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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 22 min 11 sec ago

How to Get Commands Explanation in Terminal with Kmdr

Monday 7th of October 2019 12:15:45 AM
Learning how to use the terminal can improve your Linux knowledge. If you're struggling with Linux commands, you can use the Kmdr tool to explain them.

Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Hunter & the Beast DLC Released for Linux and Mac

Sunday 6th of October 2019 10:04:14 PM
British video games publisher Feral Interactive announced the general availability of The Hunter & the Beast DLC for the Total War: WARHAMMER II video game for both Linux and macOS platforms.

The Slow Death of Technical Media

Sunday 6th of October 2019 07:52:43 PM
Those who work for corporate publishers, e.g. SJVN (Vaughan-Nichols) and Swapnil, aren't loyal to facts as much as they're loyal to their employers, very rich and well-connected people with an agenda deeply hostile towards Software Freedom

How To Create Directories Named With Current Date / Time / Month / Year

Sunday 6th of October 2019 05:41:11 PM
This brief tutorial describes how to create directories named with current date, time, month and year from commandline in Linux.

How to Install GlassFish 5 on CentOS 7

Sunday 6th of October 2019 03:29:40 PM
GlassFish is a complete Java EE application server, including an EJB container and all the other features of this stack. GlassFish is free software, dual-licensed under two free software licences: the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) and the GNU General Public License (GPL) with the classpath exception. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of installing GlassFish on a CentOS 7 VPS. The install process won’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

Canonical Releases Major Kernel Security Update for Ubuntu 19.04 and 18.04 LTS

Sunday 6th of October 2019 01:18:09 PM
Canonical has released today a new major Linux kernel security for Ubuntu 19.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating systems to address eighteen security vulnerabilities.

How to Uninstall Bloatware and System Apps without Root in Android

Sunday 6th of October 2019 11:06:38 AM
When you buy a new Android phone, it comes with plenty of preinstalled bloatware. Here is how to uninstall system apps from Android without root.

Calibre Open-Source eBook Management App Gets Major Release After Two Years

Sunday 6th of October 2019 08:55:06 AM
Calibre creator Kovid Goyal announced today the release and general availability of the Calibre 4.0 series of his popular open-source ebook management app for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

How to Change Screen Resolution through the Ubuntu Terminal

Sunday 6th of October 2019 06:43:35 AM
This article will help you in configuring the resolution of your screen on a Ubuntu system. We are specifically using the command line in order to change the resolution.

How to Install CentOS 8 Desktop

Sunday 6th of October 2019 04:32:04 AM
CentOS 8 is a free and open-source Linux distribution and community version of RHEL 8. In this tutorial, we will show you step by step instructions on how to install CentOS 8.

Fedora drops 32-bit Linux

Sunday 6th of October 2019 02:20:32 AM
With the next version of Fedora, support for the obsolete 32-bit version Linux will be dropped.

Zynq UltraScale+ board supports new Xilinx AI Platform

Sunday 6th of October 2019 12:09:01 AM
iWave unveiled a dev kit for its Linux-driven, Zynq Ultrascale+ based iW-Rainbow G30M module with support for a new Xilinx AI Platform. Xilinx is baking related AI technology into its soon-to-ship, Linux-powered 7nm Versa processors. iWave Systems has launched an “iW-Rainbow G30D Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC Development Kit” for its iW-Rainbow G30M compute module, which runs […]

Oomox - Customize And Create Your Own GTK2, GTK3 Themes

Saturday 5th of October 2019 09:57:30 PM
Oomox is a graphical app for customizing and creating your own GTK theme complete with your own color, icon and terminal style.

Watch: Ubuntu Touch Running on the PinePhone Open Source Linux Smartphone

Saturday 5th of October 2019 07:45:59 PM
UBports developer Marius Gripsgard has shared today on Twitter what it appears to be another groundbreaking move for the Ubuntu Touch project.

How To Clean Up The systemd journal Logs

Saturday 5th of October 2019 05:57:07 PM
systemd has its own logging system which provides centralized management for logging kernel and userland processes. This article explains how to clear the systemd journal log files.

What's in an open source name?

Saturday 5th of October 2019 04:08:15 PM
GNOME, Java, Jupyter, Python. If your friends or family members have ever eavesdropped on your work conversations, they might think you've made a career in Renaissance folklore, coffee roasting, astronomy, or zoology. Where did the names of these open source technologies come from? We asked our writer community for input and rounded up some of our favorite tech name origin more

Introduction to Linux monitoring and alerting.

Saturday 5th of October 2019 02:19:23 PM
Have you ever wanted to set up a process monitor that alerts you when it's offline without spending thousands of budget dollars to do so? Every system administrator has, and here's how to do it.

How to Listen to Online Radio Stations on Ubuntu

Saturday 5th of October 2019 12:30:31 PM
In this article, we will describe how you can install some famous tools for online Radio streaming on your Ubuntu. We have run the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system.

Hard drive shredding on Linux

Saturday 5th of October 2019 10:41:39 AM
When we delete a file from a filesystem, the data is not physically removed: the operating system simply marks the area previously occupied by the file, as free and makes it available to store new information. The only way to make sure data is actually removed from a device is to override it with other data. We may want to perform such operation for privacy reasons (maybe we plan to sell the device and we want to be sure the new owner cannot access our data), or maybe to prepare a device for encryption. In this tutorial we will see some tools we can use to completely wipe data on a device.

Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit for Raspberry Pi 4

Saturday 5th of October 2019 08:52:47 AM
Anyone who may have a new Raspberry Pi 4 (RPi4) will love its improvements over the Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3). The only issue is at the time of this writing there wasn’t a 64-bit Operating System (OS) for it.

More in Tux Machines

Firefox’s New WebSocket Inspector

The Firefox DevTools team and our contributors were hard at work over the summer, getting Firefox 70 jam-packed with improvements. We are especially excited about our new WebSocket inspection feature, because you told us in feedback how important it would be for your daily work. To use the inspector now, download Firefox Developer Edition, open DevTools’ Network panel to find the Messages tab. Then, keep reading to learn more about WebSockets and the tricks that the new panel has up its sleeve. But first, big thanks to Heng Yeow Tan, the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) student who’s responsible for the implementation. Read more

Windows 10 vs. Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Driver Performance With Intel Icelake Iris Plus Graphics

With picking up the Dell XPS 7390 with Intel Core i7-1065G7 for being able to deliver timely benchmarks from Intel's long-awaited 10nm+ Icelake generation, one of the first areas we have been testing is the Iris Plus "Gen 11" graphics performance. In this article are our initial Windows 10 vs. Linux graphics performance numbers for Ice Lake. For this very first Intel Iris Plus Gen11 graphics testing are results from Windows 10 compared to Ubuntu 19.10. Ubuntu Linux was benchmarked with its stock driver stack comprised of Mesa 19.2.1 as well as opting for the "Iris" Gallium3D driver and also testing Mesa 19.3-devel both with the default i965 OpenGL driver and the Iris Gallium3D driver. Of course, for the Vulkan tests on Linux is their sole "ANV" Vulkan driver. The Dell XPS 7390 was equipped with the Intel Core i7-1065G7 Ice Lake processor and its Iris Plus Graphics, 2 x 8GB LPDDR4 3733MHz memory, 500GB Toshiba NVMe solid-state drive, and 1920x1200 panel. Read more

Coffee Lake embedded PC has six USB 3.0 ports and GbE with BMC

Trenton Systems is prepping a compact, Linux-friendly “Ion Mini PC” with 8th or 9th Gen Coffee Lake options and up to 32GB DDR4, SATA, DP, 6x USB 3.0, and 3x GbE, including one BMC-linked port for out-of-band, remote management. Trenton Systems has released a photo and preliminary documentation for an Ion Mini PC due to begin sampling by the end of the month. Although this Mini-ITX-based, 178 x 173 x 36mm system is a bit larger than what we typically consider to be a mini-PC these days, it packs in a lot of features including 6x USB 3.0 ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port linked to a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) chip for remote, out-of-band management of networking connections. Read more

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