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Why Commercial Companies Support Open Source Projects

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OSS While there are commercial open source companies whose sole model is based on supporting and offering premium features to open source projects which they support, the idea of supporting open source just to support open source is ultimate allure of the model.

Open Source, Open Mind

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OSS Open source is often a great solution for cash-strapped libraries that can adopt tools like Open Office for free instead of paying for Microsoft Office licenses on all of their computers.

Who Will Lead Free Software in the Future?

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OSS The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Richard Stallman's leadership are common topics on the Internet. However, perusing the usual criticisms and defenses of Stallman in a discussion last week on Facebook and Google+, I had a blinding flash of the obvious: What, I wondered, happens when Stallman no longer leads?

Linus Torvalds’s Lessons on Software Development Management

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OSS If anyone knows the joys and sorrows of managing software development projects, it would be Linus Torvalds, creator of the world's most popular open-source software program: the Linux operating system.


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Free Software's Smelly Underpants

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OSS It starts with a press release or an announcement from an organization like the Free Software Foundation or the Linux Foundation. It ends with remarks about someone's smelly underpants.

Developer and User Interaction

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OSS A free software project such as the many projects under the KDE umbrella do not need users, they only need more developers. A user which is not able to develop is useless.

Bad-mouthing the Free Software Foundation

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OSS Over the past year or so, I've noticed a disturbing trend. Whenever the Free Software Foundation (FSF) posts anything on any subject, pundits leap to criticize it.

Jon "Maddog" Hall presents talk

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  • Open Source Software Lecture Series Kicks Off Sept. 22 in Fairmont
  • The Open Source Angles To Adobe's Flash And Flex
  • User influence on gigantic corporations

BRIC Countries A Huge Opportunity For FLOSS

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OSS Brazil, Russia, India and China all have governments that support use of FLOSS for many different reasons:

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