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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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Creating flags with CSS and other open source tools

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 03:18:24 PM
“The creation and development of a body of knowledge about flags of all types, their forms and functions, and of scientific theories and principles based on that knowledge.” —The definition of vexillology, according to the Fédération internationale des associations more

Mozilla Announces Firefox Reality, a Web Browser Dedicated to AR and VR Headsets

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 02:04:03 PM
Mozilla announced on Tuesday that they are building Firefox Reality, a special edition of its widely-used web browser designed specifically for virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

How to Generate & Update SSL SAN Certificate in Linux

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 12:49:43 PM
How to Generate & Update SSL SAN Certificate in Linux

What the pandas Python data analysis library and SQL taught me about taking an average

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 11:35:23 AM
For Python developers who work primarily with data, it's hard not to find yourself constantly knee-deep in SQL and Python's open source data library, pandas. Despite how easy these tools have made it to manipulate and transform data—sometimes as concisely as one line of code—analysts still must always understand their data and what their code means. Even calculating something as simple as summary statistics can be prone to serious more

How To Install Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 10:21:03 AM
Nginx is one of the most popular open source web server software. It is widely used for load balancing, reverse proxying, media streaming and much more. In this guide we will show you how to install Nginx on Ubuntu 16.40. This guide should work on other Ubuntu based Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for Ubuntu 16.04 VPS.

Mozilla Announces Firefox Reality Browser for Mixed Reality, GnuCash 3.0 New Release and More

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 09:06:43 AM
Mozilla announced Firefox Reality today, "Bringing the Immersive Web to Mixed Reality Headsets".Firefox Reality is the only open source browser for mixed reality and thefirst cross-platform browser for mixed reality.

Cloud Foundry for Developers: Part 1

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 07:52:23 AM
In this series, you will learn about Cloud Foundry and how to get started using it to develop applications. In the first three blogs, we'll cover basic concepts, terminology, a technical overview and architecture, and in the last two blogs we'll learn how to write and push an app to a Cloud Foundry instance.

Linux 4.16 arrives, keeps melting Meltdown, preps to axe eight CPUs

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 06:38:02 AM
Kernel team mulls ditching chip architectures nobody used. Linus Torvalds has pulled the trigger and released version 4.16 of the Linux kernel, thereby killing off his own suggestion this release might need an extra week to mature.

Intel Coffee Lake H-series debuts in Congatec and Seco modules

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 05:23:42 AM
Intel announced 18 new 8th Gen “Coffee Lake” chips, including up to hexa-core Core H-series and Xeon M-series CPUs, which are appearing in Linux-ready COM Express Type 6 modules from Seco and Congatec.

Red Eclipse: A Fast Paced First Person Shooter Game

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 04:09:22 AM
Red Eclipse is a fast-paced casual arena shooter game based on Cube 2 engine. Players can play against drones in offline mode or play against other players through networking. Slightly blending to Sci-fi, Red Eclipse features rich environment and fun gameplay.

Linux Needs Deep Pockets

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 02:55:02 AM
I love the operating systems revolving around the Linux Kernel. I think it's amazing that something so good comes to the world so cheap or mostly free. You can do tremendous work on this platform, so it begs the question: Why aren't more people using it?

Fedora 28 Enters Beta with GNOME 3.28, VirtualBox Guest Additions, and More

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 01:57:56 AM
Red Hat's John Terrill informs Softpedia today about the immediate availability of the beta release of Fedora Project's forthcoming Fedora 28 operating system, the latest version of the free and open-source GNU/Linux distribution.

How the EU's Copyright Reform Threatens Open Source--and How to Fight It

Wednesday 4th of April 2018 12:43:35 AM
Open source is under attack from new EU copyright laws.

How to Install Rancher Docker Container Manager on Debian

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 11:29:15 PM
In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Rancher on Debian 9. Rancher is a free and open source project that provides a management platform for Docker containers. Rancher allows us to operate Docker in production at large scale.

Intel's Core i9 Processors Are Coming to Laptops, Boosting Gaming Performance

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 10:14:55 PM
Intel announced on Tuesday that it would bring its highest-performance processor the company ever built, the 8th generation Intel Core i9 to laptops in an attempt to deliver the ultimate gaming and content creation experience for customers that are always on the go.

17 Ways To Check Size Of Physical Memory (RAM) In Linux

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 09:00:35 PM
2DayGeek: List of commands to check RAM and it's utilization in Linux.

dwm: A Minimalist Tiling Window Manager For Linux

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 07:46:15 PM
Tiling window managers have several advantages over Gnome and KDE. If you’re looking for a bare-bones experience or a foil to your current desktop environment, find out how dwm can offer exactly that.

Lubuntu Next Is Adopting the Calamares Installer, Continues to Be in Development

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 06:25:03 PM
Even if we're not seeing them in the news as often as we'd like, the Lubuntu and Lubuntu Next operating systems continue to be developed in the background, and developer Simon Quigley shares with us today some details about the upcoming releases.

Memories of writing a parser for man pages

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 05:03:51 PM
Details about the behind the scenes of writing a parser for man pages: groff, macros (mdoc & man) and more.

Announcing the release of Fedora 28 Beta

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 03:42:39 PM
The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fedora 28 Beta, the next big step on our journey to the exciting Fedora 28 release in May. Download the prerelease from our Get Fedora site: Get Fedora 28 Beta Workstation Get Fedora 28 Beta Server Get Fedora 28 Prerelease Atomic Host Or, check […]

More in Tux Machines

Here Is What's New In Fedora 28

For those who don't know about this Linux distro, Fedora is one of those Linux distributions that comes released with cutting-edge software rather than staying on the same boat with other distributions that prefers stability. Fedora comes in three flavors: Workstation, Server, and Atomic. I'll be reviewing Fedora Workstation; used by many developers and users as their general purpose computing platform. Read

Stable kernels 4.16.11, 4.14.43 and 4.9.102

today's leftovers

Software: Grafana, Heaptrack, Vim

  • Grafana – An Open Source Software for Analytics and Monitoring
    Grafana is an open source, feature rich, powerful, elegant and highly-extensible analytics and monitoring software that runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is a de facto software for data analytics, being used at Stack Overflow, eBay, PayPal, Uber and Digital Ocean – just to mention but a few. It supports 30+ open source as well as commercial databases/data sources including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Graphite, Elasticsearch, OpenTSDB, Prometheus and InfluxDB. It allows you to dig deeply into large volumes of real-time, operational data; visualize, query, set alerts and get insights from your metrics from differen
  • Heaptrack v1.1.0 release
    Better memory profiling on Linux After more than a year of work, I’m pleased to release another version of heaptrack, the Linux memory profiler! The new version 1.1.0 comes with some new features, significant performance improvements and – most importantly – much improved stability and correctness. If you have tried version v1.0 in the past and encountered problems, update to the new v1.1 and try again!
  • Ten Years of Vim

    The philosophy behind Vim takes a while to sink in: While other editors focus on writing as the central part of working with text, Vim thinks it's editing.


    You see, most of the time I don't spend writing new text; instead, I edit existing text.