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The list of applications that work ‘natively’ (ie with the GTK+ Wayland backend) is looking pretty good, too. The main straggler here is totem, where we are debugging some issues with the use of subsurfaces in clutter-gtk. We are homing in on ‘day-to-day usable’. I would love to say the Wayland session is “rock-solid”, but I just spent an hour trying to track track down an ugly memory leak that ended my session rather quickly. So, we are not quite there yet, and more work is needed. Read more

Six Clicks: An early look at Ubuntu 14.10

For now, if Ubuntu 14.10's Unity default page look familiar, well it should. On the surface, Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, has done little with the Unity interface. While experienced Linux users tend not to like it, I still find it to be a great desktop for new users. Under the hood, Unity is still using the X.Org display server instead of Mir, Ubuntu's next generation display server. While Mir and Unity 8 are still being worked on, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth doesn't see Mir becoming the desktop default until Ubuntu 16.04 LTS appears two years from now. Read more

RPM 4.12 Brings New Switches, New Rpm2Archive Utility

RPM 4.12 has been released as the latest version of the RPM Package Manager. This most recent upgrade brings a fair amount of additions, bug-fixes, API changes, binding improvements,a new plug-in system, and more. First up, RPM 4.12 brings a host of new command-line switches: --nopretrans, --noposttrans, --noplugins, --reinstall, --exportdb, --importdb, --recommends, --suggests, --supplements, and --enhances. RPM 4.12 also brings a rpm2archive utility for converting RPM payloads into tar archives. Read more

Qt Creator 3.2.1 released

We are happy to announce Qt Creator 3.2.1. This release contains a range of bugfixes, including fixes for: a freeze when using the current project or the all projects locator filters via keyboard shortcut a deployment error in the OS X packages which led to the Clang code model plugin not loading a crash when opening the context menu on C++ macro parameters For a full list of fixes, please see our change log. Read more