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What We Love About the New Lemur Pro Laptop

The Lemur Pro is System76’s newest addition to our laptop line. You might have some questions such as, “What’s different about this laptop?” or, “WANT!” which we’ll certainly accept as another question. Here’s a few of our favorite things about the Lemur Pro. The Lemur Pro’s strength is in its long-lasting battery. Having a laptop with up to 14 hours of battery life allows you to finally break free of the leash that is your charging cord. Work wherever you want for however long you want, without having to drop everything in order to find an outlet. Read more

IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 143 is available for testing

The next update is ready for testing. It contains a large number of updated packages in the build system and updates many important system libraries. Among all those updates are many bug fixes and some security fixes. The toolchain - all tools to build the distribution like compilers, linkers and essential system libraries - have been updated and are now based on glibc 2.31, GCC 9.3.0, binutils 2.34. The build system has also been optimised to take advantage of machines that have a lot of memory and uses less I/O resources by not writing any large temporary files to disk any more when this can be avoided. Read more

Ubuntu 20.04 Makes It Easy to Enable Fractional Scaling (But You Won’t Want To)

While the ability to enable fractional scaling in Ubuntu isn’t new it is no longer a hidden option that only those with the right terminal commands can make use of. Ubuntu 20.04 has a switch to enable fractional scaling in the Settings > Screen Display panel. There, scaling values between 100% and 200% (yup, including the 125% sweet spot) are available when the feature is turned on... Read more

Linux Mint 20 "Ulyana" - All You Need to Know

Linux Mint 20 is codenamed "Ulyana" and to be released only in 64 bit. Here's all you need to know. Read more