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FCC doles out $100K to open source community apps challenge winners

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OSS The $100,000 challenge: Develop useful, localized open source apps that make local public information more personalized and usable.

2011's Tribulations and Triumphs for FOSS

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OSS Well December is halfway over for another year, and that means 2011 is drawing to a close. Which were the biggest, most monumental events here in the world of FOSS, you ask?

Can open source save the planet?

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  • Can open source save the planet?
  • NVIDIA Releases CUDA 4.1: CUDA Goes LLVM and Open Source (Kind Of)
  • I Don’t Distribute. Is Compliance Really Necessary?
  • Levelling the playing field for procurement of open source solutions
  • Why We Need to Pay for Linux/FOSS

Open source is not a dumping ground

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OSS One of the unfortunate by-products of HP's decision to shift webOS to an open source project is the notion that somehow webOS has been "dumped"--cast aside or buried in the open source graveyard. I was just wondering… when did it become okay to consider open source a dead-end option?

Charter of Open Source Org is Classified, CIA Says

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OSS Open Source Works, which is the CIA’s in-house open source analysis component, is devoted to intelligence analysis of unclassified, open source information. Oddly, however, the directive that established Open Source Works is classified, as is the charter of the organization.

In Defense of Free Riders

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OSS Free riders, people who contribute nothing to the software they use, are to free and open source software (FOSS) what illegal downloaders are to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Artwork for articles is lacking for FOSS organisations

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OSS I’ve noticed recently how badly disorganised some organisations seem to be when it comes to making their artwork easy accessible to people who wish to promote their work.

Open Source Total Cost of Ownership 2.0

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  • Open Source Total Cost of Ownership 2.0
  • New Open Source Technology Locks Down User's DNS Connection
  • Adoption of Open Source Software: The Challenges and Opportunities
  • goes open source, first step in government being afraid of the people
  • A Case for Open-Source GPU Drivers
  • Perspective from an open source newbie
  • DARPA's factory of the future looks like open source development
  • Open Source and the Open Road, Part 2
  • Open source awareness growing, but misconceptions persist
  • What a stint with an open source project can add to your life

Open source, coding and the Cloak of Invisibility

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  • Open source, coding and the Cloak of Invisibility
  • Microsoft has discovered the virtues of openness
  • DOD to debate appropriate use of open source software
  • eBay Open Sources New Query Language
  • Proposed DMCA Exemption Would Unchain Device Owners
  • Why an Open Source Forge Matters
  • FLOSS Weekly 193

DWP Confirms 1,000 Open Source Desktops Pilot

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OSS Microsoft beware: a major UK government department is to trial open source desktops

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