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SFLC Annual Appeal

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OSS With your support, the SFLC can continue its long-term mission of providing legal services to the hundreds of thousands of dedicated people who produce wonderful technology just because they want to share.

Google's Meaning of Open: Is It Yours?

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  • Google's Meaning of Open: Is It Yours?
  • What Google Really Means By The Meaning of Open

The BBC's digital rights plans will wreak havoc on open source software

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OSS Last summer, the BBC tried to sneak "digital rights management" into its high-def digital broadcasts. How can free/open source software co-exist with a plan to put DRM on broadcasts?

10 questions to ask when selecting open source products for your enterprise

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OSS During the current economic downturn, enterprises are increasingly adopting open source systems due to their significant cost advantages and their liberal license policies. Below are 10 questions you can ask to evaluate open source maturity.

Five things Free Software has taught me

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trombonechamp.wordpress: I’ve been in Free Software for a few years now and learned a ton from it. Sure, I learned how to use new types of software, became efficient on them, and honed my programming skills, but stopping there would be missing the point. Free software has so much more to offer than just computing and technical benefits.

A Concise Introduction to Free and Open Source Software

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OSS Over the past few months, I've been reading several books on the early days of FOSS (I hope to review them later), each based upon extensive interviews with those that made FOSS happen. That's been especially revealing, because in recent years I've gotten to know many of the same individuals, and didn't always appreciate the roles that they had played in the early days of FOSS.

9 Ways To Avoid Open Source Pitfalls

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OSS Microsoft recently rather sheepishly said it would open source its Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. The company didn't really want to do this, but there wasn't much choice once developers discovered that the software was built using open source code protected by licenses based on General Public License v2.

few points gleaned from time at informationweek

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OSS The only constant thing is change, and change has come my way. As of the end of 2009, I'll be leaving InformationWeek -- so over the next couple of days I thought I'd sum up a few points gleaned during my time here.

Hug Your Favorite FOSS Contributors Today

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OSS Many things money cannot buy; I think most of us have left jobs, even when we thought we couldn't afford to, because we just couldn't take it anymore, and no amount of money would have made us stay. It's no different in FOSS.

Understanding licenses, bit by bit (2)

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  • Understanding licenses, bit by bit (2)
  • How to avoid modern day public GPL floggings
  • Complying with the GPL: How to Avoid Being Named in the Next GPL Lawsuit
  • License Management of Windows vs. Linux
  • EU settlement: ECMA 376 not ISO 29500
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More in Tux Machines

OpenStack Juno is out, Debian (and Ubuntu Trusty ports) packages ready

This is just a quick announce: Debian packages for Juno are out. In fact, they were ready the day of the release, on the 16th of October. I uploaded it all (to Experimental) the same day, literally a few hours after the final released was git tagged. But I had no time to announce it. This week-end, I took the time to do an Ubuntu Trusty port, which I also publish (it’s just a mater of rebuilding all, and it should work out of the box). Here are the backports repositories. For Wheezy: deb juno-backports main deb juno main For trusty: deb trusty-juno-backports main Read more

Video: Systemd the Core OS (no coughing)

There has been so much negative stuff about systemd on teh Interwebs lately. It is so sad. Quite a few distros picked systemd because they liked a lot of the features it has. Why do the people who like systemd actually like it? Sure, if you look hard enough, you can find those answers... but I remembered a video where the man himself explains it. Read more

GParted 0.20 Improves Btrfs Support

GParted 0.20.0 is out today with a release that primarily improves Btrfs support. The improved Btrfs support comes via now handling support for resizing Btrfs file-systems that span multiple devices. GParted 0.20 also has GRUB2 restoration steps added to the help manual plus various translation updates. Read more

Ubuntu Touch RTM Update Is Out, Has Better Performance and Beautiful New Indicators

Ubuntu developers had some minor problems in the week before with all sorts of bugs that were popping out. They postponed the release of a new update for the Ubuntu Touch RTM and, at one point, they even got everyone to focus on fixing the problems and nothing else. Now they have a new version out and progress really shows. Users who already have Ubuntu Touch on their phones might have noticed that the number of features added to the system have diminished drastically, but that's the way it should be. The system is getting closer to its final stages and there is little reason to add new options now. The current form of the OS is not very far from the official release, so only fixes remain to be made. Read more