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Axelor is a Powerful Open Source Business Platform

Axelor is a low code & BPM platform having a huge number of business apps and modules. It is one of the best open source alternatives to traditional ERP software due to the business use cases it can fulfill and the features it provides, as you’ll see later in this review Many open source business platforms systems exist as they are the main alternative for the proprietary ones, but few of them excel in their task. Today, we’ll take you in a detailed review of Axelor; An open source business platform system that was released as open source in 2012. Axelor is written in Java and licensed under the AGPL license. It is a modular platform that replaces traditional ERP systems and contains modules for CRM, sales, finances, project management and much more. Some of its features are... Read more

Audiocasts/Shows: FOSS and Crafts, mintCast, LINUX Unplugged and Arch Rant

  • Christopher Allan Webber: Announcing FOSS and Crafts

    I wrote recently about departing Libre Lounge but as I said there, "This is probably not the end of me doing podcasting, but if I start something up again it'll be a bit different in its structure." Well! Morgan and I have co-launched a new podcast called FOSS and Crafts! As the title implies, it's going to be a fairly interdisciplinary podcast... the title says it all fairly nicely I think: "A podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together."

  • mintCast 339 – OLTs? More Like OLGeez

    First up, in our Wanderings, Joshua Hawk is fighting with his mic, I upgrade all the things, Tony Hughes inkscapes and breaks lockdown, Moss gets Full Circle love, and Joe does TV repair Then, in the news, Linux is more popular than ever, there’s a snake in my boot menu, Firefox fixes the fixes, and more In security, DuckDuckGo Stops, and hackers are stealing your interwebs.

  • The Hidden Cost of Nextcloud | LINUX Unplugged 362

    Our team has been using Nextcloud to replace Dropbox for over a year, we report back on what has worked great, and what's not so great. Plus why Linus Torvalds has become the master of saying no.

  • Is It Just Me Or Are Arch Linux Haters Really Annoying

today's howtos

Mozilla: WireViz, Rust and TenFourFox

  • Testing WireViz

    Documentation is pretty limited, but looking through the tutorials and the data models you get a pretty good idea of what’s possible. I’m using the wiring diagrams from my guide to add an auxiliary audio input to a 2005 Subaru Outback, which is pretty simple, there’s an audio jack which connects to the Outback’s motherboard and the Outback’s FM audio module (and ground). The input is a YAML document with three sections: * connectors - A list of connectors and the information about their port. * cables - A list of wires (and their information, e.g. gauge). * connections - A lists of ports that should be connected via each cable.

  • security advisory

    Until recently, API keys for were generated using the PostgreSQL random function, which is not a cryptographically secure random number generator. This means that in theory, an attacker could observe enough random values to determine the internal state of the random number generator, and use this information to determine previously created API keys up to the last database server reboot. As part of the investigation for this, we also found that API keys were being stored in plain text. This would mean if our database were somehow compromised the attacker would be have API access for all current tokens.

  • This Week in Rust 347
  • TenFourFox FPR25b1 available

    TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 25 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). Raphaël traced the the Twitch JavaScript crash we wallpapered over in FPR24 back to an issue with DOM workers not having sufficient memory allocated, so we widened that out. There still seems to be an endian issue Twitch is triggering, because it needs a huge amount of memory for its worker to finish and then can't spawn another thread because there's not enough memory to (but it reportedly works on Intel TenFourFox, so it's something specific about PowerPC). But hey! No crashes! Raphaël gets a second gold star for noticing that the gcc runtime we include with every copy of TenFourFox (because we build with a later compiler) is not itself optimized for the underlying platform, because MacPorts simply builds it for ppc rather than one of the specific subtypes. So he built four sets of runtime libraries for each platform and I've integrated it into the build system so that each optimized build now uses a C/C++ runtime tuned for that specific processor family (the debug build is still built for generic ppc so it runs on anything). This is not as big an improvement as you might think because JavaScript performance is almost overwhelmingly dominated by the JIT, and as I mentioned, JavaScript is one of the few areas TenFourFox has tuned and tested to hell. But other things such as DOM, graphics, layout and such do show some benefit, and scripts that spend more time in the interpreter than the JIT (primarily short one-offs) do so as well. There are no changes in the gcc runtime otherwise and it's still the same code, just built with better flags.