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Updated: 30 min 8 sec ago

Railway Empire heads to Japan in the latest expansion pack out now

5 hours 54 min ago

Gaming Minds Studios and Kalypso Media have released Railway Empire - Japan, the latest DLC pack for the popular rail-network building and management sim.

Railway Empire - Japan transports the series to late-1800s Japan where an industrial revolution is booming and the people are crying out for a nationwide railway. After the successful restoration of the Meiji rule, the Land of the Rising Sun’s long-term ambition to develop its own modern, nationwide railway network has become a reality and people from formerly feudal regions are yearning to travel to booming metropolises. Players can lay tracks between mountains and hot springs, using foresight, planning and clever strategy to establish a railway network and facilitate the 'great commute', moving Japan into a new industrial age.

Watch video on


  • 2 new scenarios: ‘Rising Sun’(1870 – 1890) and ‘Twisted Paths’ (1900 - 1920)
  • Map expansion: 3 new maps of “Japan” (All, Mid and South) available in Free Game and Sandbox modes.
  • 8 historical engines including the D51 Degoichi, Class 9600 Kyuroku and Class 8620 Hachiroku
  • 28 new tradeable goods (e. g. sake and rice) and 35 more cities to discover.
  • Added ‘ticket’ feature playable on all Railway Empire maps - cater to tourists and commuters to increase your profits.
  • 11 iconic Japanese landmarks including Osaka Castle, Hells of Beppu and the Itsukushima Shrine
  • New music, buildings and reworked mini portraits for characters

You can buy Railway Empire from Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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Aolta is a unique casual adult-themed RPG where you explore a romantically wretched city

6 hours 46 min ago

Exploring a romantically wretched city as a strange alien creature, Aolta is a thoroughly weird casual experience for those of you who like games aimed at an adult / mature audience.

"Aolta is a casual RPG where you play as an eponymous alien who lives in a romantically wretched city. Sit back and enjoy the game world... relax at the night club, stroll down the streets and meet interesting creatures and discover their stories. You can find a job that suites your abilities or you can skip work and resort to foraging. Meet someone to love, become the lord of the local music industry, retire to another planet, and/or maybe get married."


  • Discover many activities around the city which includes dancing, loitering, smoking, drinking, getting high and fighting in the pits.
  • Romance up to six main characters and unlock their endings.
  • Befriend dozens of other characters and learn their secrets.
  • Collect spirits for your bottle city!
  • Develop your character by working on your stats which allow you to survive and ultimately get what you want.
  • Features several animated sexual scenarios.
  • Unlock several endings, collections and achievements.
  • Engaging music and atmosphere.

You can buy Aolta for $10 from

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EXsynchronos is a wild and completely bizarre free transhumanism cyberspace metahorror

7 hours 22 min ago

Free Game Friday! Fancy trying out something completely bizarre? EXsynchronos from developer Ravee is a true cyberspace adventure and it looks fantastic visually.

The developer describes it as a "transhumanist action packed cyberspace metahorror" and frankly that's about as good a description as you're going to get on this one. It's a complete visual overload on the senses with puzzles, exploration, platforming and shooter elements, all wrapped in a dense atmosphere. You control a Pr0x (Process Resurrective gh0st eXistence), "one of the most advanced virtual technologies that was ever developed" possessed by a human soul.

Prepare for lots of flashiness:

Watch video on

There's a huge and completely wild story behind it too. In fact, it's actually part of a series with this being the third (although you don't need to have played the others). Feel free to check out meloveyou and awaren3ss as the first and second episodes if you want the entire story but it's all quite disconnected.

When you download EXsynchronos, you get an 18 page PDF full of lore and words from the developer at the end, it's truly something to read through.

Play free on You can donate if you like it when downloading.

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Defend your dungeon in Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager out now

7 hours 47 min ago

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager from Goblinz Studio is out now, letting you build up and protect a dungeon from pesky hero intruders.

Very much a video game version of the excellent card game Boss Monster (which I also love), Legend of Keepers has you recruit various creatures and place traps to hopefully keep the heroes away from defeating your boss. It provides a good mix of management and tactics, one that's a bit engrossing when you get into it and it's easy to spend a good number of hours with.

Watch video on


  • Join the Dungeons Company and climb the corporate ladder
  • Crush so-called "heroes" and protect the company's treasures
  • Hire monsters, manage your employees and your stock of traps
  • Deal with employee strikes and other fun events

For the Linux version, one issue encountered is that the intro video is a black screen, which is likely a Unity codec issue - the developer has been made aware of it. It's quite short anyway and doesn't break the game, as you can just skip it.

You can play it now on GOG, Steam and Stadia.

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David Rosen of Wolfire Games explains why they're taking on Valve in a lawsuit

8 hours 9 min ago

Recently we wrote about how Wolfire Games (Lugaru, Overgrowth, Receiver) engaged in a legal battle with Steam owner Valve in regards to alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

Wolfire's David Rosen has now written up a blog post to explain their feelings on why. It's worth noting that Rosen was one of the original founders of the Humble Indie Bundle, later spun off into its own Humble Bundle company and then sold to IGN. Rosen then, you would think, has a reasonably good grasp on how all this works on the business side. It's somewhat amusing that the blog post starts with "Dear gamers", which probably isn't going to do them any favours in such a legal battle.

Rosen mentions how they felt they had "no choice" as they believe "gamers and game developers are being harmed by Valve's conduct" and they're not doing it for personal gain. Rosen said after wanting to have Overgrowth listed at a lower price on a newer store, they "personally experienced the conduct described in the complaint". Speaking to Valve, Rosen said "they replied that they would remove Overgrowth from Steam if I allowed it to be sold at a lower price anywhere, even from my own website without Steam keys and without Steam’s DRM" and so that "would make it impossible for me, or any game developer, to determine whether or not Steam is earning their commission".

So the problem here isn't specifically the 30% cut Valve take but rather Valve forcing price parity, or developers face being removed from Steam.

Rosen believes that Valve are "taking away gamers' freedom to choose how much extra they are willing to pay to use their platform" and that it's believed "this is part of why all competing stores have failed".

We did reach out to Valve yesterday for a statement to no reply.

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Conversational deck-building roguelite Griftlands from Klei is now on Linux

Thursday 6th of May 2021 07:37:01 PM

Klei Enterainment deliver again, adding the conversation-based deck-builder Griftlands to their list of Linux supported games. It looks brilliant too and it has received an Overwhelmingly Positive view from users on Steam overall.

"Griftlands is a deck-building rogue-like where you fight and negotiate your way through a broken-down sci-fi world. Every decision is important, be it the jobs you take, the friends you make, or the cards you collect. Death comes quickly, but each play offers new situations and strategies to explore."

Watch video on


  • Battle Challenging Bosses - Test your combat decks against powerful foes with unique mechanics and attacks.
  • Build a Team - or Buy One! - Hire mercenaries, find pets, or impose upon your friends to accomplish your goals.
  • Master Hundreds of Cards - Each character has unique negotiation and combat decks to draft from. Get powerful item cards from fallen foes, or as rewards.
  • Decisions Matter - Killing foes may incur the wrath of their friends, but sparing them leaves a dangerous piece on the board. Choose wisely, everyone remembers everything you do!
  • Welcome to Havaria - Each playable character's story takes place in a unique environment, with different factions and locations to explore and exploit.
  • Explore A Broken-Down Sci-Fi World - The world of Havaria is a harsh place, full of harsher denizens. Explore lush, hand-illustrated environments full of people who want to kill you.
  • Playing Politics For Keeps - Each character has a factional allegiance and an opinion of you. Play politics between rivals, and try to capture the most powerful social boons. But watch out -- doublecross the wrong person, and you'll be subject to their bane!
  • Outwit or Overpower - Overcome obstacles with the power of your fists - or your words. You'll need to pick your cards and play them right if you're going to survive. Build two decks simultaneously, balancing the tradeoffs of each.

Now that it's available on Linux, Klei said they will be announcing the big 1.0 launch date this month. Along with the new Linux native build they also updated the game as a whole, to include a number of overall fixes to the gameplay. They also fixed a bunch of typos and incorrect grammar.

I've picked up a personal copy today, so I'll be taking a good look in due course.

You can buy Griftlands on Steam.

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Oddventure is an indie RPG that follows a girl trapped in a cursed fairy-tale world

Thursday 6th of May 2021 01:18:52 PM

This looks absolutely brilliant. Oddventure is an upcoming adventure RPG from Infamous Rabbit and Pineapple Works that follows a girl trapped in a cursed fairy-tale world.

"Oddventure is a JRPG about the misadventures of Charlie - a nihilistic and rebellious teenage girl with anger issues and social awkwardness. Charlie searches for her troublesome brother Bonzo and ultimately for a way back home. The setting is the Kingdom of Luxia, a land straight from original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales with a dark, Nietzschean twist."

Watch video on

It's currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with a goal of €20,000 they need to hit by June 5. I'll be massively surprised if something that looks this good doesn't get funded. Looks like it's off to a good start with over €3,000 pledged less than an hour after launch. For Linux fans, it's good news too as they're supporting "PC (Windows, Mac & Linux) and Nintendo Switch" with it being "actively developing and testing the game on all platforms".


  • Meaningful choices – EVERY decision matters, sometimes in the most unpredictable ways.
  • The friendly RPG where nobody has to die... but can. In a horrible way.
  • Unique and EMOTIONAL turn based combat system with cursed-image-like enemies.
  • Countless hidden secrets, references to pop culture and fairy tales.
  • Frog milk as a currency.
  • Bitter-sweet comedy mixed with some coziness and dark humor.
  • Dope and climatic OST.
  • A life changing gaming experience.

You can fund it on Kickstarter and follow on Steam.

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Hook up cities with power to create a sustainable future in the upcoming Green With Energy

Thursday 6th of May 2021 12:06:42 PM

Green With Energy from developer Orbifold Software is an upcoming casual puzzle building game, that sees you become an engineer to design a sustainable power grid.

Through various contained levels, it acts like a puzzle game that pulls in small elements from a city-builder while you design your grid and place down power structures. It's supposed to be somewhat relaxed while you iteratively design, test and build power grid designs while balancing budget, efficiency, and environmental impact through different levels and biomes.

Check out their new trailer below:

Watch video on


  • Use a range of energy technologies like solar, wind and hydroelectric power
  • Run simulations and evaluate the results to determine your next steps
  • Balance budget, efficiency, and environmental impact
  • Compete with the community via in-game leaderboards to build the best designs
  • Build infrastructure which functions in different weather patterns and climate
  • Store energy in expansive battery farms to avoid power cuts when the sun or wind aren't available

The developer mentioned Linux will be a first-class platform for it.

You can follow Green With Energy on Steam.

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City builder Nebuchadnezzar is getting fire, crime and disease in the next free update

Thursday 6th of May 2021 11:00:56 AM

Nepos Games have announced the next big update for their isometric Pharaoh-like city-bulder Nebuchadnezzar.

After launching with Linux support back in February, it seems a lot of people really loved the style but there wasn't enough substance to it. Thankfully the first update addressed some of the issues adding in big freeplay maps, new difficulty modes and a tax/wages mechanic too. Now they've teased the 1.2 update with no current release date which will bring in Fire, Crime and Diseases to add a little more challenge to it.

Watch video on

Once they mention a release date for this exciting version 1.2 we will let you know. Seems they're managing to turn it around, with the most recent user reviews on Steam being "Very Positive". Going over some of the user reviews, it seems it lacking a good challenge is what has put a number of players off so perhaps these new systems coming in will bring more players back.

Buy it now on GOG and Steam.

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Go Godot Jam is an upcoming Godot Gamedev Festival between May 6 - June 9

Thursday 6th of May 2021 10:44:13 AM

Learn more about the free and open source Godot Engine during Go Godot Jam, part of the Godot Gamedev Festival running from today May 6 through to June 9.

Sounds like a fun idea to help show off Godot to even more people. It's packed full of "one month of quality streams and a game jam aimed at celebrating and expanding a vibrant Godot community" and it's entirely open to everyone as this is a free online event. They will be hosting all sorts of panels:

  • Showcases of the use-cases, workflows, and features of Godot
  • Comparisons of Godot with other game engines to debunk myths
  • Tutorials to help beginners get started with gamedev on Godot

See more on the official site.

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Free Game Thursday - check out Office Point Rescue Deja Vu a new retro FPS

Thursday 6th of May 2021 09:42:46 AM

Office Point Rescue Deja Vu is a brand new retro-themed first-person shooter from Magellanic Games, a bigger expanded version of the original from 2020.

"Terrorists have invaded and taken hostages in the Emeraldalo Corporation's headquaters.  Agent Foldon is assigned to infiltrate the building, dispatch the terrorists, rescue any surviving hostages and gather intel."

Check out our gameplay footage below to get a taste of it. The gameplay was on Easy mode, as I didn't want to spoil any surprises and difficult in the other modes. It gives you a good idea of what to expect though, thoroughly reminding me of some retro arcade shooters that took way too many coins.


  • 11 levels spread across 2 routes.  Navigate the office building, finding secrets and rescuing survivors. 
  • Utilise 4 weapons to fight back foes - pistol, shotgun, sub-machine gun and the mighty lightgun.
  • Choose from 3 tuned difficulties.
  • Save your progress.  Return to the last level you reached with all your items, guns and ammo.  No need to play through in a single sitting.
  • 2 Additional unlockable modes - Giant Head Mode and Lightgun Mode
  • Switchable graphics mode, enjoy in the original low-resolution mode or in clear, crisp high resolution.
  • Full retro midi-like soundtrack.

Find it free on While free, you can donate to the developer when you go to download it if you feel their work is worth supporting.

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ComPressure, a complex pipe-building puzzle game is out now

Thursday 6th of May 2021 09:39:39 AM

After a relatively short stint in Early Access, the Zach-like puzzle game ComPressure is officially out now.

ComPressure has you building complex computation units powered by high pressure steam, which you do by placing and moving pipes around to direct this steam where to go. It definitely has a feel like some earlier Zachtronics titles and it's a pretty unique game overall.

Watch video on

"Each unit has four ports with a desired function. There are only three base components. The steam generator and the switch and pipes to connect them. Using these, the game guides you through creating increasingly complex composite components. Each solved challenge yields another useful element that can be used in future designs. Poor solutions in previous stages make poor components to use further on, so you will end up coming back to old designs, tuning and optimising them."

If you love building things and optimizing, this is the puzzle game for you. It takes some learning though, and isn't exactly easy to get into but once you get going there's a lot of charm to it overall. Watching everything happen when you come to a solution is pretty great. The puzzles definitely get complex pretty quickly too, so it's one that might keep you going for a while.

You can buy ComPressure on Steam.

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Open source Linux GPU drivers Mesa 21.1 released

Thursday 6th of May 2021 08:47:41 AM

Developer Eric Engestrom has announced the availability of Mesa 21.1, the latest release for Linux open source graphics drivers powering Intel, AMD and more.

In the very short announcement, Engestrom mentioned Mesa will now be back to regular releases with a point release for bug fixes "every other week" which will see Mesa 21.1.1 on May 19. If you want stability, it's usually best to wait for at least that first point release.

As for what's new, as expected there's quite a lot including: RADV (AMD Vulkan driver) Variable Rate Shading, lots of RADV optimizations, Zink (OpenGL over Vulkan) saw a lot of expanded progress to bring it up to scratch and many smaller features and added hardware support.

See more about Mesa on the official site. How soon you get an update will be distribution dependent. Arch pulls it in quite quickly, while the likes of Ubuntu would need a PPA added like the kisak-mesa fresh PPA.

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Don't Starve Together season finale out in Return of Them: Eye of The Storm plus big sale

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 07:33:09 PM

Return of Them: Eye of The Storm is the final update of the season for Don't Starve Together and so it's going off with quite a big bang along with a good discount too.

"With the three lunar altars now complete, the truth at the center of this ancient mystery will finally come to light...
They've been here all along. Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Eye of the Storm is now available for all players. With this conclusion of the Return of them Story Arc, worlds collide as old threats and familiar faces make themselves known."

Check out the update animation short below:

Watch video on

They're not actually giving away too much about the update either. Here's all they announced:

Major Changes:
  • Added Moonstorm Event
  • You're just going to have to see for yourself
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing stuff to drop off boats during lag or an autosave.
  • Lichen can now be fed to beefalo, pigs, ect.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash if you hovered over the mole trail fx while holding the beefalo bell.
  • Fixed a bug causing the spawning time to not queue for a number of things (Wobster Den, Splumonkey Pods, ect) if they were offscreen when the spawn time finished.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Celestial Sanctum to have no mini map icon.
  • Greatly improved performance for worlds with lots of lights in the world.

We're going to see plenty of updates to DST after this. Klei would be crazy not to keep pushing it, considering it's still extremely popular. They said their team has been working hard on the next set with next month getting "a couple of cool updates" and there's going to be a new Summer event named "The Midsummer Cawnival", plus another character is being refreshed soon too.

A fantastic time to get into a thoroughly enjoyable co-op survival game, from Klei Entertainment who have been a very Linux-friendly developer.

Buy it now on Steam with 66% off until May 10.

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Humble Bundle plan to put the much loved sliders back on bundle pages

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 05:25:24 PM

After a bit of an uproar from customers, Humble Bundle have decided to ditch their idea of replacing sliders that let people customize where their money goes.

In their original blog post, they mentioned the sliders that let you adjust the amount you give to Humble, Developers, Charity and Partners would be replaced with a static two-tier system that was giving a lot more to Developers and Humble. Now though, in a fresh blog post they're backtracking.

Today, we’ll be turning sliders back on for all customers on our bundle pages while we take more time to review feedback and consider sliders and the importance of customization for purchases on bundle pages in the long term.

It seems they've learned the hard way that rolling out big changes to their original business model, while they're a smaller store isn't going to cut it without a lot more thought put into it. The new bundle page style is still going to be rolling out that they showed off previously, but it will still have sliders.

Some things will still change in future though by the sounds of it, as they will be "exploring different approaches to the sliders and how splits work, along with new ways to incorporate charity into other parts of the user experience" but they will be sharing more and gathering feedback in future instead of just doing it.

As a Humble Bundle Partner, we're glad to see that they're willing to listen.

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Awesome fast-paced FPS DUSK gets a helpful update with more to come like Steam Workshop

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 01:19:51 PM

David Szymanski and New Blood have updated DUSK to include some helpful UI updates, along with 40% off and there's plenty more to come for this brutal retro FPS.

For the main menu UI you can now delete saved games (hooray!), and there's a Continue button now to jump right back in a little easier for your current run. There's also a Max Loadout button for when you just want to bring on all the toys a little easier without lots of clicking.

Watch video on

Much more exciting stuff is coming though, as they're bringing over some fancy upgrades done for consoles including a completely redone world map and loadout menu to be "easier to read and navigate with a controller, keyboard, mouse and eyes.". We're also getting the weapon wheel, the classic HUD option and finally Steam Workshop support is getting close. You will be able to easily add in new "enemies, weapons and literally everything else". They mentioned how they've "basically rebuilt the entire game to be 100% moddable at this point".

Find DUSK on Humble Store, and Steam. Both GOG and Steam have it on a 40% discount right now!

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Star Labs have now fully revealed and launched the slick 14" StarBook Mk V Linux laptop

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 11:05:16 AM

Ready to drool over new Linux hardware? Star Labs are ready for you to open your wallets to the 14" StarBook Mk V. Now this is the type of laptop model I can get into. A screen that's not too big, a sleek chasis and a reasonable price backed up by some powerful internals along with it being designed for Linux.

With the new StarBook Mk V, you get quite a lot more choice too. When it comes to the BIOS, they're now letting you choose between AMI (American Megatrends Inc.) Aptio V and the open source Coreboot. Not only that, you can switch between them any time you want.

A nice matte screen as standard too with the 14-inch ARC display, with anti-reflective coating that should provide a good experience whever you are. Star Labs say it comes with a hard coating to prevent damage too.

Some of the specifications on offer:

Chassis Type II matte black anodised aluminium     Display 14-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit matte display with IPS technology
1920x1080 resolution at 157 pixels per inch
16:9 aspect ratio Processor

2.4GHz dual-core Intel® Core® i3-1110G4
Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz, with 6MB Cache

Configurable to:
2.8GHz quad-core Intel® Core® i7-1165G7
Turbo Boost up to 4.7GHz, with 12MB Cache


240GB Over-Provisioned SATA SSD

Configurable to:
480GB Over-Provisioned PCIe SSD

Configurable to:
960GB Over-Provisioned PCIe SSD

Configurable to:
1920GB Over-Provisioned PCIe SSD

Configurable to:
500GB Over-Provisioned Gen4 PCIe SSD

Configurable to:
1000GB Over-Provisioned Gen4 PCIe SSD


8GB of 3200MHz DDR4 memory

Configurable to: 64GB of 3200MHz DDR4 memory


Intel® UHD G4 Graphics

Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

When it comes to operating systems you get a lot choice there too between: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (64-bit) or later, elementary OS 5.1.7 (64-bit) or later, Linux Mint 20.1 (64-bit) or later, Manjaro 21.0 (64-bit) or later, MX Linux AHS 19.3 (64-bit) or later, Zorin OS 15.2 (64-bit) or later and even Windows.

Available from £777.00. Check out the official page to find out more and order.

While it has technically launched, it's currently in production, which may be delayed due to component shortages worldwide right now. They offer a 5% discount if you order a laptop that's in production and not yet ready.

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Free Game Wednesday - check out MannaRites, a retro beat'em'up with modern touches

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 10:42:17 AM

Something I've been meaning to post about for a while is the beat'em'up MannaRites, a completely free game you can grab on Steam that's surprisingly great. The developer mentioned in an email to us that it's free because they're "just a big fan of beat-em-ups from before and wanted to share my vision of the genre with other fans".

Watch video on

Much like classic beat 'em ups it relies on your ability to react quickly, along with watching for the tells that enemies are about to attack as you jump, slide and dodge around all their weapons while trying to take them down. In gameplay, it feels quite a bit like Golden Axe and other games of that era. So if you do like a good retro-styled beat 'em up with some modern touches, MannaRites seems like a good choice - and since it's free it won't cost you anything but time.


  • Unique FANTASY setting - no elves here, promise!
  • Skill-based combat with special moves, throws and blocks
  • Army of enemies with unique behavior and combat moves
  • Story-based adventure, featuring NPCs and quests
  • Fully voiced dialogues
  • Open map to choose your path
  • Loot system - weapons, armor and items to find, equip and use
  • RPG system - combat moves, skills and perks to master
  • Original soundtrack

The developer is quite active with it too, adding in some big upgrades over the past year (like the video above) adding in new classes, new game modes, new fighting moves and the list goes on. It's been great to see this grow and it's become quite highly rated by users.

Check out MannaRites free on Steam.

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LightBreak is a very unique looking upcoming story-driven musical game

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 10:14:31 AM

With gameplay that looks equal measures confusing and intriguing, LightBreak is a musical game where you get the story by following this music and creating it as you go along.

During the game you help the protagonist Ava to play the correct notes on her musical instrument so that she can describe her tales and reconnect with Mother after many years of separation. You do this through three different phases of musical interaction: tuning the instruments against the music, matching up the musical notes to what Ava hears in her head and then it should all come together which then unlocks some of the story each time. It sounds delightful.

Watch video on


  • A Novel Approach to Audio-driven Game Design
  • Interactive audio design by an award-winning composer
  • Storytelling game with themes of repair, family, communication, and good vs evil
  • Visual representations of Ava’s adventures
  • Stunning hand-drawn art
  • 3D modeling and animation

It's currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with full Linux support planned. Deev Interactive are hoping to raise a minimum of $10,000 USD by June 3, 2021.

You can also follow it on Steam.

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Check out Eudora, a lo-fi real-time strategy game inspired by classics like Dune 2 and C&C

Wednesday 5th of May 2021 09:50:32 AM

I'm such a sucker when it comes to traditional styled RTS games so I couldn't pass up on checking out Eudora. Originally made for the DOS Games Jam back in early 2020, it's continued to be polished up and is a surprisingly great little free RTS.

"As was common with games of this era, gameplay focuses on resource collection, power management, and basebuilding (including walls and other base defenses). A clickable minimap is enabled after building the Radar structure.

Ten buildable units (plus a superweapon ability) can be used to destroy the enemy forces across seven maps, including special stealth and survival scenarios, with some featuring bonus units not normally accessible without cheat codes.

Eudora is fully voiced, and the soundtrack was produced with OPL2 & OPM emulators."

Just recently the developer put up a 2.1 update that mentioned a nice surge in interest after getting a Linux build. The blog post mentions how 99% of it was made by a single person, and so there might still be some rough edges. Impressive though! Here's the main changes in this release:

  • Compiled under YYC on both Windows/Linux for much much improved performance, especially in maps with lots of AI
  • Music tracks can now only loop twice
  • Renamed "Flak" to "Autocannon Tank"
  • Sounds now have a maximum simultaneous play count, to avoid things getting a little too loud with explosions (especially with headphones on)
  • Normalized problematic audio gain levels
  • Lots of bug fixes

The post also mentions the original developer is working on a Eudora 2 so that should be interesting!

Check it out free on You can also donate if you like it.

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    For a multitude of reasons, developers usually compile the project they are working on with only one compiler. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, the system compiler for C and C++ is GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 8, and newer versions are available through the GCC toolset. However, there are several reasons why you might also build your project with Clang. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 offers the LLVM toolset, which contains Clang. In this article, we’ll take a look at why one might use more than one compiler. We’ll focus on a system where GCC is currently the default compiler and consider Clang as the main alternative.

  • Patrick Cloke: A new maintainer for django-allauth-2fa

    I’m excited to announce the django-allauth-2fa project has a new maintainer! It can now be found under the valohai organization on GitHub, who have already contributed quite a bit to the package.

  • The quest for faster Python: Pyston returns to open source, Facebook releases Cinder, or should devs just use PyPy?

    Facebook has released Cinder, used internally in Instagram to improve Python performance, while another faster Python, called Pyston, has released version 2.2 and made the project open source (again). Python is the world's second most popular programming language (after JavaScript) according to some surveys; but it is by no means the fastest. A glance at benchmarks tells us that Python 3 computation is often many times slower than compiled languages like C and Go, or JIT (Just-in-Time) compiled languages like Java and JavaScript. One reason is that the official implementation of Python, called CPython, is an interpreted, dynamic language, and its creator Guido Van Rossum has resisted optimising it for performance, saying in 2014 that "Python is about having the simplest, dumbest compiler imaginable, and the official runtime semantics actively discourage cleverness in the compiler like parallelizing loops or turning recursion into loops."

Security Patches and Reproducible Builds

  • Security updates for Friday

    Security updates have been issued by Debian (mediawiki and unbound1.9), Fedora (djvulibre and samba), Mageia (ceph, messagelib, and pagure), openSUSE (alpine and exim), Oracle (kernel and postgresql), Scientific Linux (postgresql), and Ubuntu (thunderbird and unbound).

  • Reproducible Builds (diffoscope): diffoscope 174 released

    The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 174. This version includes the following changes:

    [ Chris Lamb ]
    * Check that we are parsing an actual Debian .buildinfo file, not just
      a file with that extension.
      (Closes: #987994, reproducible-builds/diffoscope#254)
    * Support signed .buildinfo files again -- file(1) reports them as
      "PGP signed message".
    [ Mattia Rizzolo ]
    * Make the testsuite pass with file(1) version 5.40.
    * Embed some short test fixtures in the test code itself.
    * Fix recognition of compressed .xz files with file(1) 5.40.

Red Hat/Fedora Leftovers

  • Ansible emphasizes inclusive language in new release

    During this development cycle, the Ansible project has made significant progress in its goals to make the community and code more welcoming and inclusive. With the release of Ansible Core 2.11, harmful terminology in the Ansible codebase is deprecated and it comes with new replacement terms. These changes will follow our standard deprecation cycle to give users time to adapt.

  • Cost efficient disaster recovery in hybrid cloud environments

    As more and more organizations move from on-premise datacenters to private, public, and hybrid clouds, it is important to understand that high availability is not the same as disaster recovery (DR). DR planning is needed to recover systems when natural or human-induced disasters hit the primary datacenter/region. Recent public cloud outages suggest that we must have a DR plan in place, even with the high availability provided by the public cloud providers. DR planning should be part of the initial application design discussions, allowing the deployment architecture to accommodate for unforeseen events.

  • This is the future...

    This new Linux is the future... Rocky Linux

  • Cockpit Project: Testing all the pixels

    The Cockpit integration tests can now contain “pixel tests”. Such a test will take a screenshot with the browser and compare it with a reference. The idea is that we can catch visual regressions much easier this way than if we would hunt for them in a purely manual fashion. Preparing a repository for pixel tests A pixel test will take a screenshot of part of the Cockpit UI and compare it with a reference. Thus, these reference images are important and play the biggest role. A large part of dealing with pixel tests will consequently consist of maintaining the reference images. At the same time, we don’t want to clog up our main source repository with them. While the number and size of the reference images at any one point in time should not pose a problem, we will over time accumulate a history of them that we are afraid would dominate the source repository. Thus, the reference images are not stored in the source repository. Instead, we store them in an external repository that is linked into the source repository as a submodule. That external repository doesn’t keep any history and can be aggressively pruned. Developers are mostly isolated from this via the new test/common/pixel-tests tool. But if you are familiar with git submodules, there should be no suprises for you here.

  • Fedora Magazine: Contribute to Fedora Kernel 5.12 Test Week

    The kernel team is working on final integration for kernel 5.12. This version was recently released and will arrive soon in Fedora. As a result, the Fedora kernel and QA teams have organized a test week from Sunday, May 09, 2021 through Sunday, May 16, 2021. Refer to the wiki page for links to the test images you’ll need to participate. Read below for details.