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Graphics: Wayland-Info, NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Driver and More

  • weston-info as a standalone utility
    Hi all,
    A long time ago [1], I suggested that we move weston-info out of the
    Weston source tree because this is a very useful tool which gives
    important information about any Wayland compositor, not just Weston.
    The general consensus was it was a good idea, unfortunately other more
    important things happened, people (including me) eventually forgot
    about that and it never actually came to fruition…
    But the need remains, I think we should have a compositor agnostic
    tool that gives the general information about the running compositor.
    And we should not need to install Weston for that alone.
    So I took the liberty to uproot weston-info, rename it as wayland-info
    and put it on its own repo:
    As you can see, I took great care to preserve the git history of
    weston-info in the process.
    In the meantime, Peter has already submitted patches to wayland-info
    (thanks Peter!) so the tip of wayland-info is different from
    weston-info (basically, we have diverged already).
    Eventually, if nobody has objections, we could move that repo to the
    wayland domain…
  • Wayland-Info Spun From Weston Code For Offering Wayland Helper Tool

    Wayland's Weston compositor has provided a weston-info utility to display information on supported Wayland extensions and versioning along with other details of the Wayland compositor environment. That utility is now being spun out as wayland-info as a Wayland compositor-agnostic utility for displaying this information. Olivier Fourdan of Red Hat has been working on spinning out weston-info as wayland-info for serving as its own standalone utility while some other common Wayland utilities/examples may end up being added to its source tree as well, akin to mesa-utils.

  • NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Driver 450.56.01 out, Ray Tracing and bug fixes

    Shortly after giving us a brand new stable mainline driver, the NVIDIA driver team have released a new developer-focused Vulkan Beta Driver.

  • Mike Blumenkrantz: Restart

    The last remaining feature for GL 3.1 was primitive restart, which allows an indexed draw command to end the current primitive when a specified index is processed, beginning a new one of the same type with the next index.

This Ubuntu-Based Linux OS Looks Shockingly Similar To Windows 10

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I can confidently say that an Ubuntu-based Linux OS called “WindowsFx” really admires the appearance of Microsoft’s Windows 10. In fact, this distribution goes to such painstakingly detailed lengths to emulate the look and feel of Windows 10, I’m surprised Microsoft hasn’t called in the army of lawyers to shut it down. But is WindowsFx a comfortable gateway into Linux for Windows users, or merely an Ubuntu clone with a clever Windows skin? Read more

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