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Debian donation for Peertube development

The Debian project is happy to announce a donation of 10,000 USD to help Framasoft reach the fourth stretch-goal of its Peertube v3 crowdfunding campaign -- Live Streaming. This year's iteration of the Debian annual conference, DebConf20, had to be held online, and while being a resounding success, it made clear to the project our need to have a permanent live streaming infrastructure for small events held by local Debian groups. As such, Peertube, a FLOSS video hosting platform, seems to be the perfect solution for us. We hope this unconventional gesture from the Debian project will help us make this year somewhat less terrible and give us, and thus humanity, better Free Software tooling to approach the future. Read more

ExTiX Deepin 20.10 Live based on Deepin 20 (latest) with Skype, Spotify, Refracta Snapshot and kernel 5.9.1-exton :: Build 201021

I’ve released a new version of ExTiX Deepin today (201021). This ExTiX Build is based on Deepin 20 released by Deepin Technology 200911. Read more

IBM/Red Hat Leftovers

  • Deconstructing an Ansible playbook | Enable Sysadmin

    A straightforward explanation of the sections of an Ansible playbook, including packages, modules, and variables.

  • Kubernetes basics for sysadmins | Enable Sysadmin

    Learn when Kubernetes can be effectively used and how the containers it manages might be better than virtual machines.

  • Start your Red Hat training and certification journey with a skills path that's right for you

    When we talk to our customers they are often engaged in digital transformation projects where they have trouble finding employees with the right skills to drive the projects to success. If you want to prove you have the knowledge needed to lead these projects, a skills path can guide you through the right training and certification programs to develop and demonstrate those abilities. The Red Hat Training and Certification team has restructured its curriculum around 23 new skills paths to prepare you and your team to complete digital transformation projects successfully. Each new skills path provides a curated guide for learning industry leading, open hybrid cloud technologies, whether you’re in the beginning of your journey to becoming a Red Hat Certified Professional or you’re already an expert in your discipline. We offer skills paths that help prepare for the future of open hybrid cloud for administrators, developers, engineers, or architects.

  • How IBM's Massive POWER9 UNIX Servers Benefit from InfluxDB and Grafana Technology

    IBM has been innovating to create new products for its clients and the world for over a century. Customers look to IBM Power Systems to address their hybrid multicloud infrastructure needs. Larger POWER9 servers can have up to 192 CPU cores, 64 TB of memory, dozens of PB of SAN storage and typically run a mixture of AIX (UNIX) and Enterprise Linux (RHEL or SLES) workloads. As part of its sales process, IBM is always benchmarking its new hardware and software which clients use to monitor their systems.

  • National Information Resources Service Daegu Center and Orange Life Named Winners of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2020 for Korea

    Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the winners of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2020 for South Korea. The National Information Resources Service (NIRS) Daegu Center and Orange Life were honored at the Red Hat Forum Asia Pacific 2020 today for their exceptional and innovative use of Red Hat solutions.

  • ANZ Named Winner of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2020 for Australia and New Zealand Region

    Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the winner of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2020 for the Australia and New Zealand region. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) was honored at the Red Hat Forum Asia Pacific 2020 today for its exceptional and innovative use of Red Hat solutions.

today's howtos

  • Wikimedia’s CDN

    The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia and other well known wiki-based projects, operates websites and services that are high volume and rank in the world’s top 20. We serve about 21 Billion read requests per month and sustain 55 Million edits to our articles. On a normal day over 90% of these read requests are served by our caching solution, our own Content Delivery Network (CDN). Like other parts of our technology stack, the CDN is based on Open Source software and is constantly evolving. During the last couple of years, we have performed various changes in terms of on-disk HTTP caching and request routing.

    This 3 part series of articles will describe some of the changes, which included replacing Varnish with Apache Traffic Server (ATS) as the on-disk HTTP cache component of the CDN. ATS allowed us to significantly simplify the CDN architecture, increase our uptime, and accelerate the procedure to switch between our two primary data centers in Virginia and Texas.

  • UNIX printing demystified

    Every now and then people post a "question" about printing to this mailng list which exposes their confusion. I am putting this email together so that anybody capable of searching through the mailing list can at least have terminology straight before asking for help. Information presented here is in the public domain and I make no claims of posting anything new.

  • How to Create a New user and Grant Permissions in MySQL

    How to Create a New user and Grant Permissions in MySQL . Learn how to assign specific permissions like delete, update, insert, all privileges

  • How to Install Elasticsearch on Fedora 32/31/30 – TecAdmin

    Elasticsearch is a modern search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene. It is completely open source and built with Java. It stored data in form of documents and provides APIs for the full-text search. Elasticsearch is distributed under the Apache 2 license, which provides it flexibility. This tutorial will help you to install and configure elasticsearch on Fedora Linux systems.

  • How to Install Kali Linux Easily?

    One of the most popular and go-to Linux distributions for cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals is Kali Linux, mainly because of the numerous security features it brings to the table. If ethical hacking interests you then there’s no best way of getting started other than installing Kali Linux and using it. In this article, let’s have a look at how you can swiftly install Kali Linux and start your ethical hacking journey. There are two ways to install Kali Linux; the first one uses VirtualBox, and the second is using dual boot method. The latter requires prior installation knowledge, and believe us, you don’t want to mess with your disk if you’re new to the field. Hence, we suggest you install Kali on VirtualBox. With VirtualBox, you will be able to run Kali Linux as if you’re running any other applications like Chrome or VLC.

  • How to Schedule a Task in Linux? – Linux Hint

    Whenever using a UNIX-based operating system, certain tasks are to be performed repeatedly. UNIX comes with its built-in task schedulers. In the case of Linux, it comes with two basic but powerful tools: Cron daemon (default task scheduler) and at (more suitable for one-time task scheduling). How to Schedule a Task in Linux are explained in this article.

  • How to Setup and Manage Log Rotation Using Logrotate in Linux

    In this article, we will explain how to use logrotate to automatically rotate system logs, compress, remove, and mail logs on a periodic basis in Linux servers.

  • How to Use Cron in Linux – Linux Hint

    Cron is a built-in automatic scheduler for the Linux operating system and is responsible for running the commands or scripts that are added to the crontab file at a specified time. This article shows you how to use Cron in the Linux operating system.

  • How to Write a Simple Bash Script – Linux Hint

    Apart from being the default command-line interpreter for the Linux operating system, Bash is also a full-fledged programming language. This article shows beginning users the process for writing a simple Bash script in Linux Mint 20.

  • How To Install Asterisk 17 VoIP Server on Ubuntu 20.04

    Asterisk is a free and open-source VoIP server created by Sangoma. It is used for building a VoIP telephony infrastructure for all sizes of organizations. VoIP is a Voice Over Internet Protocol used to make a call using the TCP/IP stack. With VoIP, you can make a call from your mobile device or computer to other devices without any cost. It runs on Unix and Linux based operating systems and able to connect any traditional global telephony network. It offers a set of features including, conference call, voice mail, IVR, and automatic call distribution.

  • Install Ansbile on CentOS and Red Hat [RHCE Ansible Series]

    In this Ansible series, you will learn all the skills you need to manage and automate your IT infrastructure operations with Ansible. Also, all the objectives for the RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) EX294 exam will be covered in this series. This means that you will be fully prepared to pass the EX294 exam and become a Red Hat Certified Engineer if you follow the series.