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UBports's Ubuntu Touch Release

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  • Ubuntu Touch Q&A 62

    Unity8 from 2017 (plus many patches) and Mir 1.x have arrived in Ubuntu Touch releases on the devel channel. Read more at What's this Edge merge anyway?

    OTA-12 is off to a great start even without these changes, with fixes to private mode coming in this week.

    Ubports Installer 0.4 has been released

    After months of effort to refactor and re-implement parts of the installer, Jan was pleased to announce the release of the UBports Installer 0.4. This release features a new task-based config file format that allows the Installer to act on many types of Android or Android-like devices. It also makes the Installer far more versatile, now able to install custom Android distributions and Ubuntu Touch alike. It can even boot AsteroidOS on a smartwatch.

    The config file format has enabled us to bring support for the Sony Xperia X and Oneplus 3 (and 3T) to the installer as well. Both of these devices have very advanced (but not yet perfect!) hardware support and installing is easy with only a few clicks. For more information, please see the respective threads for the Sony Xperia X and Oneplus 3(T).

  • UBports Begins Offering Ubuntu Touch 64-Bit ARM Images

    While Ubuntu Touch has run on AArch64 hardware, to date their builds have been focused on 32-bit mode support. Fortunately, for select devices, they are now spinning 64-bit images.

    Besides being able to support more than 4GB of RAM with ease, the 64-bit images have resulted in applications launching faster and perform better thans to the ARMv8 architecture.

  • Ubuntu Touch Is Now Finally Available as 64-Bit ARM Images for Ubuntu Phones

    The UBports community has announced today that its Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system for Ubuntu Phones is now finally available to download as 64-bit ARM images.

    After announcing last week an updated Ubuntu Touch Installer that adds support for the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, and Sony Xperia X Android smartphones as Ubuntu Phones, UBports has released today 64-bit ARM images of Ubuntu Touch for the Sony Xperia X and OnePlus 3 and 3T phones for a faster and more optimized experience.

Ubuntu Touch enters the 64-bit era

  • Ubuntu Touch enters the 64-bit era

    It’s been a few years since Canonical stopped developing a version of Ubuntu Linux for smartphones, but the folks at UBports picked up where Canonical left off… and they’ve been busy bringing new features and bug fixes to the Ubuntu Touch platform ever since.

    The latest example? Ubuntu Touch is finally getting 64-bit support.

    While most smartphones supported by Ubuntu Touch have 64-bit processors, up until now the operating system has only run in 32-bit mode. But the UBports team says switching to 64-bit brings a number of benefits including...

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