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The pragmatism of free software idealism

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OSS Free software is and was an idealistic proposition. Its aim was to change the world and the way we live, work and play, albeit with particular reference to computer programs and the way they are put together.

2010 Free Software Awards announced

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OSS Free Software Foundation president Richard M. Stallman announced the winners of the FSF's annual free software awards at a ceremony on Saturday, March 19th, held during the LibrePlanet 2011 conference at Bunker Hill Community College.

Linus Torvalds: Android copyright violation claim is "bogus"

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OSS Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds has said new claims that Android violates the Linux license are "totally bogus."

When commercial open source goes bad

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OSS One of the primary proof-points of the success of open source has been its adoption by previously proprietary software vendors.

Not enough open source in schools?

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OSS Hot on the heels of Becta finding in 2005 that using free software saves schools money, its bastard child, Open Source Schools, six years later publishes a paper describing how schools could to do more for less with FOSS.

No FAFSA for FOSS Users

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: I've written twice now about various pieces of online software that restrict your freedom to use the operating system of your choice to access them. My girlfriend is also a student and was annoyed when she found out.

Yay for Open Source!

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OSS So I’ve avoided talking about the latest kerfuffle in Ubuntuland because I might be biased, working as I do for Canonical. But here’s a bit of musing inspired by it.

Helpful lawyers think Google stole Linux code

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  • Helpful lawyers think Google stole Linux code
  • Lawyer behind Android infringement claim has Microsoft ties
  • Critics Poke Holes in Android vs. iPhone Browser Test

How can open source survive in a post-PC World?

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OSS We are entering a post-PC world – or so we are told. But is that good or bad for open source?

What does Community really mean? (Part 2)

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OSS In the first part of this essay I attempted to describe how communities around Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) projects are born and what is their underlying model. I ended up the first part by hinting at the limits of that typology. Here’s why.

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World’s smallest i.MX6 module has onboard WiFi, eMMC

Variscite unveiled a 50 x 20mm “DART-MX6″ module that runs Linux or Android on the Freescale i.MX6, with up to 64GB eMMC flash and -40 to 85°C support. Variscite’s claim that the 50 x 20mm DART-MX6 is the world’s smallest computer-on-module based on Freescale’s i.MX6 system-on-chip appears to be a valid one. It beats the smallest ones we’ve seen to date: TechNexion’s 40 x 36mm PICO-IMX6, and Solid-Run’s 47 x 30mm microSOM i4. It’s also just a hair larger than Variscite’s own 52 x 17mm DART-4460, which is based on a dual-core TI OMAP4460 SoC, and Gumstix’s slightly larger 58 x 17mm Overo modules, which use TI Sitara AM37xx SoCs. Read more

BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition review

The BQ Aquaris e4.5 Ubuntu Edition is not the debut Canonical must have envisaged for Ubuntu Phone, in the early days of the platform’s development. It’s a perfectly functional smartphone for the most part, and we like the concept of scopes, but the hardware is humdrum, performance is sluggish, and the software running on it is rough and ready, and full of holes. We’ll be tracking the progress of Ubuntu Phone with interest – it surely must get better than this – but this first device is one to write off to experience. Read more