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  • Anbox on the Librem 5

    Anbox now runs on the Librem 5, getting you access to many additional free software apps that are packaged only for Android.


    With Android emulation unlocked on the Librem 5, the number of usable mobile apps has once again jumped. It’s time to start thinking about which apps you have to keep for now, and which apps could use the ad-free respectful PureOS touch.

  • Optical drive plays large wooden discs

    Optical media normally contains information in the form of 1s and 0s that are much too small to be seen by the human eye. This can make understanding their operation less than straightforward. To solve this problem, Jon Bumstead constructed an Arduino Nano-controlled player that uses wooden discs, with holes and solid sections large enough to clearly show what’s going on.

  • KAUDA is a low-cost, highly-efficient robotic arm

    Would you like your own industrial robot arm, but don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend? You could instead build Giovanni Lerda’s KAUDA, a five-axis device that uses under 800g of PLA, an Arduino Mega, and other off-the-shelf parts.

    KAUDA utilizes servos to actuate the two wrist joints, along with a NEMA 17 motor for the elbow. A single stepper rotates the base in the horizontal direction, while dual steppers provide lifting force at this joint.

    The gripper is a three-fingered linkage assembly, controlled by a small DC motor. The arm’s construction is outlined on its official website, and instructions can be found in Lerda’s write-up here. As seen in the video below, KAUDA looks great and appears to work quite well!

  • GNU Taler operational at Bern University of Applied Sciences

    The GNU Taler payment system was launched at the BFH in the presence of a representative of the Swiss National Bank. Students, staff, faculty and visitors can visit the cafeteria at Höheweg 80 to withdraw the electronic equivalent of Swiss Franks (CHF) onto Taler Wallet App running on their mobile phones and pay at a Taler-enabled snack machine. The system is expected to expand to allow payments at other places in the future. Various faculty members and students are involved various aspects of the project. Students interested in working on projects or theses related to the subject should contact Prof. Grothoff.

  • Opera 71 Released with Tab & History Searching Improvements

    Opera web browser 71 was released one day ago. The new version features more options for tab searching and history searching, custom shortcuts for Messengers & Workspaces.

  • Online Bootcamps Provide Clear Onramp to Cloud Engineering Careers

    Since launching the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp and Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp, thousands of individuals have begun their journey to becoming a qualified, certified cloud engineer. These programs offer newbies and experienced IT professionals respectively the opportunity to gain the skills needed to launch their cloud career. With a recent D2IQ study finding “only 23% of organizations believe they have the talent required to successfully complete their cloud native journey”, now is the time to make a move into this rapidly growing space.

  • New, Free Training Course Explores How to Deploy a Microservice-Based Architecture Using the TARS Project
  • Linux Foundation, TARS Foundation Launch Free Microservices Training Course
  • Check INTERNET Speed using Linux CLI
  • Create a SELF-SIGNED SSL Certficate in Linux
  • How to Lock Application with Specific Node Version

today's howtos

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