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  • This Week In Security: IPhone Unpowered, Python Unsandboxed, And Wizard Spider Unmasked

    As conspiracy theories go, one of the more plausible is that a cell phone could be running malicious firmware on its baseband processor, and be listening and transmitting data even when powered off. Nowadays, this sort of behavior is called a feature, at least if your phone is made by Apple, with their Find My functionality. Even with the phone off, the Bluetooth chip runs happily in a low-power state, making these features work. The problem is that this chip doesn’t do signed firmware. All it takes is root-level access to the phone’s primary OS to load a potentially malicious firmware image to the Bluetooth chip.

  • $100 Bluetooth Hack Can Unlock All Kinds Of Devices, Including Teslas, From Miles Away

    While they’re not impervious, at least you know where you stand with a good, old fashioned dumb lock. That’s in stark contrast to so-called “smart” locks, which studies have repeatedly shown to be easily compromised with minimal effort. One report showed that 12 of 16 smart locks they tested could be relatively easily hacked thanks to flimsy security standards.

  • Ransomware attack affects nearly 500,000 CPS students [Ryan: Bill Gates-affiliated organization enables ransomware attack on Chicago Public Schools teachers and faculty.]
  • [Old] What Should Graduates Know And Be Able To Do?

    Previously, Tom served as the first executive director of education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a public school superintendent in Washington State and has extensive private sector experience.

More from Ryan

  • Bill Gates-affiliated organization enables ransomware attack on Chicago Public Schools teachers and faculty.

    Battelle is also routinely affiliated with Tom Vander Ark, who previously had a high profile role in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as executive director of education.

    Since Bill Gates decided to “give away [his] wealth” to “philanthropy”, he has doubled his wealth, mainly through influence peddling through his fake charity, the Gates Foundation.

    People who hoard $80 billion dollars during times of recession and don’t pay much in taxes on it either are not a boost to the economy.

    Bill Gates has a troubled “relationship” with children. His personal engineer, Rick Allen Jones, was arrested in the Gates Mansion and found with a trove of child pornography. The detectives investigating the case also raided his apartment while Jones was at work in the Gates Mansion, and found bankers boxes full of VHS tapes, along with lots of hard drives and flash memory sticks and computers overflowing with it.

    When Jones got to court, the judge mysteriously ruled to keep Jones off the sex offender list and out of jail, and the charge of illegal possession of a handgun got mysteriously dropped.

    When Jones would accompany Bill and Melinda on trips abroad, he would photograph children on the beaches.

    Gates also flew around with Jeff Epstein on Epstein’s Lolita Express, a long time after everyone knew what Epstein was.

    When Melinda Gates divorced Bill, Epstein came up. Who would want to be married to a guy who pals around with many child molesters and those with dungeons ‘o child porn, and is possibly a pedophile himself?

    “I just couldn’t trust what we had.”.

    Why anyone lets Bill Gates deal with children is beyond me. He keeps “interesting” company.

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Raspberry Pi Zero Prints Giant Pictures with Thermal Receipt Printer

It’s no secret that thermal receipt printers can print much more than receipts, but this Raspberry Pi project, created by a maker known as -PJFry- on Reddit, has taken the idea to a new extreme. With the help of a Raspberry Pi Zero, they’ve coded an application to print huge, poster-sized images (opens in new tab) one strip at a time on their thermal printer. Inspiration for this project came from similar online projects where users print large-scale images using regular printers or thermal printers like the one used in this project. In this case, however, -PJFry- coded the project application from scratch to work on the Pi Zero. It works by taking an image and breaking it into pieces that fit across the width of the receipt printer and printing it one strip at a time. Then, these strips can be lined up to create a full-sized image. It is the only microelectronics project we can find that -PJFry- has shared, but it’s clear they have a great understanding of our favorite SBC to craft something this creative from scratch. According to -PJFry-, the project wasn’t created for efficiency but more for fun as a proof of concept. The result is exciting and provides an artistic take on the Raspberry Pi’s potential. Read more

Excellent Utilities: Extension Manager - Browse, Install and Manage GNOME Shell Extensions

This series highlights best-of-breed utilities. We cover a wide range of utilities including tools that boost your productivity, help you manage your workflow, and lots more besides. Part 22 of our Linux for Starters series explains how to install GNOME shell extensions using Firefox. Because of a bug, our guide explains that it’s not possible to install the extensions using the Snap version of Firefox. Instead, you need to install the deb package for Firefox (or use a different web browser). However, if you have updated to Ubuntu 22.04, you’ll find that trying to install Firefox using apt won’t install a .deb version. Instead, it fetches a package that installs the Firefox Snap. You can install a Firefox deb from the Mozilla Team PPA. But there has to be an easier way to install and manage GNOME Shell Extensions. Read more

Mozilla Firefox 102 Is Now Available for Download, Adds Geoclue Support on Linux

Firefox 102 is now here to introduce support for Geoclue on Linux, a D-Bus service that provides geolocation services when needed by certain websites. It also improves the Picture-in-Picture feature by adding support for subtitles and captions for the Dailymotion, Disney+ Hotstar, Funimation, HBO Max, SonyLIV, and Tubi video streaming services, and further improves the PDF reading mode when using the High Contrast mode. Read more

Why I think the GNOME designers are incompetent

But GNOME folk didn't know how to do this. They don't know how to do window management properly at all. So they take away the title bar buttons, then they say nobody needs title bars, so they took away title bars and replaced them with pathetic "CSD" which means that action buttons are now above the text to which they are responses. Good move, lads. By the way, every written language ever goes from top to bottom, not the reverse. Some to L to R, some go R to L, some do both (boustrophedon) but they all go top to bottom.

The guys at Xerox PARC and Apple who invented the GUI knew this. The clowns at Red Hat don't.

There are a thousand little examples of this. They are trying to rework the desktop GUI without understanding how it works, and for those of us who do know how it works, and also know of alternative designs these fools have never seen, such as RISC OS, which are far more efficient and linear and effective, it's extremely annoying.

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