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today's howtos

  • How to install Kali Linux 2021.1

    In this video, I am going to show how to install Kali Linux 2021.1.

  • Arch Linux: Full Installation Guide - A complete tutorial/walkthrough in one video!

    "I run Arch!" You hear everyone else saying it, now you can say it too! In this video, we'll go through the process of setting up Arch Linux from scratch. It'll start at the command-line, and we'll build the installation all the way up to a full desktop environment!

  • How To Set Up Redis as a Cache for MySQL with PHP on Ubuntu 20.04

    Redis is an open-source and in-memory data structure store that can be used for caching, real-time analytics, searching, and machine learning. Integrate Redis with PHP and MySQL will improve your application performance because Redis stores data in RAM. You can use it with databases like MySQL or MariaDB. Redis provides a mechanism to cache your queries. For example, when a user requests your application page the first time, a MySQL query is performed on the server, and Redis caches this query to RAM. When another user requests the same page, you don’t need to query the database again.

  • 7 Ways to Customize Cinnamon Desktop in Linux

    Linux Mint is one the best Linux distributions for beginners. Especially Windows users that want to switch to Linux, will find its flagship Cinnamon desktop environment very familiar. Cinnamon gives a traditional desktop experience and many users like it as it is. It doesn’t mean you have to content with what it provides. Cinnamon provides several ways for customizing the desktop.

  • How to install Toontown Rewritten on a Chromebook

    Today we are looking at how to install Toontown Rewritten on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

  • How to install the Brave Beta Browser on Linux Mint 20.1 - YouTube

    In this video, we are looking at how to install the Brave Beta Browser on Linux Mint 20.1.

Security Patches and Bugs

  • Security updates for Wednesday []

    Security updates have been issued by CentOS (bind), Debian (adminer, grub2, spip, and wpa), Mageia (openjpeg2, wpa_supplicant, and xterm), openSUSE (avahi, bind, firefox, ImageMagick, java-1_8_0-openjdk, nodejs10, and webkit2gtk3), Red Hat (container-tools:1.0, container-tools:2.0, grub2, and virt:rhel and virt-devel:rhel), SUSE (bind, gnome-autoar, grub2, and nodejs8), and Ubuntu (python2.7 and wpa).

  • Now-fixed Linux kernel vulnerabilities enabled local privilege escalation (CVE-2021-26708)

    The vulnerabilities could be exploited for local privilege escalation, as confirmed in experiments on Fedora 33 Server. The vulnerabilities, known together as CVE-2021-26708, have received a CVSS v3 base score of 7.0 (high severity). These vulnerabilities result from race conditions that were implicitly added with virtual socket multi-transport support. They appeared in Linux kernel version 5.5 in November 2019. The vulnerable kernel drivers (CONFIG_VSOCKETS and CONFIG_VIRTIO_VSOCKETS) are shipped as kernel modules in all major GNU/Linux distributions. The vulnerable modules are automatically loaded when an AF_VSOCK socket is created. This ability is available to unprivileged users.

  • Researchers discover and patch Linux kernel vulnerabilities | 2021-03-03

GNU Denemo 2.5

  • denemo @ Savannah: Release 2.5 out now.
    New Features 
        MusicXML export 
            Supports export of multi-movement scores 
        Support for Musical Sketches 
            Cut selection as sketch 
        Support for LilyPond 2.20.0 
        Menu Navigation from Keyboard enabled 
        Comments in Lyric verses 
    Bug Fixes 
        Various fixes in MusicXML import 
        Various fixes in LilyPond import 
        Wrong Keyboard Shortcuts on MacOS
  • GNU Denemo 2.5 Is Released

    GNU Denemo version 2.4.0. This is not the new version, this is the previous version. The graphical is basically identical to the new version. GNU Denemo is a very specialized program for music notation. It has most of the bases in that area covered, thought he user-interface is a bit clunky to work with. The latest 2.5.0 release brings support for cutting selections as sketches, support exporting multi-movement scores to the MusicXML format, support for comments in lyric verses and, after all these years, support for menu navigation using the keyboard. There's also improvements to MusicXML import, LilyPond import and a fix for keyboard shortcuts on macOS.

Canonical/Ubuntu Deal With ADLINK