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An AWK histogram with scaling

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 09:03:31 AM
It's not hard to build a frequency-of-occurrence histogram with AWK, but scaling the histogram bars is a little bit trickier. By "scaling" I mean setting the longest bar to a defined character length in the terminal, and adjusting the lengths of all the shorter bars proportionally.

How to install NetBeans IDE on Ubuntu 20.04

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 07:49:11 AM
NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a very powerful software development tool, mostly used to develop Java and C/C++ applications. In this article, I will show you 3 different ways to install NetBeans IDE 12 on Ubuntu 20.04 using the command line.

How to Install ProFTPD on Ubuntu 20.04

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 06:34:51 AM
ProFTPd is an open source FTP server application that allows you to set up your own FTP servers on Linux machines, even more so if they are dedicated servers or cloud instances. We are going to install the latest version of ProFTPD on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine.

Kali Linux 2021.3 released with new tools

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 05:20:31 AM
Kali Linux version 2021.3 has been released with new tools, though its makers explain that some features which make it good for penetration testing also make it bad for general use. The specialist Linux distribution, based on Debian, is designed for security professionals (and also handy for administrators confronted by problems such as a standalone Windows PC and a user with a lost password). It is sponsored by a US company called Offensive Security, who do information security training and penetration testing.

Bash Scripting - For Loop Explained With Examples

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 04:10:56 AM
Loops are useful for automating repetitive tasks in Bash shell scripting. In this guide, we will learn about for loop with examples.

3 ways to test your API with Python

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 02:56:36 AM
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to unit test code that performs HTTP requests. In other words, you'll see the art of API unit testing in Python. Unit tests are meant to test a single unit of behavior. In testing, a well-known rule of thumb is to isolate code that reaches external dependencies.

How to boot RHEL 8/7 into Emergency Mode

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 01:42:16 AM
2DayGeek: This quick guide describes how to boot RHEL system into Emergency Mode, using the systemd target unit.

This is your final warning to re-certify, Red Hat tells tardy sysadmins

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 12:27:56 AM
Red Hat has told certified admins they need to re-certify by Christmas – or else. A Monday post by director of certification Randy Russell pointed out that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linux-slinging outfit extended the validity of certifications and allowed cancellation and/or re-scheduling of exams.

Run containers on your Mac with Lima

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 11:13:36 PM
Running containers on your Mac can be a challenge. After all, containers are based on Linux-specific technologies like cgroups and namespaces. Luckily, macOS has a built-in hypervisor, allowing virtual machines (VMs) on the Mac. The hypervisor is a low-level kernel feature, not a user-facing one.

How to Install Tor Browser on Fedora 34

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 09:59:16 PM
In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install the latest Tor Browser on Fedora 34.

Samba 4.15 Ships with a Modernized Virtual File System Modules

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 08:44:56 PM
For those using Samba as the open-source implementation of SMB/CIFS and allowing for file/print sharing with Microsoft Windows systems, Samba 4.15 is now available as the latest release for improving Windows interoperability on Linux and other platforms.

How to Reset the Root Password in Linux

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 07:30:35 PM
This guide shows how to easily reset your root password in Linux so that you don't lose all administrative privileges to your machine.

Giada 0.18.2 Hardcore Loop Machine Brings New Stereo In/Out Audio Meters, Revamped Action Editor

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 06:16:15 PM
Giada, the open-source, free, and cross-platform hardcore loop machine software, has been updated to version 0.18.2 with several new features for this powerful music production tool for DJs, live performers, and electronic musicians.

20 Best Operating Systems You Can Run on Raspberry Pi in 2021

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 05:01:55 PM
We haven’t covered any major thing on the Raspberry Pi since our article on the 8 New Raspbian Features to Start Using on Your Raspberry Pi close to a year ago. No one needs to state how successful the Raspberry Pi has been since its inception till date, thus, the factor behind this article.

The 2021 Open Source Jobs Report: 9th Annual Report on Critical Skills, Hiring Trends and Education

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 03:47:35 PM
Much of the world is rebounding from the economically crippling lockdowns of COVID-19, and hiring people with the right skills is proving to be a challenge. Nowhere is this more true than in the technology sector. The talent gap that existed before the pandemic has worsened due to an acceleration of cloud-native adoption as remote work has gone mainstream.

Micro Text Editor: Lightweight and Intuitive Terminal-Based Editor

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 02:33:15 PM
Micro command-line text editor is designed to replace Nano as the text editor for the masses. It is cross-platform terminal-based text editor, which is not only used for Linux but on all other platforms like Windows and macOS as well.

Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4 1.00 Officially Released, Based on Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye”

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 01:18:55 PM
Patrick d’Emmabuntüs informs 9to5Linux today about the general availability for download of the highly-anticipated Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4 1.00 distribution for refurbishing old computers and anyone who wants to discover GNU/Linux.

Linux Foundation survey shows companies desperate to hire open-source talent

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 12:12:26 PM
Companies have long been hungry for open-source savvy employees, now they[he]#039[/he]re starving.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 935, 20 September 2021

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 11:10:54 AM
One of the interesting aspects of the open source community is that people are always trying different approaches to solve the same problem. One of the reasons we have so many toolkits, word processors, and distributions is the creativity people have for trying out various ways to make our computing experiences better.

State of the Open Mainframe 2021

Tuesday 21st of September 2021 10:09:22 AM
The mainframe is a foundational technology that has powered industries for decades, including government, financial, healthcare, and transportation. With the help of surrounding communities, the technologies built around this platform have paved the way for the emergence of a new set of technologies we see deployed today. Notably, a significant number of mainframe technologies are profoundly embracing open source.

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today's howtos

  • How to use wall command in linux - Unixcop

    wall is (an abbreviation of write to all) is a Unix command-line utility that displays the contents of a computer file or standard input to all logged-in users. It is used by root to send out shutting down message to all users just before poweroff. It displays a message on the terminals of all logged-in users. The messages can_be either typed on the terminal or the contents of a file. Also usually, system administrators send messages to announce maintenance and ask users to log out and close all open programs.The messages ‘re shown to all logged in users with a terminal open.

  • Any Port in a Storm: Ports and Security, Part 1

    When IT and Security professionals talk about port numbers, we’re referring to the TCP and UDP port numbers a service is running on that are waiting to accept connections. But what exactly is a port?

  • Book Review: Data Science at the Command Line By Jeroen Janssens

    Data Science at the Command Line: Obtain, Scrub, Explore, and Model Data with Unix Power Tools written by Jeroen Janssens is the second edition of the series “Data Science at the Command Line”. This book demonstrates how the flexibility of the command line can help you become a more efficient and productive data scientist. You will learn how to combine small yet powerful command-line tools to quickly obtain, scrub, explore, and model your data. To get you started, author Jeroen Janssens provides a Docker image packed with over 80 tools–useful whether you work with Windows, macOS, or Linux.

  • How to Take a Typing Test on Linux With tt

    In the modern era of technology, typing has become one of the most common activities for a lot of professions. Learning to type faster with accuracy can help you get more things done in the same amount of time. However, touch typing is not a skill that you can master overnight. It takes regular practice and testing to improve your speed and accuracy gradually. While there are a lot of websites that help you achieve this, all you essentially need on Linux is a terminal. Let's see how.

  • FIX: Google Chrome doesn’t work on Kali linux
  • How to install OpenToonz on a Chromebook

    Today we are looking at how to install OpenToonz on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below. If you have any questions, please contact us via a YouTube comment and we would be happy to assist you!

Security and DRM Leftovers

Linux 5.15-rc3

So after a somewhat rocky merge window and second rc, things are now
actually looking pretty normal for rc3. Knock wood.

There are fixes all over, and the statistics look fairly regular, with
drivers dominating as they should (since they are most of the tree).
And outside of drivers, we have a fairly usual mix of changes -
architecture fixes, networking, filesystems, and tooling (the latter
being mostly kvm selftests).

Shortlog appended, it's not too long and easy to scan through to get a
flavor for the details if you happen to care.

Please do give it a whirl,


Read more Also: Linux 5.15-rc3 Released - Looking "Pretty Normal" Plus Performance Fix - Phoronix

Huawei launches OS openEuler, aims to construct 'ecological base of national digital infrastructure'

Chinese tech giant Huawei launched openEuler operating system (OS) on Saturday, another self-developed OS after the HarmonyOS, as it tries to "solve the domestic stranglehold problem of lacking its homegrown OS in basic technology," and build a full-scenario covered ecosystem to prepare for more US bans. The openEuler OS can be widely deployed in various forms of equipment such as servers, cloud computing and edge computing. Its application scenarios cover Information Technology, Communication Technology and Operational Technology to achieve unifying an operating system with multi-device support, according to the company's introduction. In the ICT field, Huawei provides products and solutions such as servers, storage, cloud services, edge computing, base stations, routers, industrial control among others, all of which need to be equipped with an OS. Huawei has therefore been building capabilities to achieve a unified OS architecture, and meet the demands of different application scenarios, the firm said on Saturday. The openEuler program was initially announced back in 2019 as an open source operating system. Today's launch is an updated one. Read more