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Liberating non-free software with Linux-libre

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OSS Free Software Foundation the alma mater of all open source software, along with like-minded community volunteers chose to start the Linux-Libre Project, which is dedicated to editing the Linux Kernel to maintain it free of licensed open source software.

German Foreign Office explains open source elimination

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OSS The German government has given details of its reasons for migrating the German Foreign office from Linux and free software back to Windows and Microsoft software.

Time for a new open source definition?

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OSS Andrew C Oliver recently wrote “I think most know by now that a license is insufficient to make something actually open source.”

Shuttleworth bid to sell copyright policy

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Ubuntu Ubuntu chief Mark Shuttleworth plans to make an all-out effort to sell his company's copyright assignment policy - which applies to code contributions to the project.

Samba XP Keynote, Jeremy's GPLv3 talk, & GPLv2/LGPLv3

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OSS This morning, I gave the keynote talk at Samba XP. I was really honored to be invited to speak to Samba XP (the Samba Developers and Users Conference). My talk, entitled Samba, GPL Enforcement, and the GPLv3 was about GPL enforcement, and how it relates to the Samba project and embedded devices.

Also: Why Samba Switched to GPLv3

Mark Shuttleworth Prefers GPL V3

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Ubuntu He said that he prefers GNU GPL v3 over V2, as it has 'a calming effect on software patents'. He hopes soon more and more FOSS companies and communities will realize the dangers of software patents and choose GNU GPL v3 over other licenses.

Two new books by Richard Stallman

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OSS The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has just released in tandem the second edition of its president and founder Richard Stallman's selected essays, Free Software, Free Society, and his semi-autobiography, Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution.

Bitcoins: A new way to donate to the FSF

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OSS Bitcoin is a virtual peer-to-peer currency, powered by free software, and we've received several requests over the last year to participate.

What is the motivation of Open Source Community?

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OSS But the question/fact that "why would skilled programmers, devote their time, effort and knowledge for an opensource project, where they might not get any reward interms of money?" So what are the motivations?

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About ODF 1.2

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OSS Some little known facts, all of them true, but only some of them amusing, and even then only just so, about ODF 1.2, recently approved as a Committee Specification by the OASIS ODF TC:

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