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Linux 5.8-rc4

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Well, if rc3 was larger than usual, rc4 now makes up for that by being
smaller than usual. It's been quite a calm week.

Is that just the normal fluctuation? Probably. The timing of the
individual pull requests end up just varying, so some rc's end up
large and some end up smaller, and maybe rc4 is small exactly
_because_ rc3 was larger..

It might also be due to the July 4th preparations in the US, where
presumably a number of US developers might have made this a three-day

For example, for me, usually Friday and Saturday are my busiest days
during the release windows, because that's when a lot of developers
send in their end-of-the-week work pull request. But just looking at
my pull requests, this week there were (a) fewer of them and (b) they
were skewed to Thursday/Friday instead.

So who knows. The end result is that it's been fairly calm, and
there's certainly been discussion of upcoming fixes, but I still have
the feeling that 5.8 is looking fairly normal and things are
developing smoothly despite the size of this release.

The shortlog is appended, but it's all really pretty small and nothing
odd stands out. From a stats standpoint, the drm fixes are about a
quarter of the diff (and i915 stands out there), but even that is
mainly because the sources for the i915 context state clearing shaders
had been missed.

In fact, if you consider those shader sources to be documentation fro
what the blobs in the i915 state clearing were about, then almost half
the diff in rc4 ends up being basically documentation, scripts, and

The rest is small fixes all over: mainly architecture code, drivers,
and filesystems. Scan the shortlog below if you care deeply about the
details, but honestly, I'd rather you all just build the result, and
report back if you find any issues..


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Kernel prepatch 5.8-rc4

  • Kernel prepatch 5.8-rc4

    The 5.8-rc4 kernel prepatch is out for testing. "The end result is that it's been fairly calm, and there's certainly been discussion of upcoming fixes, but I still have the feeling that 5.8 is looking fairly normal and things are developing smoothly despite the size of this release."

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