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Can you be open source and not open source?

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OSS I was at a conference several years back when Zimbra was first acquired by Yahoo and the head of Zimbra discussed how about 99.5% of their code was written and maintained by the employees of Zimbra and not the broader community.

The transition from “them” to “we”

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OSS While a lot of large Free Software projects do have some sort of formal “membership” structure, in reality being part of a project is more about your mindset. It’s easy for anyone to complain from the outside about something – and then the project is “they”.

Karen Sandler: Freedom from my heart to the desktop

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OSS This is Karen Sandler, the Gnome Foundation's new Executive Director, delivering her keynote speech at OSCon 2011. It is by far and away the best explanation of why software freedom matters that I've heard in a very long time.

Linux Gazette Issue #187:

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Highlights in the current issue:

* Remind – A Killer App
* HAL: Part 4 Scripts
* Advanced Programming In Expect: sHellspawn – Demons in the * * Daemons
* Life with a ChromeBook

Commercial Gains Mean Growing Pains for Open Source Community

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OSS With this new wave, there is a danger that the ease of commercialization ushered in by wider use, greater credibility and, again, innovation means the all-important community piece -- often the free and open source or community version as well -- becomes an afterthought.

Despite successes, FLOSS still misunderstood, villianized

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OSS Despite increasing evidence that corporations are turning to open source more than ever, there's also countering evidence that people have a long ways to go before they "get" open source.

Indemnification assurance for community edition open source

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OSS Bristol-based LinuxIT is launching an indemnification programme to underwrite community-based open source software. The company claims to be able to provide organisations with a "guarantee and assurance at zero risk", no less.

FOSS, Linux, Distros and Life

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larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress: FOSS. A great idea. The reality is it takes away 80 percent of the richness of the World Wide Web, the internets. Every website that appears in those “Top 10, 25, 50, 100 or 10 million lists uses something that will not be seen by true believers of FOSS.

Space Exploration Gets Open Sourced

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OSS Last week, O’Reilly’s OSCON 2011 dished out a couple of courses of open source for space exploration, with NASA discussing its General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) and Ariel Waldman plugging the concept of “Hacking Space Exploration.”

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Linux Mint Xfce: Moving From Maya to Rebecca

Here’s the problem. For the last couple of years or so we’ve been using Mint’s Xfce edition of Maya (that would be version 13 for those who read the box scores) on nearly all of the machines here at FOSS Force. As Maya will be supported until 2017, we had absolutely no plans to make any upgrades until then, as taking time out for the tedious process of upgrading our machines isn’t one of my favorite things to do — and I’m the one who’d be doing the upgrading. Read more

Google turns its Android font Roboto into an open source project

Designed by Christian Robinson, the Roboto font files were first released in 2011 under the Apache license. Now, the company is organizing the files and the font production toolchain into a fully realized open source project on Github. Read more

New websites for Fedora 22

We started not long time ago, just a few days after F22 Beta release and it was challenging to finish all the work for these websites, collect informations from Spin SIGs, get legal approval, make new translation resources and and and. Read more Also: Fedora 22 will contain some fc21 packages statscache - thoughts on a new Fedora Infrastructure backend service

Here’s how to make your Ubuntu Desktop beautiful

So instead of hurling insults at the confused penguin nestlings, I have decided to help by giving you my own guide on how to make Ubuntu beautiful. Please note there are many ways to do this, this is just my way and because I detest the Dock-style launchers (bottom of the screen) do not ask me about them.If I wanted a Mac I would buy a Mac and use their Docking feature. Who am I kidding here, If I wanted a Mac, I would not be able to afford a Mac. Read more