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Newspaper tries free software for a day

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linuxinexile.blogspot: The Saratogian tried an experiment for Independence Day - run free software for a day, to produce the July 4 2010 issue of their (web and print) newspaper. They called it the Ben Franklin Edition *.

The Charge for Freedom

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elevenislouder.blogspot: When we think of open source, we normally think of software. We (freetards, freediots, open source fanboys) have often been described as a type of new hippie movement. In some ways, this may be true. We favor open collaboration instead of top-down empiricism.

Open source could be a success story

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  • Open source could be a success story, too: Red Hat CEO
  • Proprietary software vs security
  • Celebrate Independence Day By Thanking Your Open Source Developers
  • FOSS vs. open source as an American debate

Open Core Is Bad For You

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  • Open Core Is Bad For You
  • Open core is not a crime
  • Open Core is not a Business Model
  • Afraid of open core lock-in? The alternative could be worse

Open Source, free or not free?

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OSS To be or not to be, free. That is the question. Well the answer is not 42. Or maybe it is. The question is probably too big for us to understand or even ask so I guess we will never know.

Open Core is the New Dual Licensing

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  • Open Core is the New Dual Licensing
  • What lies beyond the open core debate?
  • ASCAP: John Phillip Sousa Incarnate (Fight against EFF)
  • Post-Bilski Steps for Anti-Software-Patent Advocates
  • Let the open source way take you outside your comfort zone
  • Open source as business model or engineering convenience?
  • Open Source is a Virus
  • Open Source Needs To Have An Unfair Advantage To Succeed
  • Being Free - why it matters

Open Source is Inherently More Secure, Says Red Hat

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OSS At the Red Hat Summit in Boston last week, Josh Bressers, a senior security engineer at Red Hat, explained why open source really is the best model for building secure software.

Who gives a fsck about a license?

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OSS I have no idea why anyone would want to do a File System ChecK on a license but I have seen fsck used in this manner so I do too Smile Seriously though, how many people really care about the license they are usin

What Is Open Source Software?

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  • Back to Basics: What Is Open Source Software?
  • Observation on hiring from open source

Profiting from open source -- 8 business models

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OSS So you want to make a small fortune in open source software? It's simple, the joke goes: Just start with a large fortune. The open source revolution began at least two decades ago, but businesses and programmers are still struggling to understand the best way to share wonderful code and pay the mortgage.

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Git 2.2.1 Released To Fix Critical Security Issue

Today's Git vulnerability affects those using the Git client on case-insensitive file-systems. On case-insensitive platforms like Windows and OS X, committing to .Git/config could overwrite the user's .git/config and could lead to arbitrary code execution. Fortunately with most Phoronix readers out there running Linux, this isn't an issue thanks to case-sensitive file-systems. Read more

Ubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 For Its Various Flavors

While Ubuntu itself no longer puts out alpha/beta releases in favor of just testing out the daily Live ISOs, the various Ubuntu flavors still participating in the traditional release process have done their first alpha releases this afternoon for Ubuntu 15.04. Read more

Robolinux 7.7.1 LXDE Runs Windows Apps with Stealth VM

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Jolla's Sailfish OS Update 10 Is Now Available

The tenth update to Jolla's Sailfish mobile operating system is now available. This update is version and is codenamed Vaarainjärvi. This latest update to Jolla's Sailfish OS includes the device lock now supporting alpha-numeric codes, copy-paste support between Android and native Sailfish apps, Mail app improvements, new overlays for maps, search improvements, unification to the accounts framework, new MMS settings, UI improvements, and an assortment of other improvements. Read more