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Updated: 5 hours 17 min ago

First timer’s guide to FOSS conferences

17 hours 1 min ago

I’ve been going to FOSS (free and open source) conferences since 2006. My first open source conference was FreedomHEC in Seattle, a little 30-person conference for Linux users to protest Microsoft’s WinHEC. My next open source conference was OSCON, which had over a thousand attendees. They were both very different conferences, and as a college student, I really didn’t know what to expect. Going to your first open source conference can be intimidating, so I’ve complied ten tips for people who are new to the conference circuit.

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Cluster computing on the Raspberry Pi with Kubernetes

17 hours 2 min ago

Ever wanted to make your very own cloud? Now you can! All it takes is some cheap open source hardware and open source software. For about $200, I was able to set up four Raspberry Pi 2s with the Kubernetes cloud operating system using Fabric8.

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Getting started with Emacs text editor

17 hours 3 min ago

The GNU Emacs text editor has been around since 1976 and remains a popular choice among software developers and writers. Its main focus is extensible, customizable, self-documenting, and real-time display, and it boasts the functionality of an operating system. (Yes, for me it's an operating system.)

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4 open source tools for Linux system monitoring

Tuesday 9th of February 2016 08:03:00 AM

Information is the key to resolving any computer problem, including problems with or relating to Linux and the hardware on which it runs. There are many tools available for and included with most distributions even though they are not all installed by default. These tools can be used to obtain huge amounts of information.

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Building a culture of more pluggable open source

Tuesday 9th of February 2016 08:02:00 AM

If there is one word that often percolates conversations hailing the benefits of open source, it is choice. We often celebrate many of the 800+ Linux distributions, the countless desktops, applications, frameworks, and more. Choice, it would seem, is a good thing.

Interestingly, choice is also an emotive thing.

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An open source fix leads to a new career in IT

Tuesday 9th of February 2016 08:01:00 AM

Once upon a time, I was a music production and engineering student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. I was always a nerd, though, and ended up with a summer job installing computer-aided dispatch systems for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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Open organizations need linchpins, not replaceable cogs

Tuesday 9th of February 2016 08:00:00 AM

I recently read Seth Godin's Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? The book begins by addressing the assumptions we once made about being successful at our careers—and explains how those assumptions no longer fit the post-industrial world.

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Why I fought for open source in the Air Force

Monday 8th of February 2016 08:03:00 AM

I was stationed at a small base outside of the Hanscom U.S. Air Force Base in Massachusetts from 2008 to 2012, where I was responsible for the majority of the Air Force's software programs. My job was to take the existing command center, a behemoth known as the Air and Space Operations Center (AOC), and modernize it.

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Creating disk images with FOG

Monday 8th of February 2016 08:02:00 AM

In the world of IT, keeping a consistent experience across your machines is essential. Imaging, also called disk cloning, is a process of copying the contents of one hard drive onto another.

IT professionals create what's often called a "golden image" with desired settings, tweaks, and software installations. This image is then uploaded to a server and distributed to other devices from there.

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Kramden Institute bridges digital divide with refurbished computers

Monday 8th of February 2016 08:01:00 AM

Kramden Institute in Durham is dedicated to ensuring that every child in North Carolina has access to technology. Their mission is to provide technology, tools, and training to bridge the digital divide. They collect, refurbish, and present computers to families without computers in their homes.

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Dispatches from FOSDEM, new survey data, and more OpenStack news

Monday 8th of February 2016 07:59:00 AM

Interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

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New web office suite, UNICEF's innovation fund, and more news

Saturday 6th of February 2016 08:01:00 AM

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at a new web-based office suite, UNICEF's drive for open source for kids, Europe's continued support of open source, and more.

Open source news roundup for January 30 - February 5, 2016

Let's get going!

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GPUOpen, Mad Max on Linux speculation, and more open gaming news

Saturday 6th of February 2016 08:00:00 AM

Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at GPUOpen, Mad Max on Linux speculation, and new games out for Linux.

Open gaming roundup for January 30 - February 5, 2016

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Top 5: Rasperry Pi projects, Ansible, Brave the new browser, and more

Friday 5th of February 2016 04:29:00 PM

In this week's Top 5, we highlight Krusader Linux file manager, an intro to Kubernetes, an interview on the new browser Brave, a video on cluster computing with Ansible and Raspberry Pi, and projects to get you started with your Raspberry Pi. Plus, an honorable mention!

Top 5 articles of the week

5. Getting started with the Krusader file manager

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The trials of certifying open source software

Friday 5th of February 2016 08:02:00 AM

Open source won and, over the past five years or so, we have been seeing the acceleration of a new wave of open source projects that got their starts in corporations. This comes with a set of new challenges, as new corporate participants struggle with some of the realities. Folks generally understand that foundations provide neutrality in some form, but don't necessarily know how to drive the competitive discussions from the room.

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Why it's essential to grow Indian-language Wikipedias

Friday 5th of February 2016 08:01:00 AM

On January 15, Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia celebrated its 15th birthday, meeting this milestone with 36 million articles in more than 290 languages (the English-language Wikipedia alone has crossed the 5-million article mark). But here I want to address some major questions that we need to ask as Indians. First, what is the state of Indian-language Wikipedia projects? What does India have to take from and give to Wikipedia?

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A love for technology leads to Linux and open source

Friday 5th of February 2016 08:00:00 AM

I've loved computing since my school days. I started learning on BBC Micro computers in the mid-'90s, but I didn't have the luxury of owning a computer until I was 22. Today, Linux and open source software are my primary passions.

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Top 6 open source CRM tools for 2016

Thursday 4th of February 2016 08:03:00 AM

Developing and maintaining relationships with customers can be a challenge. But it's an essential task for businesses' growth and survival. In order to maintain those relationships, a CRM system is a must-have. And CRM systems are one area in which open source shines brightly.

When we first took a look at the top open source CRM systems back in 2014, there were many promising options. Now, let's take a quick look at six of the top open source CRM systems of today. While this is by no means a definitive list, each CRM system covered in this article has been selected based on its rich or unique feature set.

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The case for educating judges on open source licensing

Thursday 4th of February 2016 08:02:00 AM

"Open source code is problematic because anonymous people on the Internet design it, and 'holes' are not fixed by vendor updates." Is this FUD from some proprietary software behemoth? No, it's a quote from a recent decision made by a California Court of Appeal.

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Hoodie aims to be one of open source's most diverse and inclusive communities

Thursday 4th of February 2016 08:01:00 AM

Too often web apps and the frameworks they're built on support only the privileged—the always-online users and development teams with both front-end and back-end expertise. In open source, this support of privilege is usually reflected in the contributor community.

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More in Tux Machines

Vector Linux 7.1 Light

If you find yourself needing a new firefox but your computer and glibc is too old, Vector Linux 7.1 light will fit the bill. People who are more comfortable with a SysV style init over systemd will breathe a sign of relief. All in all VL 7.1 is a viable choice for users who wish to continue using their older computers with a modern web browser. Read more

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9.5 Hotfix on Its Way to Fix the Big Mir Issue on Ubuntu Phones

Canonical's Łukasz Zemczak today informs us that the Ubuntu Touch development team is considering and preparing to release the promised OTA-9.5 hotfix to Ubuntu Phones users to fix the big Mir issue that made users' smartphone unstable. Read more

Open Source Desktop: Good News and Bad News

The good news is that open source has become the leader on the desktop. The bad news is that a single desktop is not the leader, and that leadership on the desktop may no longer matter. Obviously, the first statement needs qualifications. It clearly does not refer to the number of users, since officially Linux has yet to break 2%, although, depending on your logic, the actual figure might be several times higher. Read more

KDE Applications 16.04 Release Schedule

The release schedule for the upcoming KDE Applications 16.04 bundle has been firmed up. The approved release schedule puts the KDE Applications 16.04 release on 20 April, while leading up to that is the dependency freeze on 16 March, the 16.04 freeze and beta release on 23 March, and the release candidate on 6 April. Read more