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Screencasts and Audiocasts: MX Linux 19.2 Run Through, This Week in Linux and More

  • MX Linux 19.2 Run Through

    In this video, we are looking at MX Linux 19.2. Enjoy!

  • This Week in Linux 105: 8GB RAM Raspberry Pi, Ardour 6.0, Audacity, Kali Linux, DirectX on Linux?

    On this episode of This Week in Linux, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announces a new 8GB RAM version of the Raspberry Pi and there’s a new release of Kali Linux. We’ve also got some big updates for two audio editors in Ardour 6.0 and Audacity 2.4.1. We’ve got a new version of the Enlightenment window manager with 0.24 and a new tool for making Bootable USBs called Ventoy. We’ve got an update on the GNOME “Patent Troll” Case, it’s been resolved. EA is releasing Source Code for 2 Command & Conquer Games. Microsoft is back in the news with 2 new items this week . . . one shows they may be really changing announcing DirectX for Linux . . . yea not really, of course there is a catch, it’s Microsoft. Also Microsoft figured that pretending they are doing something good for Linux wasn’t enough so they created a name collision with the Maui Project. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

  • LHS Episode #349: Docker Deep Dive

    Hello and welcome to Episode 349 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the Docker containerization platform. We discuss all aspects of the project from how to install it to how to use it to where to get support when something goes awry. You can use docker to easily install and deploy applications, microservices, application stacks, scalable and resilient webapps and much more. We hope you enjoy our hopefully no-too-rambling look at the ease and power of Docker.

  • Extending The Life Of Python 2 Projects With Tauthon

    The divide between Python 2 and 3 lasted a long time, and in recent years all of the new features were added to version 3. To help bridge the gap and extend the viability of version 2 Naftali Harris created Tauthon, a fork of Python 2 that backports features from Python 3. In this episode he explains his motivation for creating it, the process of maintaining it and backporting features, and the ways that it is being used by developers who are unable to make the leap. This was an interesting look at how things might have been if the elusive Python 2.8 had been created as a more gentle transition.

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Tails 4.7 is out

This release fixes many security vulnerabilities. You should upgrade as soon as possible. Read more

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