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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 56 min ago

Cipher Security: How to harden TLS and SSH

Monday 23rd of November 2015 08:20:19 PM
Encryption and secure communications are critical to our life on theInternet. Without the ability to authenticate and preserve secrecy, wecannot engage in commerce, nor can we trust the words of our friends andcolleagues.

Puppy Linux-Based Studio 13.37 Aims to be the Ultimate Pro Audio Distro - Gallery

Monday 23rd of November 2015 07:23:08 PM
The developers of the Studio 13.37 GNU/Linux operating system based on Puppy Linux have announced recently the release of version 2.3 of their distribution targeted at professional audio uses.

Spiraling head first into open source

Monday 23rd of November 2015 06:25:57 PM
A little while back, Rikki, Jen, and company at told me that they were asking people to share their open source stories about how they got interested in open source and started contributing.Well, for the bored among you, here is my story. As usual, share your feedback in the comments. I am curious to hear your mockery of my life choices back more

KDE at USENIX/LISA2015 Conference

Monday 23rd of November 2015 05:28:46 PM
USENIX, in cooperation with LOPSA (League of Professional System Administrators), presented the 2015 LISA (Large Installation System Administration) Conference in Washington, D.C. USA from 8 November to 13 November. Two members of the KDE Community represented KDE at the Conference Expo, connecting with many of the 1,060 attendees to discuss successful large scale deployment and other KDE goodness.

How to access Dropbox from the command line in Linux

Monday 23rd of November 2015 04:31:35 PM
Cloud storage is everywhere in today's multi-device environment, where people want to access content across multiple devices wherever they go. Dropbox is the most widely used cloud storage service thanks to its elegant UI and flawless multi-platform compatibility. The popularity of Dropbox has led to a flurry of official or unofficial Dropbox clients that are...

Give new life and purpose to old hardware

Monday 23rd of November 2015 03:34:24 PM
The average phone is discarded every 2 years, and computing equipment every 3 to 5 years. They are usually in full working order, or even if broken can still be used in other ways rather than discarding.

Analyze, collaborate, and share research with open source tools

Monday 23rd of November 2015 02:37:13 PM
In part one of my series on using open source in research, I looked at LibreOffice, LaTeX, and two packages to use in psychology experiments. In this article, I show you software to help handle the data in your papers and disseminate the more

Install Textpattern on a CentOS 7 VPS

Monday 23rd of November 2015 01:40:02 PM
Textpattern is flexible and easy to use open source content management system (CMS) written in the PHP programming language. Texpattern comes with full range of features and it allows you to easily create, edit and publish content on your website. In this guide we will install Textpattern on a CentOS 7 VPS with Apache, MariaDB and PHP.

The Devil & BSD: Leaving Linux Behind

Monday 23rd of November 2015 12:42:51 PM
A clear majority of FOSS folks are okay with “letting Linus be Linus,” and having the chips fall where they may. Me? I’d prefer to “let Linus be Jon ‘maddog’ Hall” or “let Linus be Bob Young.” In other words, I prefer my great and historic figures to have a high degree of grace and leadership skills, and understand and accept the gravity and responsibility the glorious burden of being a historical figure entails, and then act appropriately.

Containers-as-a-service, the Keystone design summit, and more OpenStack news

Monday 23rd of November 2015 11:45:40 AM
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure more

Fedora 23 Xfce review

Monday 23rd of November 2015 10:48:29 AM
Like the main edition of Fedora and other Spins, Fedora 23 Xfce uses the Anaconda installer, which, feature-wise, is one of the best available in Linuxland, though the UI could use a little bit more user-friendliness.

IP-rimer: A Basic Explanation of Intellectual Property

Monday 23rd of November 2015 09:51:18 AM
Maybe it’s a matter of knowledge bias, but I usually wince when I see a discussion of intellectual property online. At best, people make mistakes. Only natural, nobody’s perfect, but we can strive. At worst, people completely misunderstand every aspect of the topic. And this is a topic that comes up a lot online, after all.

Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.4 RC2 with PA-RISC Huge Page Support

Monday 23rd of November 2015 04:16:28 AM
A few minutes ago, Linus Torvalds released the second RC (Release Candidate) build of the upcoming Linux 4.4 kernel, which is now available for download and testing from the usual places.

Linux Australia suffers another data leak

Monday 23rd of November 2015 02:22:06 AM
Linux Australia has suffered a second leak of data from its servers, according to a message sent to its main mailing list by president Joshua Hesketh. ... "archived wiki deployment was misconfigured and apache directory listings was enabled. Due to the nature of the wiki system used, this exposed all of the wiki data, both pages and system information."

GTK+ 3.20 to Feature Massive CSS Changes, Port Most Widgets to CSS Nodes

Monday 23rd of November 2015 12:27:44 AM
The GTK+ developers have announced their plans for GTK+ 3.20, the next major release of the open-source and cross-platform GUI toolkit used in numerous software projects and GNU/Linux operating systems.

Pick of the Bunch: Command line Twitter Clients

Sunday 22nd of November 2015 10:33:22 PM
Twitter is an extremely popular social network. Twitter, at its most basic, is a series of short online statements or 'tweets'. Twitter forces the writer to be extremely succinct - with only 140 characters (including spaces) to make each announcement.

Solus and Budgie Next Got Updated This Week

Sunday 22nd of November 2015 08:39:00 PM
One of these days Solus 1.0 will be released, and all the anticipation will be gone. This is not that date, but it’s exciting nonetheless. We have some more news about the new version of Budgie, tentatively called Next, and about various package updates.

Ubuntu Touch Finally Gets the Latest BlueZ 5.x Stack for Better Bluetooth Support

Sunday 22nd of November 2015 04:44:47 PM
The Ubuntu Touch OS has finally upgraded to a much newer version of the BlueZ 5.x stack, bringing improve support for Bluetooth connectivity.

Open Source Optical Flash Trigger that Works with Any Camera

Sunday 22nd of November 2015 02:50:25 PM
Normally, you can’t use a camera without a hot shoe with an external flash unit. But a relatively simple Photon-based device can solve this problem.

In Kenya, a digital classroom in a box

Sunday 22nd of November 2015 09:44:22 AM
"You open the box and there are 40 tablets inside, there is a BRCK inside and on the BRCK there is a Linux [open-source] server - so we can locally cache educational content, and serve it up to the tablets." ... The plan is to hand out 17,000 tablets to pupils in their final year of high school, and swap teachers' chalkboards with smart interactive boards targeting especially the poverty-stricken township and rural schools.

More in Tux Machines

virt-manager 1.3.0

Fedora: The Latest

  • Fedora 24 Linux to Ship with a Livemedia Creator Tool for Making Live CDs
    After informing users about the proposal of various changes in the systemd implementation of the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system, such as systemd file triggers and systemd package split, the Fedora Project developers have published details about more upcoming feature proposals for Fedora 24.
  • Five Things in Fedora This Week: HyperKitty, Elections,, Wayland, and Python 3
    What’s HyperKitty, you may ask? It’s a cute name for something that’s not actually particularly feline (and while we hope you’ll think it’s hyper-good, it’s not hyperactive). It’s a new, modern web interface for all the Fedora mailing lists. At Flock this August, I spoke about how much of Fedora’s vital activity is buried behind increasingly archaic Internet technologies — mailing lists and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). We’ll leave IRC for another day, but HyperKitty is part of the scheme to bring that to the visible web-based world — without taking away the things that are working.
  • Fedora Devs Need Your Help to Test the GNOME on Wayland Session for Fedora 24
    The developers of the well-known Fedora Linux operating system have announced their plans to make the GNOME on Wayland session the default for the upcoming Fedora 24 Workstation Edition.
  • Minutes of G11N meeting 2015/11/25
  • Fedora at Czech conferences
    LinuxDays in Prague – over 1000 registered visitors make it the largest Czech Linux event (if we don’t consider which is international). As every year, we had a Fedora booth there and we had the first opportunity to give away new Fedora handbooks. A couple of Fedora contributors also delivered talks, I myself spoke on Fedora Workstation and problems of Linux desktop in general.

Cisco Evolves IOS XR Network Operating System with Linux

At the core of Cisco's big routers has long been the IOS-XR network operating system. IOS-XR is now evolving, thanks to a rebasing on Linux and the inputs of Cisco's hyperscale web partners. Read more

CruxEX 3.2 64-bit Linux Live OS Is Based on CRUX 3.2, LXDE, and Linux Kernel 4.3

Earlier today, November 25, we've been informed by Arne Exton, the developer of several GNU/Linux and Android-x86 distributions that are available for download right here on Softpedia, about the release and immediate availability for download of his CruxEX 3.2 operating system. Read more