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An Review Of Ubuntu 15.04

Wednesday 29th of April 2015 05:20:41 AM
Spring is here so it can only mean one thing, the latest version of Ubuntu is here. Is there some new must have feature or is it more of the same? Have they done anything to improve the Software Centre?

deepin 2014.3 Screencast

Wednesday 29th of April 2015 04:23:30 AM
deepin 2014.3 is the revised version. This version is the achievement after we comprehensively fixed bugs in the system and applications in the last version and optimized the performance of the last version.

Setup Nova-Docker driver && Openstack Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04 in devstack environment recoverable between reboots

Wednesday 29th of April 2015 03:26:19 AM
Step by step instruction for setting up Nova-Docker driver && Openstack Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04 in devstack environment recoverable between reboots. Also routing across LAN is described for remote access to Devstack ( public network.

Annoying Ubuntu Boot Logo Resolution Bug Survives for at Least Five Years

Wednesday 29th of April 2015 02:29:08 AM
Many of the Ubuntu long-standing bugs have been fixed, even if some took years, but there is at least one that seems to survive from one iteration to another. We're talking of course about the Ubuntu boot logo.

Compact embedded PC runs Linux on Bay Trail

Wednesday 29th of April 2015 01:31:57 AM
Aaeon’s ruggedized, 158 x 95 x 20mm “Boxer-6403? PC offers Celeron or Atom SoCs, plus four USB ports and double helpings of GbE, serial, and mini-PCIe I/O.

HashiCorp Attacks Credentials Security With Open Source Secrets Manager

Wednesday 29th of April 2015 12:34:46 AM
HashiCorp released an early version of a new secrets manager called Vault today. The tool is designed to help protect credentials as they move across services, leaving an audit trail and even generating credentials with a limited shelf life on the fly.

Is Linux Mint better than Ubuntu?

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 11:37:35 PM
In today's open source roundup: Linux Mint versus Ubuntu. Plus: KDE releases Plasma 5.3. And screenshot tours of Debian 8 Cinnamon.

Sabayon Linux 14.05 Screencast and Screenshots

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 10:40:24 PM
Sabayon 14.05 is a modern and easy to use Linux distribution based on Gentoo, following an extreme, yet reliable, rolling-release model. This is a monthly release generated, tested and published to mirrors by our build servers containing the latest and greatest collection of software available in the Entropy repositories.

Build a remote-controlled Raspberry Pi 2 monitor for your IBM Bluemix apps

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 09:43:13 PM
Set up a Raspberry Pi 2 to monitor uptime and access time for a running IBM Bluemix app, capturing the results in a graphing app that you can deploy to Bluemix. And code a desktop application that controls the Raspberry Pi 2 monitor remotely.

Debian 8.0 LXDE Screencast

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 06:04:23 PM
After almost 24 months of constant development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 8 (code name 'Jessie'), which will be supported for the next 5 years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and of the Debian Long Term Support team.

How to install Gibbon on a CentOS VPS

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 05:07:12 PM
Gibbon is an open source education management system created to help teachers and students to address and solve daily problems. Gibbon is a flexible application with many features, such as planner, external assessment, online application forms, messenger etc.

Is Ubuntu moving away from .deb packages? Here is the complete story

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 04:10:01 PM
After introducing Unity, HUD, Mir, Click and Snappy the sponsor of Ubuntu is now contemplating moving away from just .deb based desktop and adopting its own Snappy.

Microsoft & Education: The Song Remains the Same

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 03:12:50 PM
“The owners want me to ask you if you are anywhere near transitioning your computer donations to the Microsoft Surface Pro or Windows. Their kids attend a private school and Microsoft donates 140 units a year for their students. He wants to know when your organization can confirm that you will begin getting Reglue recipients switched over to these devices.”

PyCon 2015 conference report & video roundup

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 02:15:39 PM
This year, I attended my first PyCon, which was held in Montréal from April 8-16. PyCon changes location every two years and this year was the second one held at the Palais des Congrès in Montréal, Canada.The location was great, organization flawless, and the organizers and volunteers provided a great experience for attendees.The conference itself is divided upon three sections:read more

The Perfect Server - Debian 8 Jessie (Apache2, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3)

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 01:18:28 PM
This tutorial shows how to prepare a Debian Jessie server (with Apache2, BIND, Dovecot) for the installation of ISPConfig 3 and how to install ISPConfig 3. The webhosting control panel ISPConfig 3 allows you to configure the following services through a web browser: Apache web server, Postfix mail server, Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server, MySQL, BIND nameserver, PureFTPd, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, and many more.

An open source tool for producing and balancing energy

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 12:21:17 PM
The software development process has evolved from vendors owning, controlling, and selling proprietary software into a collaborative, open source model. The process of producing energy is going through a similar more

A Fedora 22 beta walk-through

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 09:50:07 AM
The new Fedora, with its GNOME 3.16 interface, is an interesting, powerful Linux desktop.

Imagination to release open MIPS design to academia

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 08:52:56 AM
Imagination is releasing a free version of its Linux-ready MIPS MicroAptiv CPU to universities called “MIPSfpga,” which will offer fully transparent RTL.

Devede 4.0 Review - How Else Can You Create a VideoCD Nowadays?

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 07:55:45 AM
Devede is an application that can be used to create DVDs, VideoCD, DivX, Matroska, and pretty much anything in between. It's been a while since we heard anything about this application, but version 4.0 has been released, and we should take another closer look at it.

Install X2Go on ubuntu 14.10

Tuesday 28th of April 2015 06:58:34 AM
Install X2Go on ubuntu 14.10. X2Go enables you to access a graphical desktop of a computer over a low bandwidth (or high bandwidth) connection.X2Go is a Remote Desktop solution, which some vendors vaguely call Remote Control. This is not to be confused with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, which is a competing Remote Desktop solution and protocol.

More in Tux Machines

Proprietary OOXML document format makes you more vulnerable to attacks

Using the proprietary OOXML document format, i.e. docx, pptx and xlsx, makes you more vulnerable to phishing and other attacks. Earlier this month, the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro published a blog post describing how the attack group "Operation Pawn Storm" uses spear-phishing mail messages with malicious Office documents to target the military, governments, defense industries and the media. Four years ago, Thomas Caspers and Oliver Zendel from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) already presented research results stating that most spear-phishing attacks targeting specific persons or a small group of victims are using "launch actions" in Office and PDF documents to have their malicious code executed. Read more

Leftovers: Software

  • GTK3 Download Manager `uGet` 2.0 Released
    uGet 2.0 was released recently, bringing support for multi-thread downloading and mirrors for the curl plugin, individual download speed limiting, new settings dialog and more.
  • Drop-Down Terminal `Guake` 0.7.0 Released, Available In PPA
    Guake is a drop-down terminal inspired by computer games consoles such as the one used in Quake, which slides down from the top of the screen when a key is pressed (F12 by default in Guake).
  • 4MPlayer 12.0 Beta Is a Linux Distro Used Just to Play Video Files
    4MPlayer is new interesting Linux distribution that has been built with a single use in mind, to play any kind of video files, including CDs and DVDs, without having to boot an entire distro and its desktop environment.
  • RcppAnnoy 0.0.6
    A few days ago, Erik released a new version of his Annoy library -- a small, fast, and lightweight C++ template header library for approximate nearest neighbours -- which now no longer requires Boost. While I don't mind Boost (actually, quite the opposite), it appears to have been a blocker in getting the Python part of Annoy over to the world of python3.
  • virt-manager 1.2.0 released!
    Today I released virt-manager-1.2.0. You can read the release announcement here...
  • Calligra 2.9.4 Office Suite Released with Multiple Krita Improvements
    After a bogus Calligra 2.9.3 release, the developers of the number one open source office suite for the KDE desktop environment released Calligra 2.9.4, which brings multiple improvements to the popular Krita digital painting software.
  • KDE Applications 15.04 Is Now Available for Kubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)
    On May 4, the Kubuntu developers had the pleasure of informing their users about the immediate availability of the recently announced KDE Applications 15.04 software suite for the Kubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system.
  • Plex Media Server Now Supports PlayStation 4 Audio Transcoding
    The modern and powerful Plex Media Server, a free and cross-platform media server software for GNU/Linux, BSD, OS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms, has been updated recently to version

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