 AM
If you are a fan of Puppy Linux, a unique, minimalist Linux distribution designed for the desktop, here is an interesting piece of news for you - the based-on-Slackware "Slacko" variant of Puppy Linux has hit version 7.0. This version continues to be built on top of Slackware....

Distribution Release: ExTiX 21.1

Monday 4th of January 2021 03:50:40 AM
Arne Exton has announced the release of ExTiX 21.1, the latest build of the project's desktop-oriented Linux distribution. This version is based on the deepin 20.1 distribution and it features a customised Deepin desktop environment: "ExTiX Deepin 21.1 live based on Deepin 20.1 (latest) with Skype, Spotify, Refracta....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 898

Monday 4th of January 2021 12:17:58 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: MocaccinoOSNews: Fedora using Btrfs to speed up package upgrades, Haiku improves text contrast, HAMMER2 gets multi-volume support, FreeNAS merges with TrueNASQuestions and answers: Longest supported distributionReleased in the past two weeks: 4MLinux 35.0, Parted Magic 2020_12_25, deepin 20.1Torrent corner: 4MLinux, Arch, ArchBang,....

Distribution Release: Septor 2021

Saturday 2nd of January 2021 03:21:38 AM
The Debian Srbija project has announced the release of Septor 2021, a brand-new version of its Debian-based distribution with a focus on preserving the anonymity and privacy of users. Unlike the versions of Septor released last year, which were all based on the stable Debian 10 "Buster" version,....

Distribution Release: deepin 20.1

Wednesday 30th of December 2020 10:52:50 PM
The deepin project has published a new update to the distribution's 20.x series. deepin 20.1 features a new kernel, Linux 5.8, along with bringing the rest of the operating system up to date with Debian 10.6. There have also been a number of performance improvements. "In deepin 20.1,....

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