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2011 Members Choice Awards

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OSS Welcome to the 2011 Members Choice Awards. The categories have been chosen, the nominees have been posted and I'm happy to announce that the polls are now open.

What should free software do in 2012?

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OSS One of the best things that Mozilla could do in order to promote the Open Web and openness in general would be to support the battle for online freedom in more general ways. But that raises a broader question: what should the rest of the free software world be doing to defend freedom and openness from SOPA and its ilk?

Abusing the word "free" in software: what's really free?

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OSS I am becoming more and more convinced that the real threat to free software (and I am talking here about software released under a free license, not software that you can download and use for free) is contempt.

Is There a War Coming for Control Over Our Computing Devices?

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OSS Over the holidays, noted blogger Cory Doctorow delivered a keynote at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress in which he warned that one of the biggest problems on the technology scene is that control over our computing devices is about to be taken from us.

Fearless open source predictions for 2012

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OSS Jack Wallen makes his annual predictions for the coming year. It’s going to be a banner year in many ways. See if you agree with Jack’s prognostications.

2011 Linux New Media Awards Survey

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OSS The Linux New Media Awards are back! Organized by the publisher of Linux Magazine and Linux Pro Magazine, these awards recognize projects, organisations, people, and companies for their outstanding contributions to the Linux/FLOSS community.

Open source: Pretty much right on track

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OSS Open source is right where it needs to be: a powerful, accepted force in the software industry where real innovation is happening every day. Who can ask for more than that?

Reinventing the open source wheel

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OSS One of the greatest strengths of open source software development has been the notion that as an OSS developer, you can pretty much just pick and choose from the thousands of OSS projects out there to enrich your own project.

Five Last-Minute Gifts for Open Source Fans

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OSS 'Twas the week before Christmas, holiday giftsand all through the land, nary a gift could be found for those bold Linux fans.

Open source exceeds Munich's expectations

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OSS Munich's LiMux project has been going great guns and today the city announced that it had migrated 9,000 systems away from the PC and onto Linux.

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