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RPM 4.12 Brings New Switches, New Rpm2Archive Utility

RPM 4.12 has been released as the latest version of the RPM Package Manager. This most recent upgrade brings a fair amount of additions, bug-fixes, API changes, binding improvements,a new plug-in system, and more. First up, RPM 4.12 brings a host of new command-line switches: --nopretrans, --noposttrans, --noplugins, --reinstall, --exportdb, --importdb, --recommends, --suggests, --supplements, and --enhances. RPM 4.12 also brings a rpm2archive utility for converting RPM payloads into tar archives. Read more

Qt Creator 3.2.1 released

We are happy to announce Qt Creator 3.2.1. This release contains a range of bugfixes, including fixes for: a freeze when using the current project or the all projects locator filters via keyboard shortcut a deployment error in the OS X packages which led to the Clang code model plugin not loading a crash when opening the context menu on C++ macro parameters For a full list of fixes, please see our change log. Read more

GNOME Control Center 3.14 RC1 Corrects Lots of Potential Crashes

GNOME Control Center, GNOME's main interface for the configuration of various aspects of your desktop, has been updated to version 3.14 RC1, along with a lot of the packages from the GNOME stack. Read more

Rust Developers Planning For The Rust 1.0 Language

Rust, the general purpose, safe, and concurrent programming language developed by Mozilla Research, is starting to assemble their vision of Rust 1.0. A new post on the Rust Programming Language Blog is laying out the path to Rust 1.0. The developers hope to move to Rust 1.0 soon with a beta coming out hopefully by the end of the year and the official release to follow. This Rust 1.0 milestone is to signify the Rust design "feeling right" and a promise to maintain backwards compatibility for future 1.x releases. Read more