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If Robin Hood and Tux (the Linux Penguin) had a love child: A rebranded CodeWeavers.

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CodeWeavers®, Inc., developer of CrossOver™ — a unique approach to cross-platform compatibility for macOS®, Linux and Chrome OS®— announced today an overhaul of its branding that reflects a more focused vision and enhanced service offerings. CodeWeavers launched an updated website ( offering two newly branded services — PortJump™ and ExecMode™ — alongside their OG software, CrossOver.

“This rebrand better represents the evolution of CodeWeavers over the last 14 years,” James Ramey, President of CodeWeavers explains. “We believe Robin Hood had the right idea. There is no such thing as a closed platform. Software was meant to be liberated, and we believe we are the liberator.”

Introducing PortJump and ExecMode

PortJump helps app and game developers broaden their market beyond Windows users. With CodeWeavers signature CrossOver technology, no source code changes are required. This eliminates the need for clients to maintain two or more code bases, while bringing their Windows based app or game to the macOS, Linux and/or Chrome OS marketplace. ExecMode helps organizations solve their most ghastly technical challenges with our unmatched expertise and talent.

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Also: CodeWeavers Announces Rebrand With PortJump + ExecMode

GamingOnLinux on CodeWeavers Rebrand

  • CodeWeavers releases CrossOver 20, big rebranding with 'PortJump and ExecMode' | GamingOnLinux

    CodeWeavers, one of the biggest sponsors of the compatibility layer Wine have announced a major rebranding along with the release of Crossover 20.

    For those not too clued up, here's the lowdown with a tiny bit of backstory to set the scene for you: Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to run Windows applications and games on (up until now, see below) Linux and macOS. CodeWeavers have their own software called CrossOver which integrates Wine, plus a fancy interface and often some special patches along with direct support and CodeWeavers developers work directly on Wine which is free and open source for everyone.

    For a few years now, CodeWeavers have also been working with Valve on Steam Play Proton, the fork of Wine dedicated to gaming on Steam + Linux. Not only that, they also offer direct porting and support services to developers wanting to get their stuff onto different platforms. They've now given these services some actual names with "PortJump" and "ExecMode"

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