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Awards Highlight Impact of Open Source Software

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OSS It's hard to beat stellar earnings as proof of a technology's business value, and Red Hat provided that for Linux with its Q4 report last week. Adding further fuel to the celebratory open source fires over the past few days, however, have been several batches of awards recognizing the global impact of various free software projects and contributors.

Open source communities: trust vs. control

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OSS It can’t be overstated just how important the notion of “community” is to the entire open source process.

Yahoo Plans to Open Source Code for Non-core Technologies

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OSS Yahoo plans to release some technologies, including storage technologies, to the open source community, a senior executive of the company said.

Free Software needs Free Speech!

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OSS You might think that a good program is all about good programming. But for a number of applications, the barrier to success isn’t programming at all. Some of the most interesting projects nowadays — speech recognition, for example — rely on machine-learning from databases of information.

Software users get to choose the best of both worlds

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OSS Don’t believe everything you read about tech camps siding only with either proprietary software (PS) or open source software (OSS), says a Harvard Business School professor.

Open sourcers urged to adopt dancing poultry license

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OSS In an effort to revolutionize the world of open source, a free software advocate has submitted a new license to the Open Source Initiative. The document is two years in the making, and it's known as the CDL, short for Chicken Dance License.

Documentation and free software

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OSS As a former technical writer and a sometime reviewer of software, I don't need anyone to tell me how important documentation is -- nor how often it is the last part of a project if it is considered at all. But recently, I had a frustrating reminder.

fsfe interview with Dan Leinir

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OSS Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen, when not solving interoperability problems between Open Document Format (ODF) editors at KO GmbH, spends his time developing a gaming orientated social network which promotes Free culture, and Gluon: a full featured modern game engine, based on the Qt framework.

The pragmatism of free software idealism

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OSS Free software is and was an idealistic proposition. Its aim was to change the world and the way we live, work and play, albeit with particular reference to computer programs and the way they are put together.

2010 Free Software Awards announced

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OSS Free Software Foundation president Richard M. Stallman announced the winners of the FSF's annual free software awards at a ceremony on Saturday, March 19th, held during the LibrePlanet 2011 conference at Bunker Hill Community College.

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