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Exiled Kingdoms - a mobile RPG with decent depth, now on Linux

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Hello and welcome to my first article on GOL. Today I will talk about a game I played on Android and eventually on Linux called Exile Kingdoms. I first played this game on a tablet, under circumstances I have honestly forgotten, but it left an impression. I decided to pick it up on Steam to relive the experience on a more comfortable platform.

However, I won't lie, the game is primitive by modern standards. The graphics are somewhere between Dink Smallwood and Diablo 1, and the combat is retro with lots of stutter.

Yet despite all this, I like it. I like it a lot. So why is that? Well for one it has a big world. And due to the lack of fast travel, excluding mage towers that can teleport you, it just feels big. In this respect it reminds me of Morrowind, where you had to use Silt Striders and Mage Guilds to move long distances. Oblivion, by comparison, seemed to lose a lot by allowing the player to teleport everywhere like Captain Picard.

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Chaotic co-op cooking game Overcooked! 2 is now officially out with same-day Linux support

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Developer Ghost Town Games along with publisher Team17 have today released the chaotic co-op cooking game Overcooked! 2.

As expected, this sequel comes with same-day Linux support which is especially nice since the first game wasn't on Linux.

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Games: Valheim, Dead Cells, Airships: Conquer the Skies, One Zero Three, Din's Legacy

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Software and Games: Web Tools, Howtos, Dicey Dungeons and Xenko 3.0

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  • vcrpy for web related tests

    It is a Python module which helps to write faster and simple tests involving HTTP requests. It records all the HTTP interactions in plain text files (by default in a YAML file). This helps to write deterministic tests, and also to run them in offline.

  • 6 Best Online Linux Bash Editors

    If you have been following our posts, we published an article that lists the best online terminal platforms for learning how to work with the Linux not too long ago.

    I hear you ask “how are online Linux terminals different from online Bash editors?” – well, for starters, bash editors are the best apps to use for creating and executing bash scripts and some online terminals don’t even allow you to work with local files and save data.

    If you want to go beyond the beginner-level scripting then a bash editor is what you need and below is our list of the best online platforms you can use right from your browser.

  • How to use Apache as Reverse Proxy on CentOS & RHEL
  • Suricata IDS with ELK and Web Frontend on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Installing Android on VirtualBox
  • Dicey Dungeons, a new roguelike from Terry Cavanagh is a little bit addictive

    Dicey Dungeons is a new roguelike from Terry Cavanagh, Marlowe Dobbe, and Chipzel that seems quite simple, until you start getting further in and it becomes quite addictive.

    I've been silently following it for a while, as a fan of Cavanagh's previous games like Super Hexagon and VVVVVV I've been quite curious to see what it's like. Today, he put out a new build with fresh art from Marlowe Dobbe and music from Chipzel so it seemed like a good time to jump on in.

    What surprised me the most, is how deceptive the game is with its initial simplicity. You move around a really basic board, battling anyone you land on as you move. In terms of style and overall presentation, it's incredibly simple, but in terms of gameplay it's something else entirely.

  • Xenko 3.0 game engine is here, now free and open-source

    Xenko, a game engine owned by Silicon Studios has officially released its third version on August 2. The major change in Xenko 3.0 is the transition to being open-source. It also comes with changes made to the project system and added support for videos as well as hair, and skin rendering.

Games Leftovers

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Space Strategy Game ‘Star Ruler 2’ Goes Open Source

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It’s rare to hear of a well-regarded game making the jump from closed source to open source software, but space strategy game Star Ruler 2 has done just that.

The (now defunct) company behind this stunning 4X real-time strategy game has released the source code for both the main game and its expansion pack to the public, for free.

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Games: Xenko, Rise of the Tomb Raider and More

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Games Leftovers

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  • You Can't Compete With Free Meets Its Ultimate Counterexample In The NES Classic

    Of all the frustration-causing mantras of stupidity we here at Techdirt have combated over the years, none is quite as annoyingly wrong as: "You can't compete with free!" There are many reasons why it's so frustrating, but basic economics essentially shows that this is a loser's argument for an inability to compete. Given that there are many examples of competing with free, and the fact that the response to these counterfactuals is generally, "nuh uh, you doody head!" it's time that the myth of not being able to compete with free be put to rest. For years, we've highlighted folks pretty easily competing with free versions of their products, typically by either connecting with their fans in a way that causes them to want to buy the authentic version, or else competing by offering something free versions can't, be it convenience, authenticity, or included options for purchase. But what we've always needed to finally put this stupid mantra to rest is a completely pure counterexample showing that it is flatly, plainly, painfully not true.

    Allow me to paint you a picture of the world as it exists today. You will recognize this world, because it is reality. It's a world in which for thirty years, video gaming has become a staple of our entertainment culture. Those of us that have reached middle age will tell you that gaming has essentially always been a part of our lives. We love it, and we particularly love going back to the olden days of gaming and re-enjoying the games we played in our youth. It's also a world in which emulators of early game systems are widely available, as are ROMs for the games we played long ago. We can get them literally any time we want, on everything from our personal computers, to our mobile devices, or on cheap computer systems that come fully stocked with these emulators and games. This is all insanely cheap or, more commonly, completely free.

  • The Panorama UI for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now live for everyone by default

    Valve's massive update to the interface for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Steam] is now officially live for everyone, no longer needing a launch option to be set. This came with a big set of bug fixes, so hopefully it's more stable for those of you who had issues.

  • Indie FPS 'Ballistic Overkill' updated with a new 'Rounds' game mode

    Rounds is a new game mode for Ballistic Overkill that sees two teams of up to 6 players fight to eliminate the other team, each player only has one life per round. It's a common game mode in other first-person shooters, one I actually quite like as it increases the intensity of the game.

  • The excellent adventure platformer 'Iconoclasts' has new game modes
  • NetHack: Legacy is a remastered version of the original NetHack due out this month

    NetHack: Legacy follows on from it's older brother with the aim to make NetHack a bit more modern and accessible.

  • Life Is Strange 2 has an official teaser ahead of a full reveal later this month

    While platforms have yet to be confirmed, it's probably safe to say Feral Interactive will likely be porting Life Is Strange 2 to Linux.

  • The space RPG Star Traders: Frontiers from Trese Brothers Games is now out

    Like their other games Templar Battleforce, Star Traders: 4X Empires and Heroes of Steel RPG it comes with Linux support.

  • Evergarden promises a mysterious world of puzzles, releasing this month

    After being in development for four years, Evergarden from developer Flippfly (Race The Sun) is going to release on August 16th with Linux support. They confirmed Linux support to us on Twitter.

  • A developer from Bohemia Interactive wants to know your interest in the Arma 3 Linux port

    One of the developers from Bohemia Interactive who's active in our community is asking to see how much interest there is in the Linux port of Arma 3 [Steam Page]. Currently, the Linux (and Mac) ports of Arma 3 from Virtual Programming are hidden from the Steam store page, because Bohemia Interactive class them as experimental. You can install it from Steam like any other game, it's just not advertised.

5 of the Best Linux Games to Play in 2018

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Linux may not be establishing itself as the gamer’s platform of choice any time soon – the lack of success with Valve’s Steam Machines seems a poignant reminder of that – but that doesn’t mean that the platform isn’t steadily growing with its fair share of great games.

From indie hits to glorious RPGs, 2018 has already been a solid year for Linux games. Here we’ve listed our five favourites so far.

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Also: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Beast of Winter is now available, some thoughts

Games: Super Indie Karts, CHOP and Lots More

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  • Super Indie Karts, a retro-inspired racer is now available on Linux

    Super Indie Karts from developer One Legged Seagull is now available on Linux in Early Access after the developer had a few people test it. It was originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2014 where it sadly missed the Linux stretch goal, although it didn't miss it by much at all so the developer promised they would do it anyway!

  • CHOP is an arena fighting game with a difference, entering Early Access soon with Linux support

    We have a few 2D fighting games now, so it's nice to see that CHOP [Official Site] is mixing things up a bit as the goal isn't just to have the highest kill count. Instead, you will need to escape the arena through a special portal.

  • Violent twin-stick shooter 'Hatred' is now officially out for Linux

    After it gained a Linux beta back in 2015 it didn't seem like it would ever leave, but developer Destructive Creations has now given the Linux version of Hatred an official release.

  • Fast Dust is a racing game with beaten-up cars that will be coming to Linux

    Most racing games have you in the latest, greatest and most shiny vehicles possible, not so with Fast Dust. Instead, you will be able to choose from 10 unique vehicles that are all a bit beaten up.

  • Action adventure 'Knights and Bikes' is looking good and they shared an update about Linux support

    Knights and Bikes [Official Site], an action adventure game from Foam Sword is currently in development and it's looking really good. Even better, is that they recently shared an update about Linux support.

  • Aground, a 2D adventure RPG enters Early Access this month

    Inspired by the likes of Utopian Mining, Starbound and A Dark Room - Aground [Official Site] promises an adventure RPG with plenty of progression. As one of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island.

    Hey look, yet another game funded on Kickstarter! Seems to be a flurry of them actually being released lately, a lot of them with Linux support like this too. It only recently finished funding back in March as well with over $13K. It seems they continued funding after, with it now hitting over $18K which means they've hit their goal for including co-op multiplayer which should be fun. Not one we actually covered originally and it even has a Linux demo available.

  • Open world tactics game 'Frozen Synapse 2' to hopefully release this month, new gameplay video

    Frozen Synapse 2 [Official Site] is sounding like a huge game, what Mode 7 are calling an open world tactics game and they've now announced that it should release this month. There's no exact date, as the developer doesn't sound too sure just yet (Twitter).

    As for the the Linux release, it's not too clear when it's coming. When speaking to the developers on Twitter, they said it was a 50/50 chance it will be a same-day release with Windows, however it's definitely coming!

  • The latest update to The Escapists 2 has made it a much better game

    The Escapists 2 was just updated with the 'Inmate Induction' update and it finally allows you to have manual saves, fixing a major gripe I had about it.

  • There Are 600+ Games In The Main Debian Repository

    In addition to Keith Packard talking about the state of the Debian GNU/Linux stack for gaming in 2018, during this week's DebConf 18 was a talk by Debian developer Markus Koschany on the state of games for the Linux distribution.

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More in Tux Machines

Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, and CentOS Linux Now Patched Against "Foreshadow" Attacks

Both Canonical and Red Hat emailed us with regards to the L1 Terminal Fault security vulnerability, which are documented as CVE-2018-3620 for operating systems and System Management Mode (SMM), CVE-2018-3646 for impacts to virtualization, as well as CVE-2018-3615 for Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX). They affect all Linux-based operating system and machines with Intel CPUs. "It was discovered that memory present in the L1 data cache of an Intel CPU core may be exposed to a malicious process that is executing on the CPU core. This vulnerability is also known as L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF). A local attacker in a guest virtual machine could use this to expose sensitive information (memory from other guests or the host OS)," reads the Ubuntu security advisory. Read more

Hands-on with Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Beta

I have been out of touch for the past six months, because I accepted a teaching position in Amsterdam. The amount of time that required, and the weekly commute from Switzerland (yes, really, weekly), was vastly more than I expected, and left me no time to do justice to my blog. But now I am back again, and determined to manage my time more effectively and keep up with blogging. Although I haven't been writing, I certainly have been keeping up with news and developments in the Linux world. What really inspired me to get busy and write again was the announcement of LMDE 3 (Cindy) Beta. Hooray! How long have we been waiting for this? It feels like years. Oh, that's because it has been years. Read more

Security Leftovers

  • Theo on the latest Intel issues

    Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) posted to the tech@ mailing list with some background on how the latest discovered Intel CPU issues relate to OpenBSD.


    These 3 issues (CVE-2018-3615, CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646) together are the currently public artifacts of this one bug.

  • Putting Stickers On Your Laptop Is Probably a Bad Security Idea

    Mitchell said political stickers, for instance, can land you in secondary search or result in being detained while crossing a border. In one case, Mitchell said a hacker friend ended up missing a flight over stickers.

  • Video Shows Hotel Security at DEF CON Joking About Posting Photos of Guests' Belongings to Snapchat

    But the room check captured on video suggests the walkthroughs are subject to abuse by hotel personnel who may use them as opportunity to snoop on guests or take and post images for amusement. And accounts of other searches that involved hotel security staff refusing to show ID or showing insufficient ID, and displaying bullying and threatening behavior to guests in occupied rooms, raises questions about the legality of the searches and the tactics and training of security personnel.

  • Researchers in Finland detect vulnerability in password management software
    Researchers identified a security gap in more than 10 applications used by millions around the world, including an app used by Finland's population registry.
  • Trump ends Obama-era rules on US-led cyberattacks: report

    The memorandum required that an extensive interagency process take place before the U.S. government embarks on any cyberattacks. Trump reversed the rules to try and ease some of those restrictions, which critics argued were detrimental to launching the attacks quickly, according to the Journal.

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