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Linux Mint 20 "Ulyana" - All You Need to Know

Linux Mint 20 is codenamed "Ulyana" and to be released only in 64 bit. Here's all you need to know. Read more

Jitsi Meet for Video Conferencing

  • Jitsi Meet features update, April 2020

    While we work on making sure our infrastructure is able to cope with the recent surge in traffic, we have managed to ship some features we think you may like, let’s go!

  • Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi

    So, to try to show off just how smooth this has become, we thought we'd do a run-through video showing installing Synapse, Riot & Jitsi on a completely fresh Debian install. It's (almost) filmed in a single shot, and takes about 20 minutes from beginning to end.

  • This video conferencing software is recommended by Edward Snowden

    The main advantage of Jitsi is that, unlike its counterparts, it does not require the installation of a software or tool; in addition you do not need to create a user account, whether it is used on a desktop computer or on a mobile device, the specialists of the hacking course pointed out.

    While Jitsi sessions do not have end-to-end encryption (as well as Zoom) and some data could end up in Google’s hands due to the default use of Google Analytics, as an open source tool developers can collaborate with the project and implement slight modifications to remove this feature and make Jitsi as private as developers want.

Audiocasts/Shows: BSD Now, TLLTS, Open Source Security Podcast, FLOSS Weekly and Python

  • Switchers to BSD | BSD Now 345

    NetBSD 8.2 is available, NextCloud on OpenBSD, X11 screen locking, NetBSD and RISC OS running parallel, community feedback about switching to BSD, and more.

  • The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 851

    covid 19 woes, docker

  • Open Source Security Podcast: Episode 191 - Security scanners are all terrible

    Josh and Kurt talk about security scanners. They're all pretty bad today, but there are some things we can do to make them better. Step one is to understand the problem. Do you know why you're running the scanner and what the reports mean?

  • FLOSS Weekly 573: Hydra

    Hydra is a framework that simplifies the development of complex applications by enabling their configuration to be dynamically composed and overridden. It lets you focus on the problem at hand, compose your configuration dynamically, and has a pluggable architecture to enable it to integrate with your infrastructure.

  • Matt Layman: Episode 4 - Building User Interfaces

    On this episode, we look at templates, the primary tool that Django provides to build user interfaces in your Django app. Listen at Last Episode On the previous episode, we talked about views and how views handle requests to create HTTP responses for users. Set Up Templates are static files that Django will fill in with data. In order to use those files, we must instruct Django on where to find them.

today's howtos