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Updated: 1 week 4 days ago

Symantec May Violate Linux GPL in Norton Core Router

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Fedora 28 Beta Linux Distro is Finally Here

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Red Hat CEO Talks About State Of Open Source

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Linux 4.16 Released

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Microsoft Releases New Tool To Get More Distros on Windows

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Linux Mint 19 'Tara' Cinnamon Will Be Faster

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Vim Beats Emacs in 'Linux Journal' Reader Survey

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

GNOME 3.28 'Chongqing' Linux Is Here

Monday 9th of April 2018 11:58:04 PM

Linux Developer McHardy Drops GPLv2 'Shake Down' Case

Saturday 7th of April 2018 02:58:02 PM

Debian 9.4 Released

Friday 6th of April 2018 02:58:04 PM

More in Tux Machines

OpenBSD and NetBSD

Security: Twitter and Facebook

  • Twitter banned Kaspersky Lab from advertising in Jan

    Twitter has banned advertising from Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab since January, the head of the firm, Eugene Kaspersky, has disclosed.  

  • When you go to a security conference, and its mobile app leaks your data

    A mobile application built by a third party for the RSA security conference in San Francisco this week was found to have a few security issues of its own—including hard-coded security keys and passwords that allowed a researcher to extract the conference's attendee list. The conference organizers acknowledged the vulnerability on Twitter, but they say that only the first and last names of 114 attendees were exposed.

  • The Security Risks of Logging in With Facebook

    In a yet-to-be peer-reviewed study published on Freedom To Tinker, a site hosted by Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy, three researchers document how third-party tracking scripts have the capability to scoop up information from Facebook's login API without users knowing. The tracking scripts documented by Steven Englehardt, Gunes Acar, and Arvind Narayanan represent a small slice of the invisible tracking ecosystem that follows users around the web largely without their knowledge.

  • Facebook Login data hijacked by hidden JavaScript trackers

    If you login to websites through Facebook, we've got some bad news: hidden trackers can suck up more of your data than you'd intended to give away, potentially opening it up to abuse.

Beginner Friendly Gentoo Based Sabayon Linux Has a New Release

The team behind Sabayon Linux had issued a new release. Let’s take a quick look at what’s involved in this new release. Read more

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