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Games: PPSSPP, Unworthy and GOG

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  • PPSSPP emulator now uses Vulkan by default, OpenGL now multithreaded

    The PSP emulator, PPSSPP [Official Site], recently had a pretty big release which now default to Vulkan as the main renderer. They also enabled a shader cache for Vulkan too, which should help smoothen a few games out.

    This is great, especially since PPSSPP is free and open source under the GPL and you can check it out on GitHub.

  • PPSSPP Adds Vulkan On Linux Support

    The PPSSPP emulator project allowing Sony PSP games to be played on multiple platforms has now added Vulkan support on Linux.

    Releasing this past week was the PPSSPP 1.6 emulator release. This update is quite exciting for PSP gamers as beyond adding Vulkan support on Linux/SDL2, the OpenGL back-end has been properly multi-threaded to deliver a speed boost too. The Vulkan performance should be good, a Vulkan shader cache is now supported, there is also GPU command interpreter performance improvements, and a range of other work.

  • Unworthy is a hardcore combat-focused metroidvania without jumping that's coming to Linux

    Think you're tough? Unworthy [Official Site] might test that theory of yours with a promise of a hardcore combat-focused metroidvania experience.

  • The GOG summer sale is now live

    It's hot outside, meaning you all want to stay in and play games right? GOG have you covered with their summer sale.

Games: Cosmic Star Heroine, Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness, Underworld Ascendant, Oxygen Not Included

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Graphics and Games Leftovers

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  • Red Hat Developer Posts DisplayLink DRM/FB Driver Improvements

    It's been a while since last having any Linux driver progress to report on for the DisplayLink hardware that is found in many of the USB-powered displays. Fortunately, Red Hat developer Mikulas Patocka has posted a set of improvements to the DisplayLink kernel drivers of the UDL-KMS DRM driver and the UDLFB frame-buffer driver.

  • mesa 18.0.5

    Mesa 18.0.5 is now available.

    In this release we have:

    Mesa core fixes GL_UNSIGNED_INT64_ARB usage, get rid of leak when using
    glUseProgram(), add glUniform*ui{v} support for display lists, and fixes texture
    finalizing that were causing assertions in CTS tests.

    Several fixes for intel/i965 driver: support blits and clears in surfaces with
    offsets, several patches around buffer textures, support for 2x6 configuration
    l3 banks count, properly CCS_D buffers initialization, and properly rounding
    mode set.

    RADV also gets couple of fixes, for centroid interpolation and for SRGB compute

    Finally, we have also several other fixes in different parts of the framework.

  • Mesa 18.0.5 Released, But It's Now Time To Upgrade To Mesa 18.1+

    Mesa 18.0.5 is out as the latest point release for the Mesa 18.0 release from Q1'2018, but it also now marks the end of the series.

    The Mesa 18.0.5 update has several Intel i965 OpenGL driver fixes, some core Mesa fixes, a few updates for the RADV Vulkan driver, and other basic alterations. This though is the final planned point release now that Mesa 18.1.1 is out so users are encouraged to upgrade to this newer series, or if you enjoy the bleeding-edge graphics stack, you can always be riding Mesa 18.2-dev.

  • The original Doom, one of 64 Objects that shaped video game history

    Doom’s success lay not only with its addicting gameplay and technical innovations, such as its introduction of a portable game engine, but also in its innovative digital distribution. Note the prominent “shareware” advertisement on the top front of the game packaging. This groundbreaking game earned a spot in the inaugural class of the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

  • 'Overload' revives the cramped combat of classic shooter 'Descent' (Available for Linux on Steam!)

Games: Plutocracy, Metanoia, A Robot Named Fight, Arcan Project

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  • Plutocracy, a game about using wealth and power to rule from the shadows, is seeking additional funding

    Ever fancy using your vast wealth to hire lobbyists and manipulate the media to get politicians to do what you wanted while you crush your economic rivals? Plutocracy is a game that will allow you to live your wildest oligarchic fantasies but its developers are seeking to raise more funds to finish the game first.

  • Metanoia is a first person adventure in Early Access that is set within the mind

    Though there’s still a long way to go before the game is polished and complete, I found that the initial build has a few promising things that you can enjoy already.

  • Some thoughts on A Robot Named Fight, a fleshy metroidvania experience

    This metroidvania title has you facing off the scourge of biological life to save your robotic utopia. After spending my time blasting everything with a pulse I have a few thoughts to share.

  • The Arcan Display Server's Progress With VR, Wayland Support & Security Experiments

    One of the most fascinating hobbyist projects of interest on Phoronix in recent years has been Arcan, the display server built off a game engine and that has been amassing an interesting feature set, and with it the project's Durden desktop environment. The project is celebrating its two year milestone since going public so they have recapped some of their recent work.

  • Revisiting the Arcan Project

    Two years has passed since the public presentation where Arcan and its ecosystem of side projects and tools started to creep out of the woodworks; although the project had been alive and worked on for well-over a decade at that point. A lot of things have evolved and developed in a positive direction since the time of that presentation, and this post aims to provide an overview of those changes.

    But before that, the ‘elevator- pitch’ to the modern tweet-length attention spanned reader goes as follows:

14 of the Best Free Games For Linux

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“Free” and “Linux” go hand in hand beautifully, like chips and a milkshake, and even though Linux isn’t widely seen as a gaming platform, there is a veritable wealth of free games you can get for it if you look in the right places. That’s in large part thanks to unpaid, open-source developers, who collaborate to bring classics (and new games) all together in Linux.

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Graphics and Games

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  • Initial Vulkan Performance On macOS With Dota 2 Is Looking Very Good

    Yesterday Valve released Vulkan support for Dota 2 on macOS. Indeed, this first major game relying upon MoltenVK for mapping Vulkan over the Apple Metal drivers is delivering performance gains.

  • [ANNOUNCE] mesa 18.1.1

    Numerous fixes for radv, a few fixes for i965, tegra, amd/addrlib, dri3, virgl, tgsi, nv30, opencl, core mesa, core vulkan, st/mesa, etnaviv and spirv all got fixes.

  • Mesa 18.1.1 Released With Many OpenGL + Vulkan Driver Fixes

    For those waiting until the first point release of a new Mesa series before updating, Mesa 18.1.1 is out to kick off June as the first update to Mesa 18.1.

  • Steam Linux Usage In May Creeps Up To 0.57%

    Following the Steam Survey corrections beginning with the April numbers that came following slightly inaccurate numbers due to cyber-cafe reporting and at a time when there has been large swings in users due to popular games like PUBG, the numbers for May 2018 have barely budged on the Linux front.

    The May 2018 Steam numbers are out and they report a Linux gaming population of 0.57%, or an increase of just 0.02%. Meanwhile, macOS was the big winner with a 0.14% increase in its pull away from Windows. The overall macOS numbers are up to 3.07%. Windows continues to hover around the 96% mark on Steam.

Games Leftovers

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Games Leftovers

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  • Beep boop the Feral Interactive port radar has a UFO sighting for a new Linux port

    Deep breaths commander, there's a new UFO sighting on the Feral Interactive port radar indicating a new Linux port is on the way.


    We've still got Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia yet to come from Feral, so another showing up is quite exciting news. They've ported so many top quality games to Linux now, it's really quite incredible and it's pleasing to see this continue!

  • It's time to begin your descent, as the six-degree-of-freedom shooter 'Overload' is now out

    Overload [Official Site] is easily one of the best six-degree-of-freedom shooters in my eyes and the full release is now available with great Linux support. I've played a number of similar games, but nothing has come as close to perfection as this for me.

  • Xbox Ambassadors rewarded with prizes take over from paid staff who trained them

    Microsoft laid off a team of Xbox support staff earlier this month, replacing them with volunteer Xbox fans, according to two sources affected by the layoffs.

  • Vulkan-Powered Dota 2 For macOS Released, Linux Comparison Tests Incoming

    Back when Vulkan for macOS/iOS was announced at the end of February thanks to the opening up of MoltenVK for mapping Vulkan atop Apple's Metal graphics API, Valve announced they would be bringing Dota 2 on Vulkan to Mac. Today that milestone has finally been reached.

    Vulkan support on Dota 2 under macOS is now available for delivering improved performance and better stability. This support on macOS requires enabling the Vulkan support DLC within Steam for the game and then switching to the Vulkan renderer from the in-game settings, as confirmed this evening by Valve's Pierre-Loup Griffais on Twitter.

Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $199

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Attempts to establish Linux as a gaming platform have failed time and time again, with Valve’s SteamOS being the latest high-profile casualty. Yet, Linux has emerged as a significant platform in the much smaller niche of retro gaming, especially on the Raspberry Pi. Atari has now re-emerged from the fog of gaming history with an Ubuntu-based Atari VCS gaming and media streaming console aimed at retro gamers.

In addition to games, the Atari VCS will also offer Internet access and optional voice control. With a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the system can be used as a standard Linux computer. The catch is that the already delayed systems won’t ship until July 2019.

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Games: Surviving Mars, Remnant, Tannenberg, Cultist Simulator

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More in Tux Machines

KDE and GNOME: Kubuntu 18.04 Reviewed, Akademy, Cutelyst and GUADEC

  • Kubuntu 18.04 Reviewed in Linux ( Pro ) Magazine
    Kubuntu Linux has been my preferred Linux distribution for more than 10 years. My attraction to the KDE desktop and associated application set, has drawn from Kubuntu user, to a tester, teacher, developer, community manager and councilor. I feel really privileged to be part of, what can only be described as, a remarkable example of the free software, and community development of an exceptional product. This latest release 18.04, effectively the April 2018 release, is a major milestone. It is the first LTS Long Term Support release of Kubuntu running the “Plasma 5” desktop. The improvements are so considerable, in both performance and modern user interface ( UI ) design, that I was really excited about wanting to tell the world about it.
  • Going to Akademy
    Happy to participate in a tradition I’ve admired from afar but never been able to do myself… until this year. My tickets are bought, my passport is issued, and I’m going to Akademy! Hope to see you all there!
  • System76's New Manufacturing Facility, Ubuntu 17.10 Reaches End of Life, Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, Stranded Deep Now Available for Linux and Cutelyst New Release
    Cutelyst, a C++ web framework based on Qt, has a new release. The update includes several bug fixes and some build issues with buildroot. See Dantti's Blog for all the details. Cutelyst is available on GitHub.
  • GUADEC 2018 Videos: Help Wanted
    At this year’s GUADEC in Almería we had a team of volunteers recording the talks in the second room. This was organized very last minute as initially the University were going to do this, but thanks to various efforts (thanks in particular to Adrien Plazas and Bin Li) we managed to record nearly all the talks. There were some issues with sound on both the Friday and Saturday, which Britt Yazel has done his best to overcome using science, and we are now ready to edit and upload the 19 talks that took place in the 2nd room. To bring you the videos from last year we had a team of 5 volunteers from the local team who spent our whole weekend in the Codethink offices. (Although none of us had much prior video editing experience so the morning of the first day was largely spent trying out different video editors to see which had the features we needed and could run without crashing too often… and the afternoon was mostly figuring out how transitions worked in Kdenlive).
  • GUADEC 2018
    This year I attended my second GUADEC in beautiful Almería, Spain. As with the last one I had the opportunity to meet many new people from the extended GNOME community which is always great and I can’t recommend it enough for anybody involved in the project. [...] Flatpak continues to have a lot of healthy discussions at these events. @matthiasclasen made a post summarizing the BoF so check that out for the discussions of the soon landing 1.0 release. So lets start with the Freedesktop 18.07 (date based versioning now!) runtime which is in a much better place than 1.6 and will be solving lots of problems such as multi-arch support and just long term maintainability. I was really pleased to see all of the investment in BuildStream and the runtime from CodeThink which is really needed in the long term.

Red Hat and Fedora

Android: Video Editors, Antitrust/Forks, and Fuchsia OS

OSS Leftovers

  • Mitre to Use Open Source Tool for Cyber Evaluations on 8 Companies
    Mitre will deploy an open source tool to assess the cybersecurity capabilities of eight companies and subsequently release findings in October as part of an initiative by the nonprofit research organization, ExecutiveBiz reported Thursday. The Washington Business Journal reported Tuesday that Mitre will utilize its Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge platform to help conduct evaluations on the cyber offerings of Carbon Black (Nasdaq: CBLK), CounterTack, CrowdStrike, Cylance, Endgame, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), RSA and SentinelOne.
  • News:-Apache’s Project Kafka has released stable latest version 1.1.1
    Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform to publish, store, subscribe, and process the records. Kafka is broadly used for real-time streaming of the data between systems or applications. There are various applications in which Kafka is used like samza and confluent for Real-time Financial Alerts. Big brand names like The NewYork Times, Pinterest, Zalando, Rabobank, LINE, trivago are few of them who are using Kafka.
  • Creating Open-Source Projects Companies Want to Sponsor
  • IBM reflects on open source some 20 years into it
    Open source might be a relatively new trend in telecom, but it’s been around at least 20 years, and that’s something OSCON 2018 organizers want to make sure attendees here are aware. The open source convention known as OSCON hosts developers, IT managers, system administrators and just plain geeks who want to learn the latest in blockchain, Kubernetes or other technical arenas and hear inspiring stories about open source. The convention is back in Portland this week after having been held in Austin, Texas, the past two years. In telecom, operators want their vendors to deliver based on open source platforms. Various initiatives are under way, but not every vendor is rushing to the party. Through the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), for example, operators are developing reference designs so that everyone in the supply chain knows what solutions operators plan to procure and deploy.
  • Perspecta Participates in Open Source Summit as Conference Sponsor; Mac Curtis Comments
    Perspecta (NYSE: PRSP) served as a sponsor of the 7th Annual Open Source Summit organized by the Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance to discuss the use of open source software in industry and government, ExecutiveBiz reported July 13.
  • Get rich with Firefox or *(int *)NULL = 0 trying: Automated bug-bounty hunter build touted
    Do you love Firefox, Linux, and the internet? Are you interested in earning money from the comfort of your own home? Are you OK with a special flavor of Firefox quietly gobbling up memory in a hunt for exploitable security bugs? If so, Mozilla has a deal for you. The open internet organization (and search licensing revenue addict) would like you to go about your usual browsing business with a special Firefox build designed to automatically report potential security flaws in the software back to the mothership. If you do so, and the reported error turns out to be a legit exploitable vulnerability that Firefox engineers can fix, you'll be rewarded as if you'd submitted the errant code to Mozilla's bug bounty program. That's right, kids. Your aimless online procrastination could be your ticket to riches through the ASan Nightly Project.
  • Why an ops career
    It’s been a great “family reunion” of FOSS colleagues and peers in the OSCON hallway track this week. I had a conversation recently in which I was asked “Why did you choose ops as a career path?”, and this caused me to notice that I’ve never blogged about this rationale before. I work in roles revolving around software and engineering because they fall into a cultural sweet spot offering smart and interesting colleagues, opportunities for great work-life balance, and exemplary compensation. I also happen to have taken the opportunity to spend over a decade building my skills and reputation in this industry, which helps me keep the desirable roles and avoid the undesirable ones. Yet, many people in my field prefer software development over operations work.
  • Free and open source software for public health information systems in India
  • David's Progress on The Free Software Directory, internship weeks 2-3
    I'm working on creating a list of free software extensions for Mozilla-based browsers on the Free Software Directory based on data from This is needed because the official extensions repository includes many proprietary extensions. I found out that it's not possible to use the API to list add-on collections, so I submitted a bug report for this. To my surprise they declined my suggestion, so I had to add a function to my program to parse it manually. Then I went on and wrote a detailed README file to describe the philosophy for the project to make it easy for anyone to contribute. I merged my source code to the Savannah GNU package called Free Software Directory, which also has scripts for importing data from Debian. I started a collection of IceCat add-ons and recommended IceCat (and Abrowser) to use it in Tools -> Add-ons (about:addons) -> Get Add-ons.
  • PHP version 5.6.37, 7.0.31, 7.1.20 and 7.2.8
  • An Introduction to Using Git
    If you’re a developer, then you know your way around development tools. You’ve spent years studying one or more programming languages and have perfected your skills. You can develop with GUI tools or from the command line. On your own, nothing can stop you. You code as if your mind and your fingers are one to create elegant, perfectly commented, source for an app you know will take the world by storm.
  • Open Source and Standard-Essential Patents: More Alike Than Not
    The unspoken question that this paper raises in my mind is whether it may be incorrect to speak of Open Source and standardization as separate activities at all.  Instead, Open Source might correctly be viewed as a species of standardization activity, with particular license conditions and membership conditions. The success of Open Source activities—and other standards that implement royalty-free commitments, such as Bluetooth—shows that there’s a place in the continuum of standards policy for royalty-free licensing when participants wish that to be the case.