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Why VMware is Acquiring Heptio and Going All In for Kubernetes

Thursday 8th of November 2018 09:59:02 AM
VMware is positioning itself to be a leader in the next generation of the cloud, enabling multicloud with Kubernetes based technology.

Gumstix enhances Geppetto board design service with new Board Builder UI

Thursday 8th of November 2018 08:44:42 AM
Gumstix has expanded its Linux-oriented Geppetto online embedded board development platform with a free “Board Builder” service that offers a checklist interface for selecting modules, ports, and more. Gumstix has added a free Board Builder service to its Geppetto Design-to-Order (D2O) custom board design service. The Board Builder improvements make the drag-and-drop Geppetto interface even [[he]#8230[/he]]

RISC-V Linux Development in Full Swing

Thursday 8th of November 2018 07:30:22 AM
Most Linux users have heard about the open source RISC-V ISA and its potential to challenge proprietary Arm and Intel architectures. Most are probably aware that some RISC-V based CPUs, such as SiFive’s 64-bit Freedom U540 found on its HiFive Unleashed board, are designed to run Linux. What may come as a surprise, however, is how quickly Linux support for RISC-V is evolving.

Rclone - An Rsync Alternative To Sync File With Online Cloud Storage

Thursday 8th of November 2018 06:16:02 AM
Backup and Sync are have become essential today and this brings tools like rsync. Rsync is an amazing tool to sync files between 2 computers. But wouldn’t it be cooler if we could sync files from a computer to a cloud storage. This is where rclone - a mod of rsync comes in. Rclone can sync files from your computer to cloud-based storage services including google drive, one drive, drop-box, amazon drive and many more.

Unreal Engine 4.21 is out, now defaults to the Vulkan API on Linux

Thursday 8th of November 2018 05:01:41 AM
Epic Games have released Unreal Engine 4.21 and it includes some interesting stuff on the Linux side of things.

Top 10 October must-reads: Microsoft Access alternatives, iptables tricks, Min, functional programming in Python, and more

Thursday 8th of November 2018 03:47:21 AM set a couple of big new records in October, with 1,025,814 unique visitors (our first time with more than a million visitors) and 1,574,964 page views. We published 94 articles last month, and welcomed 25 new writers. More than 63% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community, and our community moderators contributed 22 articles.

Gitbase: Exploring Git repos with SQL

Thursday 8th of November 2018 02:33:01 AM
Git has become the de-facto standard for code versioning, but its popularity didn't remove the complexity of performing deep analyses of the history and contents of source code repositories.SQL, on the other hand, is a battle-tested language to query large codebases as its adoption by projects like Spark and BigQuery shows.So it is just logical that at source{d} we chose these two technologies to create gitbase: the code-as-data solution for large-scale analysis of git repositories with more

stretchly Reminds You To Take Breaks From Your Computer (Open Source, Cross-Platform)

Thursday 8th of November 2018 01:18:40 AM
stretchly is an open source, cross-platform break time reminder. The Electron application sits in your tray, reminding you to take breaks from working on the computer.

The Best Linux Distros of 2018

Thursday 8th of November 2018 12:04:20 AM
Every year, the question pops up; which Linux distribution is best? The reason that question persists the way it does is because there is no singular concrete answer. Most distributions are purpose built for certain situations, and even when they aren't, there are bound to be conditions that they're better and worse in.

Meet Franz, an open source messaging aggregator

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 10:50:00 PM
If you are like me, you use several different chat and messaging services during the day. Some are for work and some are for personal use, and I find myself toggling through a number of them as I move from apps to browser tabs—here, there, and more

How to Install VMware Workstation on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 09:35:40 PM
This article shows how to install and launch VMware Workstation on your Ubuntu system. The commands and procedures used in this article describe the installation of VMware Workstation 15 on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system.

This MIT PhD Wants to Replace America's Broken Voting Machines with Open Source Software

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 08:21:20 PM
In 2006, Ben Adida wrote a 254-page PhD dissertation on "cryptographic voting systems." Now, he wants to fix America's broken voting machines.

Automate a web browser with Selenium

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 07:08:07 PM
Selenium is a great tool for browser automation. With Selenium IDE you can record sequences of commands (like click, drag and type), validate the result and finally store this automated test for later. This is great for active development in the browser. But when you want to integrate these tests with your CI/CD flow it’s time to […]

How To Set Up an OpenVPN Server on CentOS 7

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 05:53:47 PM
Whether you want to access the Internet safely and securely while connected on an untrusty public Wi-Fi network, bypass Geo-restricted content or allow your coworkers to connect securely to your company network when working remotely, using a VPN is the best solution. A VPN allows you to connect to remote VPN servers, making your connection encrypted and secure and surf the web anonymously by keeping your traffic data private.

How to Remote Control Ubuntu from an Android Phone

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 04:39:27 PM
You can easily control your Ubuntu desktop with the help of a popular app for both Linux and Android: KDE Connect. Learn how to set it up!

How open source in education creates new developers

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 03:25:06 PM
Like many programmers, I got my start solving problems with code. When I was a young programmer, I was content to code anything I could imagine—mostly games—and do it all myself. I didn't need help; I just needed less sleep. It's a common pitfall, and one that I'm happy to have climbed out of with the help of two important realizations:read more

RK3399 based Raspberry Pi clone will launch at $49 — or even lower

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 02:10:46 PM
Radxa has posted specs for a $49 and up, community backed “Rock Pi” Raspberry Pi lookalike with a Rockchip RK3399, USB 3.0, M.2, HDMI 2.0, and native GbE, plus optional WiFi, BT, and PoE. Radxa is prepping a Rockchip RK3399-based Raspberry Pi pseudo clone called the Rock Pi. It joins the RK3399-based NanoPi M4 in […]

Best Free Linux Software for DJs

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 12:56:26 PM
Even if you’re a vinyl junky, when it comes to convenience, flexibility, fluidity, and time, the best way to DJ is on a digital system. And with a digital system, you’ll need good software. DJ software allows users to mix and perform music in the same style, and using the same methods as a traditional vinyl DJ.

How to install Hadoop on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 11:42:06 AM
Apache Hadoop is an open source framework used for distributed storage as well as distributed processing of big data on clusters of computers which runs on commodity hardwares. Hadoop stores data in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and the processing of these data is done using MapReduce. YARN provides API for requesting and allocating resource in the Hadoop cluster.

Woke Linus Torvalds rolls his first 4.20, mulls Linux 5.0 effort for 2019

Wednesday 7th of November 2018 10:27:46 AM
Kernel release candidate adds support for two Chinese CPU families... will these be the final new CPU archs? The new, improved, and chilled-out Linus Torvalds emitted the first release candidate for Linux kernel 4.20 over the weekend.…

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    In the computing world things move at a brisk pace. To appeal to business users and conservative types like me Ubuntu releases the Long Term Support (LTS) versions of Ubuntu the latest of which is Ubuntu 18.04 which came out early this year. Ubuntu 16.04 for which I wrote the guide, is the LTS version prior to 18.04. It’s a little bit late to say this now but Ubuntu 18.04 came with a lot of changes including the infamous switchback to GNOME and the subsequent death of Unity. Another not so famous change was the fact that Intel drivers now ship with the kernel. This is not an Ubuntu specific change per se which explains why it was more of a footnote and not a headline in the Ubuntu world.
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Interview With Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth delivered an unashamed plug for Ubuntu while cheerfully throwing a little shade on the competition at the OpenStack Berlin 2018 summit last week. If Nick Barcet of Red Hat had elicited gasps by suggesting the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) might consider releasing updates a bit more frequently, Shuttleworth sent eyebrows skywards by announcing that the latest Long Term Support (LTS) edition of Ubuntu, 18.04, would get 10 years of support. Read more

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