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Turning Sharks into Minnows

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OSS I came across an interesting blog post at The Daily Flux titled “Why I still don’t contribute to open source.” The author lists several reasons as to why he is not an active contributor to open source projects:

Linux as Social Justice Symbol - I Think Not

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OSS Today I saw a comparison of Linux vs Microsoft to the establishment/capitalism/corporate American vs 60's hippies. Either this young writer is a product of the socialistic indoctrination running rabid throughout the world or he just has a profound lack of understanding of Open Source software.

The FTC weighs in on patent reform

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  • The FTC weighs in on patent reform
  • Does the DoJ Have FOSS' Back?
  • 1+1 (pat. pending) — Mathematics, Software and Free Speech
  • Linux Patent Winners and Losers

FOSS marketing is stupid

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OSS As Dion points out very valuable and thoughtful points about the presentation of KDE, also others both in KDE and on the outside use the term "marketing" self-evidently when they talk about presentational, distributional or promotional issues. Though using this buzz-term seems to attract some people to join the related groups and efforts it makes you look pretty dumb to outside people.

What Does Google Owe FOSS?

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OSS When a corporation like Google controls the release of open source code like Android, what responsibility, if any, does that company have to the greater FOSS community?

FOSS Trademarks are Probably OK

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OSS The protection that projects have from trademarks can often seem to be a weapon used to remove the freedom of hackers to change the source code and redistribute.

Open source programming tools on the rise

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OSS If the open source model has a sweet spot, it's in programming tools. Linus Torvalds's fabled "world domination" on the desktops of clerks or CEOs may never arrive, but it's already here on the computers of programmers everywhere. Even in the deepest corners of proprietary stacks, open source tools can be found, often dominating.

Open-Source Web-Sites, Memories Of The Past

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Web One user also brings up the past from when -- back in 2000~2001 -- TransGaming had pledged to open up their code-base once they reached 20,000 subscribers. After checking out the old TransGaming web-site, I spent a few minutes reminiscing over other Linux and open-source web-site memories from the past.

Open Source Licenses: Greater Rights, Different Responsibilities

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OSS The goal isn't to eradicate open source software from the organization -- it's to use it properly in the pursuit of the company's goals. The legal department should be part of the group that is applying the policy, and assessing and monitoring its effectiveness.

Real or imagined? Open source contributions from Oracle

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OSS Oracle likes to demonstrate. More specifically, Oracle tries hard to demonstrate commitment to open source in its various manifestations since its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Also: Oracle licensing: just say no
And: Oracle: to become "a Community-based Project"

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