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Fedora 22 Final is No-Go but second sign-off try is tomorrow

Hi! Today at Fedora 22 Final Go/No-Go meeting it was decided that Fedora 22 Final is No-Go. More details in meeting minutes [1]. As both bugs we accepted as blocker bugs today are already fixed and RC3 compose is requested, we will try to sign-off the final release tomorrow. If you are willing to help with release validation, follow standard channels for RC3 announcement. The next Go/No-Go meeting is on Friday, May 22 17:00 UTC #fedora-meeting-2 channel. [1] Read more

Linux Kernel 3.12.43 LTS Is a Massive Update, EXT4 Data Corruption Patched

Jiri Slaby, the maintainer of the 3.12 kernel series, announced earlier today that a new maintenance release is available for all users of this LTS (Long Term Support) Linux kernel. Read more

Intel takes on CoreOS with its own container-based Linux

Clear Linux, Intel's new container-based distribution, bristles with ideas for how to run containers and perform OS management Read more

Krita comes to Discworld!

We found out that the German Discworld covers were made with Krita, and had the privilege to ask the artist to talk about her work. Read more Also: Twenty years of Qt! Qt was first released 20 years ago!