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Google's new open source testing solution, Refracta 8.0 Linux distro, and more news

9 hours 14 min ago

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Google's continuous fuzzing service, the latest release of the small but powerful Refracta Linux distro, and more.

Open source news roundup for November 27-December 10, 2016

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Top 5: Interactive calculator for the Linux command-line, ten tools for sysadmins, and more

Friday 9th of December 2016 09:16:00 PM

In this week's Top 5, we highlight why the operating system matters, getting started with Raspberry Pi, seven projects you might have missed in 2016, ten tools for sysadmins, and an interactive calculator for the Linux command-line.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. Why the operating system matters even more in 2017

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A tour of Google's 2016 open source releases

Friday 9th of December 2016 08:02:00 AM

Open source software enables Google to build things quickly and efficiently without reinventing the wheel, allowing us to focus on solving new problems. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and we know it. This is why we support open source and make it easy for Googlers to release the projects they're working on internally as open source.

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Managing data with Groovy: Lookups and accumulators

Friday 9th of December 2016 08:01:00 AM

In my first article on getting started with the Groovy programming language, I left off with an example of reading a CSV file in Groovy. In this article, I'm going to move to a more idiomatic Groovy style (make it groovier, as some would say), cover the use of Groovy maps as lookup tables, and finish up by using maps to calculate some results.

First things first—here is the final example from the last article, in more idiomatic Groovy:

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How Gratipay helps solve the 'free rider' problem

Friday 9th of December 2016 08:00:00 AM

Open source has come a long way, but the "free rider" problem still exists.

In a lightning talk at All Things Open, Chad Whitacre shared how his company, Gratipay, is helping companies pay for open source software.

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Top open innovations in 3D printing

Thursday 8th of December 2016 08:03:00 AM

Open source continues to drive rapid innovation in the 3D printing industry. This makes sense if you stop and think about it—a 3D printer exists to make other things. Combining that philosophy with free software and open source hardware helps other people participate in improving the objects that it makes, and in making the printers faster, smarter, and cleaner.

Here are a few of my favorite open source 3D printing innovations from 2016:

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4 open source drone projects

Thursday 8th of December 2016 08:02:00 AM

Over the past few years, interest in both civilian and commercial use of drones has continued to grow rapidly, and drone hardware sits at the top of many people's holiday wish lists.

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How to use Synfig Studio for animation

Thursday 8th of December 2016 08:01:00 AM

Animation is a robust field with a large number of specialties and an even larger number of tools for creating a particular look or style. In the past two months, I've covered Krita Animation for hand-drawn digital cel animation and StopGo for stop motion animation.

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6 organizational growing pains you can avoid

Thursday 8th of December 2016 08:00:00 AM

Everything has a season, and as organizations age—communities, charities, companies, churches and more—they face similar diseases of time. These are emergent patterns of failure that arise not from mistakes but from the consequences of earlier success. In open source, we are seeing the same patterns emerge; this should not be a surprise.

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Wednesday 7th of December 2016 08:02:00 AM

So you have a Raspberry Pi, or you’re thinking of getting one, and you want to know how to get started and how to become a master user of one.

The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer, meaning that in many ways it's a regular PC, except that everything that makes up the computer is on a single board rather than a traditional PC, which has a motherboard and requires a number of additional daughterboards to make a whole unit.

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Why the operating system matters even more in 2017

Wednesday 7th of December 2016 08:01:00 AM

Operating systems don't quite date back to the beginning of computing, but they go back far enough. Mainframe customers wrote the first ones in the late 1950s, with operating systems that we'd more clearly recognize as such today—including OS/360 from IBM and Unix from Bell Labs—following over the next couple of decades.

An operating system performs a wide variety of useful functions in a system, but it's helpful to think of those as falling into three general categories.

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An interactive calculator for the Linux command-line

Wednesday 7th of December 2016 08:00:00 AM

If you're reading this article, odds are good that you're not only familiar with the command line on your computer system, but that you're quite comfortable using it to the exclusion of the graphical interface. I understand—I've been using the command line since that was the only option in the computing world, and even contributed code to BSD Unix, back in the day. There's a lot about modern GUIs that make them superior, but in terms of power, speed, and flexibility, the command line still rocks, and even more so if you can type quickly.

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7 cool little open source projects that stood out in 2016

Tuesday 6th of December 2016 08:03:00 AM

In the early days of the open source movement, a lot of the attention was on operating systems, and later on large content management systems. These days, containers are mentioned regularly even in mainstream news outlets. The big tech stories are great, but they miss the other great activity in the niches of the open source space. I've rounded up seven interesting lesser-known projects from the past year. You can see more articles about projects like this in my Nooks and Crannies column.

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4 open source peer-to-peer marketplaces

Tuesday 6th of December 2016 08:02:00 AM

Peer-to-peer marketplaces have been booming, and PwC predicts the market will go from $15 billion in 2013 to $355 billion in 2025.

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Why your teams may be failing at the collaboration game

Tuesday 6th of December 2016 08:01:00 AM

When we think about skills needed to build open structures and establish open mindsets, collaboration jumps to mind immediately. In order to collaborate effectively, communication—or rather, clear communication—is imperative to making it all work.

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Now available: The Open Organization Leaders Manual

Tuesday 6th of December 2016 08:00:00 AM

Organizations are becoming more open—but that certainly doesn't mean they don't need leaders.

In fact, the demand for effective leadership hasn't abated in the age of the networked organization. If anything, it's increased. But yesterday's leadership strategies and tactics just won't cut it today.

The open organization community at understands this—perhaps more acutely than anyone. So we've written a book about it.

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10 open source tools for your sysadmin toolbox

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:04:00 AM

Sysadmins, no matter what platforms they work on, are awash in great open source software tools. In this article, we highlight well-known—and not-so-well-known—tools that have released new versions in 2016.

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Why Red Hat takes an 'upstream first' approach

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:03:00 AM

The Red Hat brand has long been tied to Linux. But when it comes to topics like software-defined storage, not so much. "That's a problem," says Red Hat cloud evangelist Thomas Cameron.

In a five-minute lightning talk at All Things Open 2016 he highlights the company's work on open source projects other than Linux.

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Top 10 and editor's picks: November review

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:02:00 AM brought in 646,540 unique visitors, an all-time record, who generated 1,044,509 page views in November. We published 94 articles, including a DIY series. We also started our annual Open Source Yearbook series.

We welcomed 13 new authors, 59% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community, and our community moderators contributed 26 articles.

We also rounded up 10 holiday gift ideas for open source enthusiasts.

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Which open source gift is at the top of your holiday wish list?

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:00:00 AM

It's been more than a week since we published our annual holiday gift guide, a list of 10 holiday gift ideas for open source enthusiasts. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we thought it might be fun to ask you, our community, what you're hoping to receive this year.

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Linux Devices

Open Source Software A Core Competency For Effective Tech M&A

Imagine your company just acquired its competitor for $100 million. Now imagine the company’s most important asset – its proprietary software – is subject to third-party license conditions that require the proprietary software to be distributed free of charge or in source code form. Or, imagine these license conditions are discovered late in the diligence process, and the cost to replace the offending third-party software will costs tens of thousands of dollars and take months to remediate. Both scenarios exemplify the acute, distinct and often overlooked risks inherent to the commercial use of open source software. An effective tech M&A attorney must appreciate these risks and be prepared to take the steps necessary to mitigate or eliminate them. Over the past decade, open source software has become a mainstay in the technology community. Since its beginnings, open source software has always been viewed as a way to save money and jumpstart development projects, but it is increasingly being looked to for its quality solutions and operational advantages. Today, only a fraction of technology companies do not use open source software in any way. For most of the rest, it is mission critical. Read more

AMD Graphics

SUSE Leftovers

  • Git, Kernels, LightDM, More update in Tumbleweed
    Topping the list of updates for snapshot 20161129 was the update to Light Display Manager 1.21.1, which added an Application Programming Interface (API) version to the greeter-daemon protocol for future enhancements. Other updates in the snapshot include openVPN, which added a recommended utility for network and traffic protocols, and subpackages for systemd relevant for 32-bit users. Desktop manager xfdesktop updated to version 4.12.3 and introduced rotating wallpaper images if the images contain rotation information. The programming language vala, which aims to bring modern programming language features to GNOME developers without imposing any additional runtime requirements, updated in the 20161129 and 20161201 snapshots.
  • openSUSE Leap 42.1 upgrade to Leap 42.2
  • openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the Week 2016/49
    I’m sure nobody doubted it, but Tumbleweed is back on the roll! And in fact, we did the impossible and released 8 snapshots in a week. This review will cover {1201..1208}.