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EndeavourOS Aims to Fill the Void Left by Antergos in Arch Linux World

Sunday 11th of August 2019 07:50:10 PM
EndeavourOS is trying to develop a beginner-friendly Arch-based distribution around a friendly community. Read this review of EndeavourOS Linux distribution.

How to measure the health of an open source community

Sunday 11th of August 2019 05:38:38 PM
As a person who normally manages software development teams, over the years I’ve come to care about metrics quite a bit. Time after time, I’ve found myself leading teams using one project platform or another (Jira, GitLab, and Rally, for example) generating an awful lot of measurable data. From there, I’ve promptly invested significant amounts of time to pull useful metrics out of the platform-of-record and into a format where we could make sense of them, and then use the metrics to make better choices about many aspects of more

How to Set or Change Hostname in Linux

Sunday 11th of August 2019 03:27:07 PM
By default, the system hostname is set during the installation process, or if you are creating a virtual machine it is dynamically assigned to the instance at startup, but there are situations when you need to change it.

Bit of a time-saver: LibreOffice emits 6.3 with new features, loading and UI boosts

Sunday 11th of August 2019 01:15:36 PM
Fix for security issue but LibreLogo still installed by default on WindowsThe Document Foundation has made some tweaks to improve file loading and save times in its word processor and spreadsheet programs in the latest version of LibreOffice, 6.3.…

What developer relations has in common with avocados

Sunday 11th of August 2019 11:04:05 AM
Developer relations, in all its iterations, is built on the foundation of open source community management, says Mary Thengvall, an author, consultant, and community builder. It encompasses a variety of roles and titles, including developer advocate, community manager, and developer evangelist/technical ambassador.

Run your own VPN with @Libreswan

Sunday 11th of August 2019 08:52:34 AM
Need to run your own VPN? This article will get you started with an open source option.

I love Opensource: my favourite list of opensource alternatives

Sunday 11th of August 2019 06:41:03 AM
In 2014, when I switched to Linux I spent hours, days and month looking for free and open source alternatives to the commercial ones, by watching video, reading articles, story and even comments, it was a hard time but it made me a more positive and happy Linux user, now after five years i want to share with you my favorite list of open source alternatives including distros, tools, software... as a result of my humble Linux experience. Have a pleasant reading.

How to Find your IP Address in Linux

Sunday 11th of August 2019 04:52:24 AM
Knowing the IP address of your device is important when troubleshooting network issues, setting up a new connection or configuring a firewall.This article explains several different methods of determining the public and private IP Addresses of a Linux system.

How To Install Redis on Ubuntu 18.04

Sunday 11th of August 2019 03:03:45 AM
Redis (short for Remote Dictionary Server), is an open-source in-memory data structure store which can be used as a database, cache, and message broker. Redis is a NoSQL Key/Value store, which offers flexibility and improves performance. One of the best features of Redis is the huge range of data types or data structures that it supports, such as lists, sets, stored sets, hashes, bitmaps, etc… In this tutorial, we will cover the steps needed for installing Redis on Ubuntu 18.04, as well as a couple of ways to use Redis.

Syslog : The Complete System Administrator Guide

Sunday 11th of August 2019 01:15:06 AM
If you are a system administrator, or just a regular Linux user, there is a very high chance that you worked with Syslog, at least one time.On your Linux system, pretty much everything related to system logging is linked to the Syslog protocol.Designed in the early 80’s by Eric Allman (from Berkeley University), the syslog protocol is a specification that defines a standard for message logging on any system

Rough, tough 10.4- and 12.1-inch in-vehicle computers offer 802.11ac and LTE

Saturday 10th of August 2019 11:26:27 PM
Advantech has launched a Linux-friendly “DLT-V72 Facelift” series of rugged, Intel Bay Trail based vehicle-mounted computers in 10.4- and 12.1-inch models with 802.11ac, LTE, and optional UPS, sensors, and screen blanking. Advantech has updated its DLT-V72 line of rugged vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs) for warehouse management, port management, heavy-duty operations, and manufacturing applications. New features on […]

Use a drop-down terminal for fast commands in Fedora

Saturday 10th of August 2019 09:37:49 PM
A drop-down terminal lets you tap a key and quickly enter any command on your desktop. Often it creates a terminal in a smooth way, sometimes with effects. This article demonstrates how it helps to improve and speed up daily tasks, using drop-down terminals like Yakuake, Tilda, Guake and a GNOME extension.

Copying files in Linux

Saturday 10th of August 2019 07:49:11 PM
Copying documents used to require a dedicated staff member in offices, and then a dedicated machine. Today, copying is a task computer users do without a second thought. Copying data on a computer is so trivial that copies are made without you realizing it, such as when dragging a file to an external more

How To Configure Static And Dynamic IP Address In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop and Server Editions

Saturday 10th of August 2019 06:00:32 PM
Configure static and dynamic IP address in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server and desktop editions.

How to Install Attendize Event Management Software on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Saturday 10th of August 2019 04:11:53 PM
Attendize is a free and open-source ticket selling and event management written in PHP on top of the Laravel framework. Attendize offers a simple solution for managing general admission events, without paying extra charges. In this tutorial, we will explain how to install Attendize on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server.

How to See Android Notifications on Ubuntu Desktop

Saturday 10th of August 2019 02:23:14 PM
Have you ever wanted to receive your Android phone notifications on your Ubuntu PC? Then take a look at KDE Connect, a community project from KDE that allows you to receive your phone notifications on a Ubuntu desktop without touching your phone at all.

Goodbye, Linux Journal

Saturday 10th of August 2019 12:34:35 PM
I first discovered Linux in 1993, when I was an undergraduate physics student who wanted the power of Big Unix on my home PC. I remember installing my first Linux distribution, SoftLanding Systems (SLS), and exploring the power of Linux on my ‘386 PC. I was immediately impressed. Since then, I’ve run Linux at home—and even at more

How to Save Space with Symlinks and Mount Points

Saturday 10th of August 2019 10:45:56 AM
When you're stuck with limited storage space, there's always the option of purchasing more storage, but what if you can't. Devices like Chromebooks and some laptops are fairly limited. Thankfully, Linux has a few tricks to help to make your Linux system administration job easier. Because Unix-like systems treat everything as a file, you can easily use symbolic links and mounted partitions to maximize space.

Becoming friends with NetworkManager

Saturday 10th of August 2019 08:57:17 AM
Need to configure a Linux machine with NetworkManager? Learn how, and why.

How To Check Reverse DNS (rDNS) Lookup In Linux?

Saturday 10th of August 2019 07:08:39 AM
2DayGeek: Learn, what is Reverse DNS (rDNS) and how to check.

More in Tux Machines

IBM: OpenPOWER Foundation, Savings and the OpenStack Platform

  • OpenPOWER Foundation | The Next Step in the OpenPOWER Foundation Journey

    Today marks one of the most important days in the life of the OpenPOWER Foundation. With IBM announcing new contributions to the open source community including the POWER Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and key hardware reference designs at OpenPOWER Summit North America 2019, the future has never looked brighter for the POWER architecture. OpenPOWER Foundation Aligns with Linux Foundation The OpenPOWER Foundation will now join projects and organizations like OpenBMC, CHIPS Alliance, OpenHPC and so many others within the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation is the premier open source group, and we’re excited to be working more closely with them. Since our founding in 2013, IEEE-ISTO has been our home, and we owe so much to its team. It’s as a result of IEEE-ISTO’s support and guidance that we’ve been able to expand to more than 350 members and that we’re ready to take the next step in our evolution. On behalf of our membership, our board of directors and myself, we place on record our thanks to the IEEE-ISTO team. By moving the POWER ISA under an open model – guided by the OpenPOWER Foundation within the Linux Foundation – and making it available to the growing open technical commons, we’ll enable innovation in the open hardware and software space to grow at an accelerated pace. The possibilities for what organizations and individuals will be able to develop on POWER through its mature ISA and software ecosystem will be nearly limitless.

  • How Red Hat delivers $7B in customer savings

    This spring, Red Hat commissioned IDC to conduct a new study to analyze the contributions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to the global business economy. While many of the findings were impressive, including immense opportunities for partners, we were especially excited to learn more about how our customers benefit from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. According to the study, the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform "touches" more than $10 trillion of business revenues worldwide each year and provides economic benefits of more than $1 trillion each year to customers. Nearly $7 billion of that number comes in the form of IT savings. Even more exciting? As hybrid cloud adoption grows, we expect customers to continue to benefit given the importance of a common, flexible and open operating system to IT deployments that span the many footprints of enterprise computing.

  • The road ahead for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    If you didn't have a chance to attend our Road Ahead session at Red Hat Summit 2019 (or you did, but want a refresher) you'll want to read on for a quick update. We'll cover where Red Hat OpenStack Platform is today, where we're planning to go tomorrow, and the longer-term plan for Red Hat OpenStack Platform support all the way to 2025. A strategic part of our portfolio Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a strategic part of Red Hat's vision for open hybrid cloud. It's the on-prem foundation that can help organizations bridge the gap between today's existing workloads and emerging workloads. In fact, it just earned the 2019 CODiE award for "Best Software Defined Infrastructure." One of those emerging workloads, and more on the rest in a moment, is Red Hat OpenShift.

Android Leftovers

Is Fedora Linux a Good Distro? The 15 Best Reasons to Use Fedora Linux

It goes without saying that Fedora Linux is one of the best Linux distributions and significantly distinct with its properties. There is no denying that it is an enticing version of Linux and there are enough reasons to be lured with the Fedora. It offers far ranges of features that have made it an undeniable choice for the users. There is a close and intimate collaboration between Fedora and “Redhat” what has given a new dimension of this Linux version. It is more comfortable to use, user-friendly and latest technology oriented; thus, there are many obvious reasons for loving in it. [...] The various distribution of Linux system is recognized for easy-going properties, albeit Fedora is the easiest one in this context. Having an easier interface, users are capable of dealing with it very easily since the boot phase. When the boot is done, users will be guided with simple features to run it the way they desire. Read more

Dualboot Ubuntu 19.04 and Debian 10 on a 32GB USB Stick

Ubuntu 19.04, or Disco Dingo, and Debian 10, or Buster, are two latest versions in 2019 of two most popular GNU/Linux distros I already wrote about here and here. This tutorial explains dualboot installation procedures in simple way for Ubuntu Disco Dingo and Debian Buster computer operating systems onto a portable USB Flash Drive. There are 2 advantages of this kind of portable dualbooting; first, it's safer for your data in internal HDD and second, you can bring both OSes with you everywhere you go. You will prepare the partitions first, then install Ubuntu, and then install Debian, and finally finish up the GRUB bootloader, and enjoy. Go ahead! Read more