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Is Steam the Big Breakthrough Gaming for Linux Need?

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Gaming For many gamers, Steam is the most banked-upon tool in their gaming inventory. For years, Steam was available only on Windows. Then, of course, Valve Corporation decided to branch out. So, as the wheels are turning, many Linux users and supporters are wondering if this is the big breakthrough Linux gaming needed.

The Problems Right Now For Gaming On Linux

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  • The Problems Right Now For Gaming On Linux
  • l’Abbaye Des Morts GNU/Linux Port – Released
  • [Game Review] Team Fortress 2
  • Faster Than Light Is Now 25% Cheaper on Steam for Linux
  • Red Orchestra 2 coming to Linux?

Latest Humble Bundle Brings 6 New Games to Linux

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  • Latest Humble Bundle Brings 6 New Games to Linux
  • Steam Holiday Sale Includes Top Linux Titles
  • Steam for Linux Now Open To All
  • Better Steam Linux Performance with "Steam Login"
  • Help Port Torque 3D to Linux

THQ looking to Linux after Humble Bundle success

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  • THQ looking to Linux after Humble Bundle success
  • Steam for Linux open beta begins this week
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales Heads to Linux
  • Forsaken Fortress, a Cross-Platform (PC, Mac, Linux) Survival RPG Comes to Kickstarter

Steam Linux first impressions

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Gaming I am most mightily pleased that I was chosen to participate in the Steam Linux Beta program. I've received my email just days ago, and since, I've been working hard on getting the Steam client installed, tested and first screenshots prepared.

Steam Linux to Launch Open Beta Next Week

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Gaming ‘Steam for Linux’ will be available for everyone to try from next week, after spending just over a month as a limited beta.

Blender 2.65 Arrives - Most Stable Yet

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  • Blender 2.65 Arrives - Most Stable Yet
  • Nitro: A Beautiful Task Management App For Linux
  • animated themes going away in Firefox 18
  • RHEV 3.1 – an overview about the new features
  • New Project Aims to Bring Mac Apps to Linux
  • Slow and choppy Flash Player playback
  • Bash Script - Protect your server from DDos Attacks
  • Samba 4 threatens Microsoft's enterprise lock-in
  • SpaceFM Development Update
  • Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition: one step closer to Tux
  • corps: bespoke text codecs
  • RuneSoft Releases Another Linux Game on Desura
  • Creating a book cover with Inkscape
  • NVIDIA 313.09 Linux Driver Packs New Features

Who Needs Ubuntu? Steam for Linux Running Under Gentoo

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Gaming In the post I made last week about some of the system requirements Valve has been applying to select Linux titles on Steam, I mentioned that I’ve been curious to know how running the official Steam client would fare on other distros.

Valve Confirms the Steam Box

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  • Valve Confirms They are Working on a Steam Box
  • Sidescroller Run Off: Bit.Trip Runner Vs Canabalt [Review]
  • 'Legends of Aethereus' Linux Version Ready, New Trailer Launched
  • Valve confirms Steam Box coming in 2013

ET: Legacy - Reviving The Old FPS

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  • ET: Legacy - Reviving The Old FPS
  • Alien Arena 7.65 To Bring Huge Renderer Enhancements
  • The State Of XReaL, OpenWolf Game Engines
  • Hands on With ‘RC Mini Racers’ for Ubuntu [Review]
  • Beautiful Splice Puzzle Game Will Be Launched on Steam for Linux
  • [Steam] 5 New Games Coming to Linux
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