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OSCON 2011: Open Source has moved from "disruption to default"

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OSS Portland Oregon is (apparently) famous for rain, rose gardens and (now) OSCON, the open source conference now in its 13th year.

Song of the Leaders

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OSS This week, the subject of of free and open source software (FOSS) leaders is on my mind, because I've seen two recent examples -- the first of how to lead, and the second of how not to.

OSCON: Open Source Awards

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OSS At the OSCON Conference, the O'Reilly Open Source Awards have been presented. Since 2005, the event organisers have been giving out these awards to people who have made an exceptional contribution to the development of open source software.

GNU Emacs Developers Will Fix It; Please Calm Down

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OSS fabsh was the first to point me at a slashdot story that is (like most slashdot stories) sensationalized. The story, IMO, makes the usual mistake of considering a GPL violation as an earth-shattering disaster that has breached the future of software freedom.

Emacs has been violating the GPL since 2009

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OSS An embarrassing mishap at the Free Software Foundation has seen the Emacs editor become GPL-violating software. In the process of merging CEDET into Emacs 24, it was noted that a number of compiled CEDET parsers were missing their associated grammar files and parser generators.

Ten open-source fallacies that need nailing

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OSS I can remember when mentioning open-source software in a business context was unthinkable. Fortunately, times have changed. Indeed, open source is now often considered first. But that dramatic progress has not entirely removed a number of misconceptions.

The new draw of open source: innovation

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OSS Recent observations at OSCON has demonstrated that open source can never be thought of as an also-ran again, as new technologies are now being created that show open source is now a way to innovate.

Going Open, Going Closed:

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  • Going Open, Going Closed: best practices and lessons learned
  • OSCON 2011: Open source won. Now what?

Sexual Harassment at Technical Conferences

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  • Sexual Harassment at Technical Conferences: A Big No-No
  • O'Reilly Open Source Convention coming back to Portland

Ubuntu Contributor Harmony

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  • Ubuntu Contributor Harmony
  • Contributor License Agreement corner cases
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