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Games: Arakion: Book One, Albion Online, Tales of Maj'Eyal, Enchanted Cave 2

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Games: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Support in Steam Client Beta and More

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Games: Spartan Fist, Battle for Wesnoth, Unity, Flufftopia and More

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Games: Siralim 3, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, Steam Survey

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  • Mechanically deep monster taming RPG 'Siralim 3' to be on Linux "a few weeks" after Windows

    I'm a huge fan of monster taming RPGs and seeing more of them get released on PC with Linux support is great. Siralim 3 [Official Site] is another that will have a Linux version.

    The developer, Thylacine Studios, has announced today that the Windows version is going to enter Early Access on My 25th. The Linux version will be "few weeks after that". Considering the previous Siralim games were on Linux, it's good to see this continue.

  • Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia to be on Linux "one to two months" after the Windows release

    Feral Interactive [Official Site] have today announced that the Linux version of Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia should be on Linux "one to two months" after the Windows release.

  • Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Coming To Linux In A Month Or Two

    Back in February Feral Interactive announced they were bringing Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia to Linux. While the game is being released for Windows this week, the Linux port is coming in the next month or two.

    With Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia set to launch on 3 May for Windows, Feral Interactive tweeted and subsequently posted to Reddit a short time ago an update on their porting status. "We are closing fast on the macOS and Linux versions, and are currently *aiming* for macOS and Linux releases one to two months after the Windows release on May 3rd."

  • Steam's Linux Gaming Marketshare For April Comes In At Just Above 0.5%

    With the start of a new month comes the usual updated usage statistics for Valve's Steam gaming service, which for the past month represents an increase in Linux gamers.

    The April 2018 statistics for the Steam Hardware/Software Survey show the Linux gaming market-share at now 0.55%, an increase of 0.22% from the month prior when the Linux users came in at just one-third of a percent. This is quite an increase month-over-month but still tiny compared to the nearly 3% for macOS gamers or 96% for Windows.

Wine and Games Leftover

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Games: Black Geyser, Jupiter Hell, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Atari VCS

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  • Black Geyser is an interesting-looking RPG that’s being crowdfunded

    Set in a world that’s being beset by a curse of greed, this isometric RPG is trying to put its own unique touches on the tried and true formula.

  • Jupiter Hell, the modern turn-based sci-fi roguelike is going with Vulkan

    Jupiter Hell [Official Site], the modern turn-based sci-fi roguelike from developer ChaosForge is moving over to using Vulkan.

    Announced on their Kickstarter update back in March, where they announced their public Alpha release for backers, they also detailed what's to come for Jupiter Hell in their next build due in June. Turns out, Vulkan support is going in. I would have noticed sooner, but since I backed the game at the "Early Access" level I haven't been following it too deeply with all the alpha-related information coming in.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider has a new opt-in beta to help with NVIDIA issues

    Have you been having problems with the Linux port of Rise of the Tomb Raider? A new opt-in beta released today from Feral Interactive may help with that. See also: Our port report of the Linux version.

  • The Linux-powered Atari VCS will accept pre-orders May 30th, shipping next year

    The Linux-powered Atari VCS [Official Site] console is officially starting pre-orders next month on May 30th, with it not actually shipping until spring next year.

    The pre-orders will be done exclusively through their IndieGoGo page, with the wooden-front unit being a time-limited collector's edition.


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Games: BATIM, Nintendo Switch, Make Sail

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Games: Wine 3.7 and Games for GNU/Linux

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Leap Motion details low-cost AR headset, plans to go open source

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“We believe that the fundamental limit in technology is not its size or its cost or its speed,” writes Leap Motion, “but how we interact with it.”

This statement demonstrates the fresh perspective that companies like Leap Motion have been bringing to the commercial 3D tech industry. In fact, in the past year or two, we’ve started to feel a sea change as even the most entrenched, traditional manufacturers in the commercial 3D space have taken a hard turn toward simplicity of operation and sheer usability.

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15 books for kids who (you want to) love Linux and open source

In my job I've heard professionals in tech, from C-level executives to everyone in between, say they want their own kids to learn more about Linux and open source. Some of them seem to have an easy time with their kids following closely in their footsteps. And some have a tough time getting their kids to see what makes Linux and open source so cool. Maybe their time will come, maybe it won't. There's a lot of interesting, valuable stuff out there in this big world. Read more

Security: VPNFilter, Encryption in GNU/Linux, Intel CPU Bug Affecting rr Watchpoints

  • [Crackers] infect 500,000 consumer routers all over the world with malware

    VPNFilter—as the modular, multi-stage malware has been dubbed—works on consumer-grade routers made by Linksys, MikroTik, Netgear, TP-Link, and on network-attached storage devices from QNAP, Cisco researchers said in an advisory. It’s one of the few pieces of Internet-of-things malware that can survive a reboot. Infections in at least 54 countries have been slowly building since at least 2016, and Cisco researchers have been monitoring them for several months. The attacks drastically ramped up during the past three weeks, including two major assaults on devices located in Ukraine. The spike, combined with the advanced capabilities of the malware, prompted Cisco to release Wednesday’s report before the research is completed.

  • Do Not Use sha256crypt / sha512crypt - They're Dangerous

    I'd like to demonstrate why I think using sha256crypt or sha512crypt on current GNU/Linux operating systems is dangerous, and why I think the developers of GLIBC should move to scrypt or Argon2, or at least bcrypt or PBKDF2.

  • Intel CPU Bug Affecting rr Watchpoints
    I investigated an rr bug report and discovered an annoying Intel CPU bug that affects rr replay using data watchpoints. It doesn't seem to be hit very often in practice, which is good because I don't know any way to work around it. It turns out that the bug is probably covered by an existing Intel erratum for Skylake and Kaby Lake (and probably later generations, but I'm not sure), which I even blogged about previously! However, the erratum does not mention watchpoints and the bug I've found definitely depends on data watchpoints being set. I was able to write a stand-alone testcase to characterize the bug. The issue seems to be that if a rep stos (and probably rep movs) instruction writes between 1 and 64 bytes (inclusive), and you have a read or write watchpoint in the range [64, 128) bytes from the start of the writes (i.e., not triggered by the instruction), then one spurious retired conditional branch is (usually) counted. The alignment of the writes does not matter, and it's not related to speculative execution.

In Memoriam: Robin "Roblimo" Miller, a Videographer and Free Software Champion

Videographer Robin Roblimo Miller

Robin "Roblimo" Miller was a clever, friendly, and very amicable individual who everyone I know has plenty of positive things to say about. I had the pleasure of speaking to him for several hours about anything from personal life and professional views. Miller was a very knowledgeable person whose trade as a journalist and video producer I often envied. I have seen him facing his critics in his capacity as a journalist over a decade ago when he arranged a debate about OOXML (on live radio). Miller, to me, will always be remembered as a strong-minded and investigative journalist who "did the right thing" as the cliché goes, irrespective of financial gain -- something which can sometimes be detrimental to one's longterm health. Miller sacrificed many of his later years to a cause worth fighting for. This is what we ought to remember him for. Miller was - and always will be - a FOSS hero.

May everything you fought for be fulfilled, Mr. Miller. I already miss you.

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