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Top 10 Best Games on Steam for Linux So Far

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Gaming Steam for Linux has already garnered quite a few interesting games, but some of them will stand out due to their quality. We compiled a list of the most interesting titles that are working right now and have the most potential.

Steam for Linux arrives, celebrates with sale

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Gaming Valve announced today that Steam is now available for the open-source operating system Linux. To celebrate the release, Valve kicked off a week-long sale on 50 available Linux games.

Is 2013, the year of Linux gaming?

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Gaming Could Linux end up the default OS for gaming on the PC - it's more possible than you think...

Supporting Linux isn't worth the hassle

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  • Carmack: Supporting Linux isn't worth the hassle
  • Gemini Rue developer seeking Linux beta testers
  • Carmack would be stunned by mainstream Linux gaming support
  • Counter-Strike: Source Is Now Available on Steam
  • Shank 2 and Psychonauts Available on Steam
  • See you soon Cyber-Cowboy…

id Software Hits Linux Gamers with a Wine Bat

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  • id Software Hits Linux Gamers with a Wine Bat
  • Steam games in Slackware
  • Behold! The Game-Make-inator!
  • Unvanquished Alpha 12 Brings Lots Of Churn
  • Wargame: European Escalation Coming Soon
  • Hairy Tales may be ported to Linux

An In-depth Look at Steam for Linux

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Gaming Though still in beta, Valve’s Steam client for Linux is stable, fast, and from what we can tell, matches the feature-set of the Windows and OS X clients 1:1. That being the case, there felt like no better time than the present to dive in, give a tour and relay our experiences with both the client and a slew of games.

The Uncertain Age of Steam on Linux

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Gaming Linux has not received much attention from the major gaming houses, even though it seems a natural fit as a robust gaming platform, so the announcement of the Steam for Linux beta last December generated a lot of interest.

FlightGear 2.10 at landing altitude

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Gaming One of the most successful open source projects ever existed is about to release another major version, and as the release candidates were made available, I thought it would be a good time to take a look on what’s coming.

Valve ports Half-Life to Linux

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Gaming In order for Steam to be a success on Linux it needs lots of games, and it needs games from all the major publishers going forward. But because this is Steam, Valve has a back catalog of games to call upon that everyone still wants to play. One of those games is Half-Life, and Valve has now made it available on Steam for Linux.

Gaming on Linux: A guide for sane people with limited patience

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Gaming So, you want to play games on your Linux machine. Oh, boy. Batten down the hatches, because we're about to show you how to do some real computing. You ever compiled something, kid?

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