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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 20 min ago

Open-Source Doom 3 Spin Updated With Many New Features

Friday 9th of October 2015 10:05:55 PM
While many initially looked at ioDoom3 as the exciting fork of id Software's id Tech 4 / Doom 3 source-code as it was done by some of the same folks as ioquake3, there sadly hasn't been much to report on in recent times for the project. Fortunately, the independent "dhewm3" is making strides as an open-source Doom 3 project...

KDBUS Continues Maturing, But Will We See It For Linux 4.4?

Friday 9th of October 2015 07:36:56 PM
New KDBUS patches continue being published for this in-kernel IPC mechanism based on D-Bus, but it hasn't been communicated yet whether Linux 4.4 is the next target for hoping to mainline this controversial code...

Intel Skylake Tests On Linux 4.3 Bring A Few Changes

Friday 9th of October 2015 06:00:00 PM
With development activity on the Linux 4.3 kernel settling down, here are some fresh benchmarks comparing the Linux 4.2 and Linux 4.3 Git kernels atop Ubuntu when using an Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake system.

Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M3 Brings BSD Enhancements, Other Improvements

Friday 9th of October 2015 04:19:02 PM
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 Milestone 3 has been released as the latest development version of Hammerfest...

Virtual Programming Is Porting Four More Titles To Linux

Friday 9th of October 2015 03:47:55 PM
Virtual Programming has published their latest in-development titles for Mac and Linux, which includes the Overlord and Saints Row games making it over from Windows...

Mozilla Continues Moving Away From NPAPI Plugins

Friday 9th of October 2015 03:40:58 PM
Firefox continues making progress on loosening web developers' and users' dependence on NPAPI plug-ins with a goal still in place to remove support for most NPAPI plugins by the end of 2016...

Radeon KMS On PC-BSD/FreeBSD 10.2 Surprisingly Worked On A FirePro+DP System

Friday 9th of October 2015 01:49:08 PM
While open-source AMD Linux users have largely been able to take it for granted for years that the Radeon DRM/KMS driver will at least light up their display when using an older GPU, after the Radeon KMS problems I ran into on DragonFlyBSD, I didn't expect this hardware to play nicely on FreeBSD/PC-BSD 10.2. Fortunately, I was proven wrong and this AMD FirePro graphics card driving a DisplayPort monitor managed to run nicely out-of-the-box...

Julia Language 0.4 Released

Friday 9th of October 2015 01:20:38 PM
Julia, the high-performance, high-level technical computing programming language written against LLVM, has made it to version 0.4...

Unity To Abandon Their Web Player In Favor Of WebGL

Friday 9th of October 2015 01:15:18 PM
Developers behind the Unity Game Engine have announced that they'll be dropping their Web Player support in favor of exporting web content to using open standard APIs with WebGL...

CC-BY-SA 4.0 Is Now One-Way Compatible With GPLv3

Friday 9th of October 2015 01:05:20 PM
The Creative Commons has announced that their BY-SA 4.0 license has been found to be one-way compatible with the GPLv3 license...

Fedora Updates Its Packaging Policy To The Ire Of Some Developers

Friday 9th of October 2015 12:35:58 AM
Fedora has updated its packaging policy to allow more software to be bundled in the Fedora repository, but not everyone is happy with this change...

KWin On Wayland Making Progress, Now Has A Virtual Backend

Thursday 8th of October 2015 09:47:28 PM
Martin Gräßlin has shared a monthly status update about the work accomplished in recent weeks for running KDE/KWin atop a native Wayland environment without depending upon any X11 code-paths...

Running Some Fresh BSD vs. Linux Benchmarks

Thursday 8th of October 2015 08:14:52 PM
Given the recent releases of FreeBSD 10.2 and NetBSD 7.0, plus the H2'2015 Linux distribution updates rolling around, I've just started work on a new BSD vs. Linux operating system performance comparison...

AMD Makes Open-Source "Iceland" GPU Support Experimental In Linux 4.3

Thursday 8th of October 2015 06:00:55 PM
AMD sent in a batch of fixes for the AMDGPU kernel driver today for Linux 4.3. One notable change with this AMDGPU DRM driver update is that it marks the Iceland/Topaz graphics processor support as experimental so it's no longer enabled by default until the support has been better vetted...

MATE-Desktop 1.11 Released, Working Towards MATE 1.12

Thursday 8th of October 2015 05:46:40 PM
The GNOME2-forked MATE-Desktop has tagged version 1.11.0 as their newest milestone...

Enlightenment 0.20 Alpha Has Full Wayland Support, Better FreeBSD Support

Thursday 8th of October 2015 05:38:21 PM
Enlightenment DR 0.20 Alpha has been released as the first step towards E20 with one year having passed since E19...

Enlightenment Temporarily Drops Support For Wayland

Thursday 8th of October 2015 02:40:40 PM
While the Enlightenment developers were quick to implement Wayland support as an alternative to X11, with this week's v0.9.12 Enlightenment release it drops the Wayland support. However, this is just temporary and isn't much of a big deal...

Beignet 1.1.1 Released, Still No Signs Of Intel Linux OpenCL 2.0 Nearing Reality

Thursday 8th of October 2015 02:09:16 PM
The Intel China developers have released the newest point release of Beignet for open-source OpenCL acceleration on Linux for Intel HD/Iris Graphics hardware...

KDE Is Hoping To Recruit More Developers This Season

Thursday 8th of October 2015 02:00:00 PM
While this year's Google Summer of Code has long passed, the KDE development community is now once again starting the Season of KDE 2015 as an initiative to get new developers involved with KDE projects...

Subresource Integrity Support Ready For Firefox 43, Chrome 45

Thursday 8th of October 2015 01:42:33 PM
With the upcoming releases of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web-browsers is support for the W3C Subresource Integrity (SRI) specification...

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