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IBM tears up open source patent pledge

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  • IBM tears up open source patent pledge, claims FOSS
  • IBM: Open Source's Friend? Not So Much Now
  • IBM uses pledged patents against open source mainframe emulator

Emacs & the birth of the GPL

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OSS For many the old aphorism that "Emacs is my operating system, and Linux its device driver" still holds true.

5 reasons to support Open Source Software

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  • 5 reasons why you must support the spread of OSS
  • Open Source: Computing for the masses
  • Weekly OSS Links #5

Open Innovation's Challenge: Letting Go Is Hard To Do

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OSS Open-source software provides an important example of how companies can leverage external sources of innovation. In practice, however, big high-tech companies often have a difficult time collaborating and sharing control.

Enforcement of the GNU GPL in Germany and Europe

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OSS GPL enforcement is successful in Europe. In several court decisions and out of court settlements the license conditions of the GPL have been successfully enforced.

Community Open Source as the Raw Material of Computing Utility Providers

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OSS It’s April 2nd, so the Apache Software Foundation’s 2010 April Fools’ joke is over. Here is why I liked it a lot. It represents a hypothetical: What if the ASF and its projects could be bought? Or, if not bought, then put under control or strong influence of corporate interests like in traditional open source consortia?

Former Sun open source officer joins OSI board

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  • Former Sun open source officer joins OSI board
  • Sales and marketing for open source – same difference
  • Importance of open source screen readers for accessibility: Interview with Joanie Diggs
  • The growing popularity of open source assistive technology: Interview with Will Walker
  • What Does a Paying Open Source Customer Look Like?
  • Tech hiring poised for recovery -- and open source leads the way
  • Why Toyota Should Go Open Source

Calling All Robots

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Humor 01000100011011110110111001100001011101000110010100100000

Document Freedom Day

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  • Document Freedom Day - March 31st, 2010
  • Freedom! (Document-wise)
  • Document Freedom Day: Passion and politics

Stop Supporting Open-Source Bloat

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OSS Not a thing wrong with making some money. Right? Well, that's the great contradiction in both the open-source and freeware worlds.

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