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  • NoSQL: Injection vaccination for a new generation

    We are becoming more and more accustomed to reading about losses of online data through malicious hack attacks, accidents, and downright carelessness – it’s almost as if we don’t know how to secure data against the most common form of attack.

    Of course, that isn’t really true as best practice, legislation, and education on the matter are easy to come by, from a variety of sources.

  • Open to the core: MongoDB's enterprise push in 'joins' U-turn

    MongoDB grabbed headlines last week with the release of version 3.2 of its popular NoSQL database. Consistent with the company’s prescribed messaging, the tech media dutifully inserted “enterprise” into every headline, touting MongoDB’s new storage engines for better data security, among other things.

  • Parallel Query Support Coming To PostgreSQL 9.6

    For PostgreSQL users, the next 9.6 release should be particularly exciting as the parallel sequential scan / parallel query support has been committed.

    This parallel sequential scan support has the ability to significantly improve the performance of selects on PostgreSQL databases. In one of the examples, a database select query dropped from taking 743 ms to now taking just 213 ms.

An open source fan boy shares his story

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Over time, I became much more sympathetic to the philosophical reasons for adopting FOSS. I was never hostile to it, I just hadn't given it much thought. But looking back, it became clear that a large part of my success and enjoyment of my career was due to the opportunity to learn independently, taking things apart and putting them together.

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Unwilling to fix what's not broken, Asia firms hold back on open source

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Red Hat

Years after Linux and open source first emerged in the market, organisations in Asia remain unsure about the platform's ability to support enterprise applications and are cautious about moving out of their proprietary software environment.

"There's a lot of misconception and also some inertia," Damien Wong, Red Hat's Asean senior director and general manager, said in an interview. "There are unfounded concerns about whether open source is enterprise-ready and mission-critical. These companies also see little reason to change and move to open source when their existing systems haven't failed in the last five or 15 years."

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Also: Amazon, Microsoft, Red Hat View Positive in Venture Capital Chatter, Says Deutsche

How open source can bring agencies to the cloud

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With open source comes open standards and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable the extensibility, interoperability and portability needed for federal agencies to meet higher expectations in launching new services quickly, adding infrastructure when needed and identifying new opportunities to engage citizens .The GSA and DOI examples represent a dramatic shift for the federal government as many agency innovators seek to employ agile methods and drive faster cloud adoption.

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The Rise of the Open-Source Platform

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The success of closed-source companies (like Microsoft in the early days of the digital revolution) made it easy to write off open source as a niche movement with little real-world relevance. But the concept of open source is almost as old as software itself — it has been, and continues to be, a viable option.

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Leftovers: OSS

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Top 7 open source terminal emulators

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Are you a system administrator, Linux power user, or just spend a lot of time at the command line? Then chances are, your choice of terminal emulator says something about you. Do you prefer something lightweight? Full of features and customizable options? Or do you just use the default which ships with your distribution?

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Linux Foundation Launches Open Source High-Performance Computing Group

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The Linux Foundation, along with industry and academic partners, plans to drive innovation in open source high-performance computing (HPC) through a new collaborative project, OpenHPC.

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HackerOne Names Open-Source Veteran Marten Mickos as CEO

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Marten Mickos is a well-known technology executive in the open-source and cloud realms, but he's less known—if known at all—in the security industry. That's about to change, as bug bounty vendor HackerOne named Mickos its CEO today.

Mickos' background includes stints as CEO of open-source database vendor MySQL, which Sun Microsystems acquired for $1 billion in 2008, and CEO of open-source cloud vendor Eucalyptus, which Hewlett-Packard acquired in 2014.

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Leftovers: OSS

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  • Ex-MySQL CEO Marten Mickos On Leadership And The Open Source Revolution

    Marten Mickos is the newly announced CEO of bug bounty platform HackerOne. Marten, a Finnish native, is a proven CEO; he led the iconic open source database company MySQL, and later worked for Sun Microsystems after their acquisition of that company.

    He then led cloud software company Eucalyptus Systems, which was acquired by HP. He has also served on the board of Nokia & has been spearheading the online School of Herring, which focuses on leadership.

  • Support For Old Hardware Is Being Removed From Coreboot

    Coreboot developers are taking to their Git tree and dropping support for old motherboards and chipsets.

    Yesterday saw the removal in Git of many Tyan motherboards as well as some from IWILL and Newisys and IBM.

  • Hired adds transparency to the hiring process, makes tech open source

    Whether you’re a potential employee or a potential employer, the thing that matters most is that you find the right fit: the right job offer, location, compensation and the right co-workers. Hired is looking to fill the specialty-job niche by pre-screening both parties before the resumes start circulating and the interviews begin.

    Admit it, if you’re an employer, to grow your business you need talent. To that end, Hired delivers a curated pool of responsive candidates so less time is spent sourcing and more time devoted to interviewing and hiring.

  • NIA: Midokura's open source MidoNet doesn't hold back

    Midokura wins this month's Network Innovation Award for MidoNet Community Edition, an open source version of its flagship product.

  • Open ethos powers Aleph Objects' success

    We are firmly committed to advancing free software, libre innovation, and open source hardware. A LulzBot 3D printer was the first hardware product and only 3D printer to meet the Open Source Hardware Association definition and earn the Free Software Foundation's Respects Your Freedom certification.

  • Google Offers Up Its Entire Machine Learning Library as Open-Source Software
  • TensorFlow could be Google’s new, open-source, central nervous system
  • Google Opens Floodgates for TensorFlow Development
  • TensorFlow - Google’s latest machine learning system, open sourced for everyone
  • MozFest 2015 Demo Garage: Showing What’s Possible with the Open Web

    Mozilla Festival 2015 was a productive and dynamic event celebrating the world’s most valuable public resource — the open Web. MozFest is also a gathering place for Mozilla community members from around the world and brings together makers, designers, builders, coders and creative folks to showcase their ideas of how the Web can enable the sort of innovative tinkering you might do (or want to do) in your own garage.

  • SwiftStack Advances OpenStack Cloud Storage [VIDEO]

    The Swift storage project holds a unique place in the OpenStack big tent, as one of the two original projects (the other being Nova compute) for the open source cloud platform. SwiftStack is one of the leading contributors to the Swift project and also has its own commercially supported SwiftStack Object Storage enterprise product, which was recently updated to version 3.0.

  • How To Compile CUDA Code With LLVM
  • [dwm] 6.1 release

    After a long time (dwm 6.0 was released on 2011-12-19) it is time for a new dwm release. Thanks goes out to all the people involved at making the software better in various ways!

  • CSC Obtains FedRAMP Certification for PaaS Cloud Offering; Red Hat’s Paul Smith Comments

    Computer Sciences Corp. has received a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program certification for the company’s ARCWRX cloud computing technology.

    CSC said Tuesday this is the second FedRAMP certification for the platform-as-a-service ARCWRX, which is based on Red Hat’s OpenShift and resides on CSC’s ARC-P platform.

  • Quartz to open source two mapping tools

    News outlet Quartz is developing a searchable database of compiled map data from all over the world, and a tool to help journalists visualise this data.

    The database, called Mapquery, received $35,000 (£22,900) from the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund on 3 November.

    Keith Collins, project lead, said Mapquery will aim to make the research stage in the creation of maps easier and more accessible, by creating a system for finding, merging and refining geographic data.

  • Stronger than fear: Mental health in the open

    Finkler is active in PHP, Python, and JavaScript communities and had developed a popular Twitter client for the WebOS platform. He has plenty of open source knowledge, but his only expierience with mental illness was personal. So he began presenting at conferences, sharing his experience. After each talk, people would share their own issues with him.

  • How VA and DOD Can Approach Data Standards and Interoperability -- Before Standards Are Established

    For organizations like the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, patient safety and quality of care are paramount, thus, having the ability to seamlessly share medical data with each other, as well as with other providers, is critical. Consider for a moment, a service person’s transition from active duty to veteran status. Patient records and critical medical history details must transition smoothly to ensure the patient receives appropriate, complete care at the right time.

  • Thanks for playing: New Linux ransomware decrypted, pwns itself
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The Linux Foundation is adding the Open Networking Summit to its event portfolio beginning with the next show scheduled for March 14 in Santa Clara, California. The ONS was initially started by companies focused on software-defined networking technologies to enable collaboration efforts centered on SDN, OpenFlow and network functions virtualization. Those events have seen collaborative efforts announced from the likes of AT&T, Google and the Linux Foundation. Read more

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