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GNU/Linux & Solaris Hardware Reviews
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QEMU 2.1.0-rc3 Has More Bug Fixes

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 05:11:35 AM
If all goes according to plan the QEMU 2.1 release will happen next week but before that can happen some last-minute testing is encouraged with the new release of QEMU 2.1-rc3...

Linux 3.17 To Fix Up ASPM, Bring Other PCI Changes

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 04:26:34 AM
Bjorn Helgaas, the PCI subsystem maintainer for the Linux kernel, sent in a very early Linux 3.17 kernel merge window pull request due to being on holiday the next few weeks...

CPUFreq Ondemand Could Be Faster, Use Less Power With Linux 3.17

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 12:11:23 AM
Improvements to the CPUfreq ondemand governor could lead to faster performance in low to medium workloads with the Linux 3.17 kernel while also consuming less power overall...

Intel Adds BPTC Texture Compression To Their Mesa Driver

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 08:10:33 PM
Intel has introduced BPTC texture compression support to Mesa and specifically their Intel HD Graphics driver along with the Mesa software rasterizer...

KVM Benchmarks On Ubuntu 14.10

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 04:30:00 PM
For those wondering about the modern performance cost of using KVM on Ubuntu Linux for virtualizing a guest OS, here are some simple benchmarks comparing Ubuntu 14.10 in its current development stage with the Linux 3.16 versus running the same software stack while virtualized with KVM and using virt-manager.

The Linux Kernel Bang-Bang Thermal Governor Is Banging

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 03:31:15 PM
Work is still underway on the new "Bang-bang" thermal governor for the Linux kernel...

NVIDIA Releases K1-Powered Shield Tablet & Controller

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 02:25:15 PM
NVIDIA announced this morning their new Shield Tablet and Shield Controller. The new Shield Tablet is a $299 Android tablet that's great for gaming and is mighty powerful with using the Tegra K1 SoC...

Xen Project Announces Mirage OS 2.0

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 02:15:13 PM
The Xen Project has announced the release of Mirage OS 2.0, which they describe as "the industry's first software framework that unifies cloud and embedded deployments behind a safe, secure programming language, allowing developers to seamlessly build systems that span both embedded devices and public cloud services."..

Canonical Community Team Changes Announced For Ubuntu

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 02:00:09 PM
With Jono Bacon having recently left Canonical where he served as the Ubuntu Community Manager, Canonical has made some changes to its community team...

Raspberry Pi B+ ARM Debian Benchmarks

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 01:26:41 PM
Available from are some tests of the brand new Raspberry Pi B+ ARM system...

Mozilla Unleashes Firefox 31 Web Browser

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 01:15:18 PM
The Firefox 31 web-browser is out this morning with new features...

GCC 5.0 Is Expected Next Year

Monday 21st of July 2014 11:44:14 PM
GNU Compiler Collection developers are beginning to come to a consensus that GCC 5.0 will be released in 2015...

PHP5's Successor Might Be PHP7

Monday 21st of July 2014 08:06:38 PM
PHP developers are currently debating whether the next-generation version of the PHP programming language is to be known as PHP 6 or PHP 7...

AMD "Hawaii" Open-Source GPU Acceleration Still Not Working Right

Monday 21st of July 2014 07:49:32 PM
Back in May I wrote about how AMD's open-source support for Hawaii was broken months after the Radeon R9 290 series was introduced... Fast forward to today, the AMD Hawaii open-source support is still broken...

AMDKFD Driver Still Evolving For Open-Source HSA On Linux

Monday 21st of July 2014 07:08:01 PM
Earlier this month AMD published an open-source HSA Linux driver for exploiting the potential of their much-promoted Heterogeneous System Architecture. This driver, now known as the "AMDKFD" driver, is up to its second revision and continues being analyzed by developers on the mailing list...

GStreamer 1.4.0 Released; OpenGL Improvements, New Features

Monday 21st of July 2014 04:46:49 PM
Sebastian Dröge has announced the immediate release of the GStreamer 1.4 stable series that adds on new features over the existing GStreamer 1.x stable branches while still keeping up to its promise of 1.x API/ABI stability...

New Intel GLAMOR Code Is Taking Shape & Running Fast

Monday 21st of July 2014 02:23:06 PM
Aside from upstream work to the GLAMOR acceleration code itself that's now part of the X.Org Server, Keith Packard has been working on the GLAMOR hook-up for the xf86-video-intel DDX driver...

LLVM 3.5 Gets A Tentative Release Date

Monday 21st of July 2014 02:12:12 PM
We've known for a while that LLVM 3.5 has been under plans for a release in August now with just being days away from the start of the month, we have a better idea for the release schedule...

EFF Aims To Launch An Open Wireless Router

Monday 21st of July 2014 02:00:41 PM
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is today announcing a new Open Wireless Router initiative today at the HOPE X conference...

Linux 3.16-rc6 Kernel Released

Monday 21st of July 2014 04:20:43 AM
Linus Torvalds has went ahead and done his usual weekly release candidate update to the latest in-development Linux kernel...