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KDE Discover, Debian 10 With KDE Plasma, and GNOME Themes

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  • Bundle Up, It's Time To Discover Some Apps

    I absolutely did, and here you go! The culmination of ten years of scheming and plotting has come to fruition, and we finally have a way to deliver software in a more social fashion. Now, I realise you are going to scream at us all and say distributions are great at this. They totally are, and that's not the point here, and i would like if we could aim that discussion elsewhere (you will notice how Discover still very much has all the distribution packages up front and centre, particularly in the last screenshot).

  • Debian 10 Weekly Hybrid Builds KDE Plasma Run Through

    In this video, we look at Debian 10 Weekly Hybrid Builds KDE Plasma.

  • Stilo Is A Pack Of Clean, Minimalistic GTK Themes

    Stilo is a pack of clean, minimalistic, yet stylish GTK themes for the GNOME desktop. It consists on 2 main themes, Stilo and Stiloetto, each with light and dark variations. A GNOME Shell theme is also available.

    Both Stilo and Stiloetto use gray with bits of blue, the difference being that Stilo is completely flat and square, while Stiloetto uses a slight gradient for header bars, and slightly rounded corners for application windows, and elements like buttons and drop-downs.