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Sysadmin tales: How to keep calm and not panic when things break

Saturday 11th of July 2020 10:55:49 PM
Everyone makes mistakes, even the most senior and venerable engineers and systems administrators. We're all human. It just so happens that, as a sysadmin, a small mistake in a moment can cause very visible problems, and, PANIC. When an incident occurs, resist the urge to freak out. Instead, use these tips to help you keep your cool and find a solution.

KeePassXC 2.6 Open-Source Password Manager Released with Exciting New Features

Saturday 11th of July 2020 08:44:18 PM
Jonathan White announced the general availability of KeePassXC 2.6, a new major release of this powerful, open-source and multi-platform password manager for the Linux desktop.

Coffee Lake-H module features Intel CM246 chipset

Saturday 11th of July 2020 06:32:47 PM
Nexcom’s Linux-ready “ICES 675” is a COM Express Basic Type 6 module with an 8th Gen Coffee Lake-H CPU and Intel CM246 chipset, triple display support, multiple PCIe connections, and an optional ICEB 8060 carrier. Nexcom’s NexCobot unit has announced a 125 x 95mm COM Express Basic Type 6 module with Intel’s 45W TDP 8th […]

6 best practices for teams using Git

Saturday 11th of July 2020 04:21:16 PM
Git is very useful for helping small teams manage their software development processes, but there are ways you can make it even more effective. I've found a number of best practices that help my team, especially as new team members join with varying levels of Git more

Rolling Updates and Rollbacks in Kubernetes

Saturday 11th of July 2020 02:09:45 PM
In this article, we will update the deployment with the default Rolling update strategy and rollback the deployment. To rollback the deployment, we will use the incorrect image in one of the updates to the deployment.

Remembering an indie gem on Linux with Osmos over 10 years later

Saturday 11th of July 2020 10:28:09 AM
Ah Osmos, what an absolute gem that was back when it released for Linux in 2010. Looking back, it's one of the first set of new-wave indie games to kick-start Linux gaming.

Tiny modules unlock i.MX8M Mini and Nano

Saturday 11th of July 2020 09:13:48 AM
Keith & Koep’s Linux-friendly 48 x 32mm “Myon II” and “Myon II Nano” modules feature the i.MX8M Mini and Nano with 8GB and 4GB LPDDR4, respectively, along with eMMC expansion, GbE, MIPI-DSI and -CSI, and up to -40 to 85°C support. Germany-based Keith & Koep has added two new members to its 48 x 32 […]

Android 11 will let users stop device-makers from killing background apps, says Google

Saturday 11th of July 2020 07:59:28 AM
Users will be able to 'override ... restrictions' on phones and other kit, says engineering team. Android 11 Beta 2, out this week, is a fairly modest update, focusing primarily on stability and bug fixes. But behind the scenes there are strong indications that a broader shift is afoot, with Google trying to address overall ecosystem inconsistencies that have formed since its initial release.…

How To Create A KVM Virtual Machine Using Qcow2 Image

Saturday 11th of July 2020 06:45:08 AM
QCOW is the default storage format for KVM virtual disks. Some Linux distributions especially RHEL provides customized Qcow2 images, so we can instantly create and run new virtual machines with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, or KVM hypervisor. In this guide, we will see how to create a KVM virtual machine using Qcow2 image in Linux.

Exploring additional image stores in Podman

Saturday 11th of July 2020 05:30:48 AM
Use the additionalimagestores field to set up read-only shared image storage for multiple Podman containers.

Install KVM && Web Cockpit Console on Manjaro Gnome 20.0.3

Saturday 11th of July 2020 04:16:27 AM
Attempt to test another Linux distro Manjaro Gnome 20.0.3 as Virthost managed via Cockpit Web Console, i.e. deployment and management KVM guests on the recent Manjaro GDM utilizing Web Console rather then virt-manager .

How to Install GitScrum Agile Project Management Tool on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Saturday 11th of July 2020 03:02:07 AM
GitScrum is an open-source project management tool based on the Laravel framework and designed to help development teams to use Git and Scrum for task management for them to be more agile. In this tutorial, we will explain how to install GitScrum on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

Use DNS over TLS

Saturday 11th of July 2020 01:47:47 AM
The Domain Name System (DNS) that modern computers use to find resources on the internet was designed 35 years ago without consideration for user privacy. Modernize it by wrapping its queries with Transport Layer Security (TLS)!

Microsoft to pull support for PHP: Version 8? Exterminate, more like...

Saturday 11th of July 2020 12:33:26 AM
No support 'in any capacity' for PHP for Windows for v8 and beyond, but Windows users not to worry, says release managerBorn-again open source fan Microsoft is celebrating 25 years of PHP by, er, pulling its support for the scripting language that is beloved (or dreaded) by server operators the world over.…

Google open sources trademarks with the Open Usage Commons

Friday 10th of July 2020 11:19:06 PM
In a somewhat confusing move, Google is placing three of its open-source projects[he]#039[/he] trademarks under its new Open Usage Commons.

KDE’s July 2020 Apps Update Improves KTorrent, KMyMoney, KDiff3, and Others

Friday 10th of July 2020 10:04:46 PM
The KDE Project announced today the July 2020 Apps update for their KDE Applications open-source software suite, versioned 20.04.3.

Linux-ready Coffee Lake systems support Nvidia graphics

Friday 10th of July 2020 08:50:26 PM
Neousys’ “Nuvo-8240GC” embedded PC runs on 8th or 9th Gen CPUs with 2x PCIe x16 for dual Tesla T4 GPUs and offers 2x PCIe x8, M.2 for NVMe, and 2x mini-PCIe. A similar Nuvo-8108GC system was tapped by Baidu as a dev kit for its Linux-based Apollo automotive platform. Neousys announced a rugged, Intel Coffee […]

Making compliance scalable in a container world

Friday 10th of July 2020 07:36:06 PM
Software is increasingly being distributed as container images. Container images include the many software components needed to support the featured software in the container. We should design source code availability into container tools and processes to facilitate open source license compliance that is efficient and portable:

Nvidia 450.57 Linux Graphics Driver Improves Support for Vulkan Apps, Adds New Features

Friday 10th of July 2020 06:21:46 PM
Nvidia released today the Nvidia 450.57 graphics driver for UNIX platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris, a major update that brings numerous improvements, new features and bug fixes.

Add videos as wallpaper on your Linux desktop

Friday 10th of July 2020 05:07:25 PM
The Linux desktop is a beautiful thing, but if you[he]#039[/he]re tired of boring wallpaper, then you should try wallset, a command-line utility allowing you to set a video as your wallpaper. Wallset can also help you manage your wallpaper collection so you can conveniently make changes as often as you want.

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Recovering audio from a lost format with open source

Back in the early 2000s, we made a family decision to upgrade the living room stereo. The equipment in place at the time was based on a collection of gear that I had purchased some 20 years earlier when I first had a steady post-university income. That early collection could best be described as "industrial chic," most notably the Hafler amplifiers I had built from kits and the Polk speakers made from some kind of composite wood product and finished with an ugly faux-rosewood vinyl wrap. They produced decent sound, but the dorm-room-style decor just wasn't working out in the living room. Those of you who remember the early 2000s will recall that most of the world was still consuming music on CD. Our family was no exception, and we ended up with a fine CD player that had an interesting feature—it was able to decode regular CDs as well as high-definition-compatible digital (HDCD) discs. According to Wikipedia, HDCD is a proprietary audio encode-decode process that claims to provide increased dynamic range over that of standard Red Book audio CDs, while retaining backward compatibility with existing compact disc players. Read more

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Linus Torvalds: "I Hope AVX512 Dies A Painful Death"

Linux creator Linus Torvalds had some choice words today on Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512) found on select Intel processors. In a mailing list discussion stemming from the Phoronix article this week on the compiler instructions Intel is enabling for Alder Lake (and Sapphire Rapids), Linus Torvalds chimed in. The Alder Lake instructions being flipped on in GCC right now make no mention of AVX-512 but only AVX2 and others, likely due to Intel pursuing the subset supported by both the small and large cores in this new hybrid design being pursued. Read more Also: The Linux Team Approves New Neutral Terminology background on AVX-512