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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
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Development Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15 Test 2

Thursday 8th of December 2016 01:33:55 PM
Alan Baghumian has announced the availability of a new development snapshot of Parsix GNU/Linux. The new beta version, Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15-TEST-2, of the Debian-based project ships with GNOME 3.22 and version 4.4.35 of the Linux kernel. The Adobe Flash player has also been updated. The 64-bit builds support....

Distribution Release: Korora 25

Wednesday 7th of December 2016 11:32:44 AM
Jim Dean has announced the release of Korora 25, a new version of the Fedora-based distribution with various user-friendly enhancements and a choice of five desktop environments - Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE Plasma, MATE and Xfce: "The Korora project has released version 25 (code name 'Gurgle') which is now....

Distribution Release: BackBox Linux 4.7

Tuesday 6th of December 2016 01:34:45 PM
BackBox Linux is an Ubuntu-based distribution used for security assessment and penetration testing. The project has released a new stable version, BackBox Linux 4.7, which upgrades key components and fixes several bugs. "The BackBox team is pleased to announce the updated release of BackBox Linux, version 4.7. We....

Distribution Release: Porteus Kiosk 4.2.0

Monday 5th of December 2016 02:16:25 PM
Tomasz Jokiel has announced the release of Porteus Kiosk 4.2.0. The Gentoo-based kiosk platform now provides version 4.4.36 of the Linux kernel, Firefox 45.5.1 ESR and Google Chrome 54, along with many other changes. "I'm pleased to announce that Porteus Kiosk 4.2.0 is now available for download. Major....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 690

Monday 5th of December 2016 12:06:18 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Fedora 25News: Ubuntu adopts rolling HWE kernel, SparkyLinux plans package changes, Haiku works toward EFI supportQuestions and answers: Running Android apps on a desktop Linux systemReleased last week: Peppermint 7-20161129, Zentyal Server 5.0, Raspbian 2016-11-25Torrent corner: Peppermint OS, ZentyalOpinion poll: Changes to....

Distribution Release: SparkyLinux 4.5

Saturday 3rd of December 2016 04:33:19 PM
The SparkyLinux distribution is based on Debian and features many editions, providing many different desktop environments for its users. The project has announced the release of SparkyLinux 4.5 which features LibreOffice 5, version 4.8 of the Linux kernel and systemd 232. The Pantheon desktop environment has been removed....

Distribution Release: Mageia 5.1

Saturday 3rd of December 2016 01:53:30 AM
Donald Stewart has announced the release of Mageia 5.1, an updated build of the distribution current stable branch. This unscheduled version was put together due to delays delivering the upcoming Mageia 6 which is currently in development. From the release announcement: "We are very pleased to announce the....

Development Release: Linux Mint 18.1 Beta

Thursday 1st of December 2016 04:45:08 PM
The Linux Mint team has announced the availability of a new development snapshot. The new version, Linux Mint 18.1 beta, features a new screen saver which allows the user to control the media player while the screen is locked, giving users the ability to control music playback without....

Distribution Release: Raspbian 2016-11-25

Thursday 1st of December 2016 01:02:06 AM
Simon Long has announced the release of Raspbian 2016-11-25, a security update of the Debian-based distribution for the Raspberry Pi single-board computers: "The more observant among you may have spotted that we've recently updated the Raspbian-with-PIXEL image. With any major release of the OS, we usually find a....

Development Release: Trisquel GNU/Linux 8.0 Alpha

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 05:57:14 PM
The Trisquel project, a distribution which takes a hard stance in providing free and open source software exclusively, has released a new development snapshot: Trisquel GNU/Linux 8.0 alpha. The new alpha carries the code name "Flidas" and switches the default desktop environment from GNOME 2 to MATE. It....

Development Release: Devuan GNU+Linux 1.0.0 Beta 2

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 03:03:47 PM
Devuan is a Linux-based distribution which forked from Debian. The Devuan project works to make a drop-in replacement for Debian which does not feature the systemd technology. The Devuan developers have released a new development version, Devuan 1.0.0 beta 2. "After some important fixes and updates, we continue....

Distribution Release: Zentyal Server 5.0

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 03:09:52 AM
José Antonio Calvo has announced the release of Zentyal Server 5.0, a major new version of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution designed for small business servers. This is Zentyal's first build based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: "The Zentyal development team is proud to announce Zentyal Server 5.0, a new....

Distribution Release: Peppermint 7-20161129

Tuesday 29th of November 2016 06:23:55 PM
Peppermint OS is a lightweight, Lubuntu-based Linux distribution. The Peppermint team has announced the release of an update (respin) to the project's version 7 installation media. The new media offers a update to the Linux kernel, fixes multimedia keyboard keys, includes better HP printer support through the hplip....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 689

Monday 28th of November 2016 12:01:53 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: openSUSE 42.2 LeapNews: Fedora provides upgrade path, Korora bringing back Plasma edition, Webconverger's reproducible buildsTips and tricks: Transitioning from PC-BSD to TrueOSReleased last week: Fedora 25, Clonezilla Live 2.5.0-5, ALT Linux 8.1Torrent corner: Fedora, Zorin OSOpinion poll: Time for a new look?New....

Distribution Release: Maui Linux 2.1

Sunday 27th of November 2016 01:38:46 AM
Clemens Toennies has announced a new release of Maui Linux 2.1, an updated version of the project's distribution featuring the KDE Plasma 5.8.3 desktop. It is based on Ubuntu and KDE neon. This version represents an updated installation image for new installations: "Maui installation ISO image has been....

Development Release: MX Linux 16 RC1

Friday 25th of November 2016 11:49:54 AM
The first release candidate for MX Linux 16, a Debian-based distribution with Xfce as the preferred desktop, is ready for download and testing: "Ahead of schedule, MX 16 release candidate 1 is available for testing. We have squashed many bugs and added improvements since the first public beta;....

Distribution Release: ALT Linux 8.1

Friday 25th of November 2016 02:23:03 AM
Michael Shigorin has announced the release of ALT Linux 8.1, the latest release of the project's independently-developed distribution that uses the RPM packaging format and APT for RPM as its package management tool. The new version comes in two "Workstation" variants, with a choice of MATE or KDE....

Development Release: FreeNAS 10-BETA2

Thursday 24th of November 2016 12:48:53 AM
Mark VonFange has announced the availability of the second beta build of FreeNAS 10, an upcoming major release from the project providing a specialist FreeBSD-based operating system for Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solutions: "The FreeNAS development team is happy to announce the release of FreeNAS 10 beta 2. We....

Distribution Release: Fedora 25

Tuesday 22nd of November 2016 01:46:43 PM
The Fedora project has announced the launch of Fedora 25. The new version of the Red Hat sponsored community project features version 3.22 of the GNOME desktop environment, a new media writer to make it easier to download and copy the distribution to a USB stick, improved Flatpak....

Distribution Release: Clonezilla Live 2.5.0-5

Tuesday 22nd of November 2016 12:21:28 PM
Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2.5.0-5, a new stable version of the project's Debian-based live CD containing specialist tools designed for disk cloning and backup tasks: "This release of Clonezilla Live (2.5.0-5) includes major enhancements and bug fixes. Enhancements and changes: the underlying GNU/Linux....

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