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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 2 hours 32 min ago

DNF Plugins Extend The Functionality Of Fedora's Yum Successor

5 hours 23 min ago
With the upcoming Fedora 22 release due out in May, DNF is positioned to replace Yum as the default package manager...

LibreOffice 4.4 Released With Better OOXML Support, UI Improvements

5 hours 53 min ago
LibreOffice 4.4 is now available as the newest version of this leading open-source, cross-platform office suite...

Inkscape 0.91 Goes Through C++ Code Conversion, New Cairo Rendering, OpenMP Filters

6 hours 16 min ago
Version 0.91 of Inkscape was released this week and the new version of this open-source vector-based graphics program has some exciting changes...

New Mesa Patch To Improve CPU-Bound Applications

8 hours 21 min ago
For those wondering what else Kristian Høgsberg is working on in his post-Wayland days, after tackling initial Skylake enablement in Mesa his latest achievement is a new Mesa performance patch...

LLVM Adds Options To Do Fuzz Testing

Thursday 29th of January 2015 02:38:27 AM
The latest additions to LLVM and Clang begin adding support for fuzzing capabilities...

Coreboot Now Supports Another Dual-Socket AMD Motherboard

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 10:51:56 PM
The latest motherboard being supported by Coreboot for replacing the board's proprietary BIOS is the ASUS KFSN4-DRE...

Ubuntu 15.04 Is The Easy Path To Better Performance On Intel Broadwell

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 08:00:00 PM
Unless you manually upgrade your kernel and other system packages from your Ubuntu 14.10 installation, Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is an important release for users of new Intel Broadwell systems for ensuring your hardware reaches its maximum performance potential.

Atomic Mode-Setting/Display Support Progresses In Linux 3.20

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 06:23:23 PM
Going along with many DRM graphics driver improvements for Linux 3.20 is the seemingly never-ending work on atomic mode-setting...

NVIDIA 340.76 Brings Three Stable Fixes

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 04:37:36 PM
For conservative NVIDIA Linux users not quick to jump to new release streams, the 340.76 stable update is now available, which is also the driver that's continuing to provide long-term support for pre-Fermi graphics card users relying on NVIDIA's binary blob...

Intel Broadwell-U P-State vs. ACPI CPUFreq Scaling Linux Performance

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 02:28:27 PM
As some extra Broadwell Linux performance numbers this morning, here's some brief test results for the Intel Core i7 5600U when testing the Intel P-State vs. ACPI CPUFreq frequency scaling drivers and the different scaling governors...

DragonFlyBSD Is Almost To Linux 3.10 Era Intel Graphics Support

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 01:38:50 PM
While FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OpenBSD, and other BSD distributions have made much headway in the past year or two in porting the Linux DRM/KMS drivers to their kernels, the work still measurably lags behind the latest upstream Linux kernel code...

New Beta Of Witcher 2 Aims For Greater Performance

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 12:53:20 PM
A new beta of the Linux port of The Witcher 2 was released this weekend and it aims to deliver improved performance...

NVIDIA's Latest Maxwell Line-Up Against AMD With Catalyst On Linux

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 08:47:12 AM
Last week NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 960, a great $200 GPU for Linux gamers that is based on their new power-efficient Maxwell architecture. On launch-day I delivered some initial performance figures of the full GeForce GTX 900 series line-up along with other graphics cards and following that I did many new NVIDIA Linux GPU tests going back to the GeForce GTX 400 (Fermi) series. Not part of those tests were any AMD Radeon graphics cards while in this article are such numbers in making a new 18-way graphics card comparison with the latest Linux graphics drivers.

NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Supports Atomic Mode-Setting In Linux 3.20

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 12:32:09 AM
The latest work landing in the DRM-Next code-base for the Linux 3.20 kernel merge window is the Tegra DRM driver updates...

AppStream 0.8 Works On Improving Open-Source Software Metadata

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 11:00:00 PM
Version 0.8 of AppStream has been released for improving open-source/Linux software metadata as consumed by several software package managers...

Linux "GHOST" Vulnerability Hits Glibc Systems

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 08:38:05 PM
The latest high-profile security vulnerability affecting Linux systems us within Glibc, the GNU C Library...

Linux Game Publishing Remains Offline, Three Years After The CEO Shakeup

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 07:37:23 PM
It was brought up today in the forums that it's been three years of having a new LGP CEO while Linux Game Publishing's website remains down for the better part of the year, their web presence is disappearing, and it simply doesn't look like there's a bright 2015 ahead for this one leading provider of games to Linux...

PlayStation 4 System Compiler Support Landing In LLVM

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 06:59:23 PM
Support for Sony's PlayStation 4 game console code generation is landing within LLVM's open-source compiler infrastructure...

Preliminary Tests Of Intel Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge vs. Broadwell

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 03:28:21 PM
Chances are if you have a Haswell ultrabook/laptop, you're probably not looking at upgrading to a new Broadwell design unless your Haswell laptop had hardware issues, you really need a longer battery life via more power efficient hardware, or you just fall in love with one of the new Broadwell devices. If you're running an Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge laptop on the other hand, it might be time for an upgrade to get faster Intel graphics and greater power efficiency. Here's some preliminary figures I have for showing off the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Core i7 5600U compared to some older SNB and IVB laptops.

Now-Closed KDE Vulnerabilities Remind Us X11 Screen Locks / Screensavers Are Insecure

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 02:00:00 PM
In addition to KDE Plasma 5.2 bringing many new features with today's release, it also addresses some security vulnerabilities concerning KDE's screen locker. Of course, to any longtime Phoronix readers following our frequent X11/X.Org coverage, this hardly comes as a surprise...

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