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Story Try Kazam, A New Screencasting Application For Linux srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 8:34pm
Story Creating An NFS-Like Standalone Storage Server With GlusterFS On Ubuntu 10.04 falko 12/09/2010 - 8:33pm
Story Minimalistic Computing: TinyCore Linux 3.0 srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 7:02pm
Story Reflection: KDE 4.5 srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 7:00pm
Story Linpus Lite 1.4 screenshots srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 6:58pm
Story Free RTS Game for Linux: Warzone 2100 Chris7mas 12/09/2010 - 3:59pm
Story COMPIZ Showcase: What’s coming up in 0.9.2 srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 3:55pm
Story Modern OS on ancient hardware. srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 3:53pm
Story Demystifying OpenGL Desktop Effects srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 3:48pm
Story Ubuntu 10.10 Beta - Overview & Screenshots srlinuxx 12/09/2010 - 3:05pm

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Can Jolla Deliver the First Open Source Tablet?

Some dreams die hard. After the KDE-based Vivaldi tablet failed to appear after three years of anticipation, Jolla is planning a free software tablet of its own. The product is off to a roaring start, having just raised $1,824,055 in its crowdfunding campaign-- almost five times the original target. So, this time, we might actually see some hardware. Mind you, whether the tablet will satisfy everyone remains open to doubt. Although Jolla is talking loudly about being "people powered" and listening to want users want, some requests, especially for hardware, may be impossible to fulfill. The manufacturing capacity of advanced features is limited world-wide, and monopolized by large companies like Apple and Samsung. More importantly, exactly how free the tablet will be has yet to be announced. Read more

First Ubuntu Phone Will Launch In Europe This February

The first Ubuntu Phone will go on sale in Europe in the second week of February. Read more

Sandia looks to open-source robot tech

Researchers at federal defense and energy laboratories are open sourcing some of the electronics and software for two advanced ambulatory robots in hopes of boosting their ability to handle perilous situations. In a Dec. 16 announcement, the Energy Department's Sandia National Laboratories said it is developing more energy-efficient motors to dramatically improve the endurance of legged robots performing the types of motions that are crucial in disaster response situations. The project is supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Read more

Google releases open-source Java SDK for Cloud Dataflow service to form data pipelines

It’s been a long, long time since Google came up with the foundational technologies for storing and processing big data. This year, the company developed a new tool for working with data as it comes in, and now Google is keen to see people use it. Read more