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GamingOnLinux Reviews - Psychonauts

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Gaming I had first heard about Psychonauts as an industry curiosity mentioned in a series of video lectures about the history and development of video gaming as an art form. Mentioned as a notable commercial flop for the industry, the lecturer nevertheless pointed it out as a model of good video game storytelling.

101 Most Fun Open Source Games and Apps

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Gaming As we do every summer, we've pulled together our list of 101 of the "funnest" open source apps ever created. Of course, most of these are games, but there are also a few fun non-games at the end of the list.

Improve Your PC Gaming by 100% in 5 Minutes

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  • HOWTO Improve Your PC Gaming by 100% in 5 Minutes
  • NOWHERE The Very Odd Indie Game Thats Hard To Understand
  • Steam sale helping some games big time

Grappling Hook is now lower in price

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  • Grappling Hook is now lower in price
  • Strike Suit Zero Linux Beta Could Start Today
  • Steam for Linux Summer Sale – Day Two Discounts
  • World Of Tanks On Linux...BoooooooM..!! (video)

LindenLab Giving a Second Life to Desura

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  • LindenLab Giving a Second Life to Desura
  • Why Valve Is Working On LLDB Debugger For Linux
  • Leadwerks brings native 3D game development to Linux
  • All Half-Life 2 Games Are Now 75% Off for Linux
  • Desktop Dungeons will come after a Unity upgrade
  • Dota 2: Soon for Linux!

Steam for Linux Officially Brings 64-bit Gaming Support

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  • Steam for Linux Officially Brings 64-bit Gaming Support
  • Legacy OS 2 Gamer 2.1 Is a Distro for PCs Older than Their Owners
  • Crytek need a Linux programmer for CryENGINE

Opening the Box: Open Pandora Review

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Gadgets There are a lot of really cool open source devices out there, but there has always been one particular piece of hardware that we’ve wanted to cover, one device that really sums up in our mind the concept of community development: the Open Pandora.

First Chapter of The Raven – Legacy of Master of Thief Arriving July 23rd

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Gaming Nordic Games has announced the release of the first in-game trailer for The Raven – Legacy of Master of Thief Chapter 1. Players will be able to download the game on July 23rd for PC, Mac and Linux.

An Interview and Preview with IndieCity

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  • An Interview and Preview with IndieCity on Linux
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Is Now Free to Play
  • Humble Weekly Sale Features All the Two Tribes Games in One Package

Natural Selection 2 developers tease more Linux info

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Gaming Another day another Natural Selection 2 Linux progress update! Yes it's real, it's coming and here's more info for you!

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Kodi 16 Is Dubbed Jarvis, Arrives Later This Year with DirectX 11 Support, More

After pushing the first Release Candidate (RC) version of the upcoming Kodi 15.2 maintenance version of Isengard (Kodi 15) to testers worldwide on the last day of August, the developers of the popular media center software formerly known as XBMC have the pleasure of informing us all about the codename and features of Kodi 16. Read more

Alcatel built a 17-inch Android tablet for your kitchen

Alcatel wants its new 17.3-inch Xess tablet to be a multipurpose hub for the family, providing recipes in the kitchen, films in the living room, and a digital whiteboard for to-do lists and upcoming events. However, the severely underpowered Android device doesn't seem to be capable of entertaining even a single individual, let alone a whole household. The device has a fine 1920 x 1080 display, but an unspecified 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM mean that even swiping through pages of apps becomes a chore as icons are dragged slowly across the screen. Alcatel has stressed that the Xess is still a prototype at this stage, but it's in need of some serious upgrades. Read more

Elive 2.6.10 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.6.10 Read more