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Games: Vintage Story, Steam Client, Helium Rain, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, Farm Together, SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, Sudden Strike 4

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  • Vintage Story, a beautiful survival and building game on Linux

    Vintage Story is a beautiful survival game that started as an idea for a mod for Minecraft, based on the popular modpack, Terra Firma Craft. It is developed by Anego Studios.

    The game is currently still in early access. Development is happening rapidly, with a stable update coming out more or less every other week, with plenty of experimental builds available in between.

  • A new stable Steam Client update is out, with fixes for Steam Play and more

    Valve continue their usual polishing of the Steam Client, with the latest stable update including some fixes for Steam Play. That's not all of course, there's quite a bit to this update.

    They've adjusted the new Steam Chat system, so now you can test your microphone in the Friends Voice settings dialog, a mute on/off toggle hot-key support for when using open microphone mode, it shouldn't try to open the friends and chat system if you're in offline mode and some bug fixes.

    Steam Link gained the ability to do co-op by streaming to multiple devices and the ability to use an Android phone as a touch controller. There's also various Big Picture fixes and plenty of fixes for Steam Input too, Steam Input also had a Linux-specific fix when using Steam Input for generic gamepads.

  • Space sim 'Helium Rain' has left Early Access, code is open source

    Helium Rain, the space simulation and strategy game from Deimos Games has left Early Access as a rather impressive game.

    I really love what they did with it too, while you can purchase the game to support the developer, the source code is also available under an open source license on GitHub.

  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition levels up and arrives on GOG

    Grab your sword, shield and helmet as Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition has arrived on GOG for DRM free gaming goodness.

  • The peaceful casual farming game 'Farm Together' has left Early Access

    For those who're looking to run their very own farm, with a rather sweet visual style Farm Together has now left Early Access.

    Disclosure: Key provided by the developer to our Steam Curator.

  • Get your shoes and headphones ready for SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, now on GOG

    SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, a heavy metal first-person platformer that's all about speed is now on GOG.

    Like all good speedrunners, it's not just about being the absolutely quickest. You also need to be smart, there's a few ways to do some little fancy tricks in each level to give you that extra second of time.

  • Sudden Strike 4 heads to Africa in the new DLC out now, cross-platform multiplayer not coming

    Strategy game Sudden Strike 4 has another DLC today with the release of the Africa: Desert War expansion.

    This new expansion has two "mini-campaigns" with six new singleplayer missions from the North African campaign of World War 2. Africa – Desert War introduces over 30 new vehicles including an all-new medical truck, the Marder II Tank Destroyer, the British Bishop SPG, as well as the Italian Semovente da 105/25 Assault Gun.

Games: Commodore 64, Steam, OCTOPTICOM, Geneshift, RimWorld, Unreal Engine, XCOM, Robocraft, Cities: Skylines - Industries

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  • Internet Archive launches repository of 15,000 playable Commodore 64 games

    The Commodore 64 becomes the third in-browser collection after the Commodore Amiga and a range of arcade games from LCD pocket to full cabinet were released over the last few years.

    The site uses an adaptation of the Vice emulator, compiled in Emscripten, and there are already 10,500 titles available, which the Archive confirms is a growing number. In fact, at time of writing it already seems to have exceeded 15,000.

  • The recent Steam Play beta is now out for everyone, plus a minor beta update

    If it doesn't show up for you, restart Steam. Hopefully in future the stable updates won't require this, I imagine an improved update flow will be worked on eventually although it's not much hassle to quickly restart Steam.

    Additionally, there's a very minor 3.7-8 beta available which only notes that it has "Minor compatibility fixes in preparation for future Proton versions.". While minor, the wording has piqued my interest to see what they're going to be doing.

  • Programming puzzler 'OCTOPTICOM' adds Linux support

    For those of you who love programming and puzzle games, OCTOPTICOM looks like it might actually be quite good.

  • Geneshift has expanded the Battle Royale mode to support playing with a friend

    Geneshift, the top-down shooter recently gained a Battle Royale mode that's really damn fun and the developer has continued to roll out improvements.

  • RimWorld 1.0 is going to release on October 17th next week

    After being in development for over five years, the developer has now announced the final release. They've said that the game will be save-compatible going from the most recent version as long as you haven't installed any mods. It's not going to be much different to the most recent beta, since it will largely be a bug-fix release. Although, they did mention "a new food restriction system", which lets you restrict what your colonists and any prisoners are allowed to eat.

  • Epic Games have rolled out Unreal Engine 4.21 preview, with Linux improvements

    Overall, it seems like a pretty good step up for Unreal Engine with a lot of new features, bug fixes and general code cleanups. It has improved IPv6 support, improvements to DDoS Detection and Mitigation, experimental support for the SteamVR Input subsystem, improved performance of the Unreal asset cooking process, loads of animation system updates and the list goes on and on.

  • The XCOM 2 'Tactical Legacy Pack' DLC shows how much love Firaxis has for the series and the fans

    As a long time XCOM fan, the Tactical Legacy Pack for XCOM 2 certainly feels like fan service and it's really quite good. XCOM 2 was already good, difficult as hell but engrossing. The War of the Chosen expansion released last year expanded the game in a lot of ways and it became an even better experience. This was especially true, because of all the new story elements to the game which changed the direction of it quite a lot.

    Now we have the Tactical Legacy Pack which includes new game modes, new maps, new weapons and armour and plenty more it's certainly not short on features. While not a complete game changer, it offers up enough to make it worth a purchase in my opinion. Enough to make me put down my new addiction to Rocket League for quite a number of hours, it's just that good.

  • Free to play robot battler 'Robocraft' adds a wave-based singleplayer mode

    Robocraft, the rather good free to play robot building and battling game just added a an early version of their wave-based campaign mode.

    I've tried it out and it's actually not bad at all, a pretty good way to really test your design skills against increasing waves of difficult enemies along with some more powerful boss robots.

  • Cities: Skylines - Industries expansion announced, releasing October 23rd

    Paradox have announced the Cities: Skylines - Industries expansion due for release on October 23rd and as usual the DLC will work fine on Linux.

    From the press release we got sent:

    “With this expansion, players can make more meaningful choices in their cities’ industry by managing their production chains from grain to bread.” said Sandra Neudinger, Product Manager from Paradox Interactive. “The players have been asking for an industrial expansion for a while, so we’re excited to finally offer a full featured approach.”

Games: Stationeers, Between the Stars, Off Grid, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, Timespinner

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  • RocketWerkz have confirmed their plans to do a Linux version of Stationeers

    A good bit of news to wake up to today! Stationeers a space station construction and management game from developer RocketWerkz should be coming to Linux.

    In their official FAQ on Steam, the developer noted that if it sold at least 300K copies a Linux version would be considered. Someone then made a post on Steam last year, full of users requesting a Linux version of Stationeers. Six pages of replies later, the developer replied a few hours ago with a link to this new post (also added to their FAQ now) confirming their intent to make a Linux version now.

  • Between the Stars looks like an incredible spaceship action game, coming to Linux

    Between the Stars, a spaceship action game with 'traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements' looks set to come to Linux.

  • Off Grid gives you data as your weapon in this stealth hacking game, now crowfunding with Linux support

    I covered this before briefly back in April, as the developer seemed committed to providing a Linux version. Sadly, the demo is currently only on Windows and Mac but I did speak to the developer today where they told me a Linux demo is now a priority with the Kickstarter being live. They've unfortunately had some last minute issues they're trying to solve, so hopefully it won't be long. Update: As the developer noted in our comments, the demo is now on

  • Mark of the Ninja: Remastered is out on Steam with Linux support

    Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, the relatively small upgrade over the original is now out with Linux support on Steam.

    Unlike a lot of remasters, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered isn't actually that big of an upgrade overall. It does include enhanced visuals that are no longer compressed down to 720p as it supports up to 4K now. It also has improved character and background art proving some clearer details along with remastered cinematics. On top of that, there's also 5.1 audio support and the Special Edition DLC is also now included as standard.

  • Timespinner, the fun metroidvania is now available on GOG with a Linux build

    After the release on Steam late last month, Timespinner is now available DRM free on GOG for more of you to go exploring. They have the latest patch build too with a couple of bug fixes. Note: Key provided by GOG.

Games: XCOM 2, Humble Discovery Pack, Obsidian, Unreal Engine

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  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack DLC Out Now for Linux and macOS

    As promised, UK-based video games publisher Feral Interactive released today the Linux and macOS port of the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack DLC on Steam.

    The XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack is a massive downloadable content (DLC) for the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion pack for the XCOM 2 turn-based tactics video game. It brings two new gameplay modes, Legacy Ops and Skirmish Mode, as well as an Offline Challenge Mode.

  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack out now and with Linux support right away

    It seems Feral had a bit of a surprise in store for us, as XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack has released today and the Linux version is out.

    When it was announced, Feral Interactive said it would be available "shortly after the Windows release" and they certainly weren't kidding as it only released for Windows today too! Seriously good stuff from Feral, this is the way it should be with no waiting around. Really pleased they were able to do this for Linux gamers!

  • The Humble Discovery Pack is out with three nice Linux native games

    Another week, another bundle of games for you! The Humble Discovery Pack is now live with three nice Linux native games.

  • According to Kotaku, Microsoft is close to buying Obsidian

    In what could be a blow to Linux gamers who are fans of Obsidian RPGs, Microsoft is apparently close to acquiring the studio.


    Naturally, this will be a worry to Linux gamers since this could mean future Obsidian titles may not arrive on Linux like they have before. Obsidian has given Linux fans Pillars of Eternity, Pillars of Eternity II and Tyranny recently so it would be a huge shame not to have their next story-driven RPG land on Linux.

    Microsoft acquiring anyone always makes me feel quite uneasy, since they could end up requiring future games they publish to be exclusive to their own store therefore locking out Steam. At least if they stayed on Steam and didn't do a Linux version (for whatever reason) of their next set of games, we would have Steam Play's Proton so it wouldn't be such a major issue.

  • Sources: Microsoft Is Close To Buying Obsidian

    “We do not comment on rumors or speculation,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

  • Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview Brings Some Linux Improvements

    Epic Games announced the debut today of the Unreal Engine 4.21 public preview.

    Unreal Engine 4.21 has been working on improvements around animation compression, a variety of audio updates, improved performance in the Unreal asset cooking process, various framework updates, improved IPv6 support, DDoS detection/mitigation for game servers, and finally there is support for shader pipeline caching. For those interested in VR, Unreal Engine 4.21 also has experimental support for the SteamVR Input subsystem.

  • Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview

    Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.21 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

Games: Kingdom Rush Origins, TinyBuild, Openwashing, Niffelheim, Unleashed, AI War 2, A Gummy's Life, KURSK and Wine

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  • Kingdom Rush Origins to release October 18th, Linux support confirmed for release

    Ironhide Game Studio have announced today that Kingdom Rush Origins will release on Steam on October 18th. I've no doubt it will make it to other stores too like GOG and Humble Store like previous games, however they've only mentioned Steam so far.

    I asked the developer on Twitter, if the Linux version would be released at the same time. They replied with "Yes!", so that's really great news for Linux gamers.

  • Humble are allowing you to build your own bundle of TinyBuild games and save some monies

    For those of you craving your latest Linux gaming fix, Humble are doing a build your own bundle with TinyBuild.

    The way it works, is that a ton of games are on sale and if you add at least three to your basket you will get an additional discount. If you add four the discount is higher and higher again if you add five. The saving you can get is kind of ridiculous.

  • Mojang to open source more of Minecraft with two libraries already on GitHub [Ed: This is openwashing; they just free a few bits here and there...]

    I have to admit, I am quite surprised by this. Mojang (owned by Microsoft) are to open source more of Minecraft and they've already started to do so.

  • Niffelheim, a dark survival RPG released recently with Linux support

    It seems we have a few readers interested in Niffelheim emailing it in, a dark survival RPG that follows some elements of Norse mythology that recently released with Linux support.

  • Looks like the 2D open-world sandbox RPG Unleashed is releasing soon

    Unleashed, a 2D open-world sandbox RPG that was funded on Kickstarter is looking pretty good and it's releasing soon with Linux support. I initially covered it back in March this year, as this promising RPG was emailed to us directly by the developer. I completely forgot about it, but thankfully they succeeded in getting funds on Kickstarter with around €10K being pledged. Not a lot, so hopefully the end result is still good.

  • Arcen Games grand strategy game 'AI War 2' to enter Early Access on October 15th

    Nearly two years after the Kickstarter, Arcen Games are ready to bring in more players. AI War 2 is going to enter Early Access on October 15th.

    The sequel to their 2009 hit AI War: Fleet Command, AI War 2 has you take on an overwhelming "inhuman" enemy that has underestimated you. Their currently plan is to remain in Early Access until at least "Q2 2019", although that does depend on how feedback goes and what they need to work on.

  • The amusing multiplayer game A Gummy's Life has left Early Access with an overhauled movement system

    A Gummy's Life is a really fun multiplayer game that can be played with local players and online. It's now left Early Access with a major update.

    I've had quite a lot of fun with this, especially with my Son who adores it because it's completely silly. One thing that wasn't too great was the movement system, which they've actually overhauled as part of the 1.0 update. Movement seems smoother, more responsive and you have a better amount of control with it now too making it an even better experience.

  • First-person adventure about sunken Russian sub KURSK to have a delayed Linux release

    KURSK [Official Site] seems like it's going to be quite a compelling action-adventure game which follows the story of the Russian Kursk submarine disaster back in 2000. I've been following it now for years as it sounds quite interesting, although Linux native gamers have to wait a little longer.

    The developer, Jujubee S.A., has been emailing us their usual press emails about it and it has been clearly mentioning Linux support. However, the Steam store page doesn't mention Linux. After trying to reach them for months over emails, I decided to try Facebook today and they actually responded with a clear "Yes, KURSK will be released on Linux.". Sadly though, the Linux version will come later than the Windows build while they are working to "provide the best possible results on Linux". I've been told the media folks will contact us sometime in regards to the Linux release.

  • Wine's Direct3D Code Will Now Default To OpenGL Core Contexts For NVIDIA GPUs Too

    Earlier this year with Wine 3.9 its Direct3D code changed to default to OpenGL 4.4 core contexts rather than the legacy/compatibility context. NVIDIA GPUs ended up being left at the older value but now that has changed.

    As of yesterday in Wine Git, CodeWeavers' Henri Verbeet has changed the WineD3D code now to also default to OpenGL core contexts for NVIDIA GPUs.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey On Linux (DXVK), Games Over the Browser

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Games: The Away Team, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War, ATOM RPG and Sipho

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  • The Away Team: Lost Exodus releases October 22nd, with a price change

    For the uninitiated, The Away Team is a sci-fi text adventure with real-time space exploration sequences where you play as the AI onboard the last starship to leave earth, remotely guiding them through the various situations and hazards that they find while exploring planets, stations, and the vastness of space. In a universe full of danger and low on resources, will you be able to save your crew from starvation, alien hazards, and their own flaws?

  • Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War updated with an overhauled world builder and AI

    Proxy Studios have been listening to feedback about the strategt game Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War and so they've put out a fresh build revamping the world builder and AI.

    For those who like to customise their experience, Proxy Studios have added in the ability to adjust region size and density as well as arctic, desert, tropical and volcanic region densities. They also made regions more pronounced, giving you a better a look at the map at a glance.

    The changes the AI has gone through are rather large too, with them becoming quite a lot smarter. How they deal with their economy got he biggest boost, with them managing it a lot better. While some of the changes aren't major, they were needed. As a simple example, the AI won't build research buildings once it reaches the highest research tier. Lots of changes like that, make them much more interesting to deal with. Full list of the changes can be found here.

  • ATOM RPG has another large update expanding locations, new characters and more

    For fans of classic experiences like Fallout and Wasteland, ATOM RPG is a very promising Early Access game that continues to impress.

    One problem ATOM did have and still does to a certain extent is that it has quite a few locations but some of them are a little empty. That's not so true now with update 0.8.5. This update has expanded the game quite a bit with 60+ new characters to be found in various locations!

  • Action survival game 'Sipho' has you grow your own organism as you fight and it seems interesting

    Sipho seems like a pretty interesting game, one that has you start off as a tiny creature and battle your way through life to grow and evolve.

    While it's not yet released, you can test out an early build on As for the release, the developers told me that it will be in around 1-2 months and a Linux version will be out at the same time as other platforms so that's good news. I did test out the itch build and it seems quite interesting, although a little basic right now I love the idea.

ET: Legacy Is Still Letting You Relive Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Memories In 2018

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One of the still ongoing projects based upon the open-source id Tech 3 / ioquake3 engine still having a following in 2018 is ET: Legacy. ET: Legacy is the open-source project retaining full compatibility with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60 while continuing to make engine improvements and with time have been remastering many of the original maps.

It's been fifteen years already since the release of the legendary Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game and nearly a decade since this id Tech 3 derived engine was open-sourced. There still is a small but active following of developers/modders working on ET: Legacy as well as enjoying this excellent first person shooter. Back in the day when having the time to enjoy Linux gaming, I was certainly a big fan of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Read more

Also: Sunday Mag: Linux gaming news odds and ends and a quick look at what’s on sale

Games: HITMAN, 7 Days to Die and Hollow Knight; Ravenfield A Single-Player 3D Shooting Game; The Witness and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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  • A new Humble Monthly is available with HITMAN, 7 Days to Die and Hollow Knight

    All three available right away with more unlocking on November 2nd. You also get access to the Humble Trove which has a plethora of DRM free Linux games as well. This might be one of the best months yet for Linux fans of Humble.

  • Ravenfield A Single-Player 3D Shooting Game

    Ravenfield is a single-player 3D shooting game available on and steam. The game is still in beta so it looks like a "prototype" i.e., not complete, still yet it's completely playable and fun at the same time. I've tried the game and discovered it to be more enjoyable than Red Eclipse or Open Arena, mainly due to the reason that Ravenfield game physic is realistic and comes equipped with many interactable objects.

  • The Steam Play whitelist just had a large update including The Witness and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Early this morning Valve officially rolled out a big update to the Steam Play whitelist, which indicates Windows games that work well with Steam Play's Proton.

    Having titles in the whitelist, also means you don't need to go into Steam's settings and tick any extra boxes as they will just show up for everyone with the ability to install and play on Linux.

DXVK 0.81 Released and VKD3D 1.1 Being Prepped For Release

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