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Games: Lord of Dwarves, Objects in Space, Space Haven and PyGame

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Games: Cities: Skylines, GZDoom/Vulkan, VKpipeline, Artifact's and Shotgun Farmers

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  • Cities: Skylines turns four years old, has some impressive stats

    Cities: Skylines, probably the best city-builder available on Linux has turned four years old and Paradox have released some impressive stats on it.

    Firstly, it's officially hit over six million copies sold and seems to show no sign of slowing down. Since the last birthday of the game, it sold over a million more copies so it seems to have a rather healthy life ahead of it.

  • A Vulkan renderer is in the works for GZDoom

    One of the GZDoom developers, dpJudas, has been working diligently on the Vulkan [GitHub] renderer for GZDoom.

    I have tried it out myself and at this point it seems to be coming along nicely, but there are still many loose ends that need to be taken care of, which is only to be expected of such an early work in progress. For example, alt-tabbing out of a full screen window and back into it will make the game crash.

  • Intel Vulkan Driver Now Dumps More To EXT_debug_report, Used By VKpipeline-DB

    The latest work within Mesa 19.1 is for the Intel "ANV" Vulkan driver and that is dumping more shader information within the VK_EXT_debug_report extension. The output of that is then used by the Mesa developers' VKpipeline-DB utility for offline analysis.

    VK_EXT_debug_report is the Vulkan extension for being able to enable error/debug reporting between Vulkan applications/games and the drivers. The debug reporting extension can reveal various information bits useful in debugging crashes and areas for optimization. With the new Mesa Git there is support in the Intel open-source Vulkan Linux driver for dumping shader information with this extension.

  • Valve's card game Artifact has lost almost all players and designer Richard Garfield has left

    Not everything Valve does hits the right spot and it seems the final few nails of Artifact's coffin are being hammered in.

    Back in January, I wrote a small bit about Artifact and how it was bleeding players constantly. I said it would probably "die off completely within another three to six months" and it looks like I could be right there. Even back in January, it still had over two thousand regular players and less than two months later it's sunk down to around six hundred.

  • The innovative FPS 'Shotgun Farmers' has left Early Access with a tasty update

    Shotgun Farmers is a first-person shooter that's not only good fun, it's also rather innovative with how you collect ammo and weapons.

    When you shoot, if you miss and hit the floor, your missed bullets will end up growing new weapons/ammo for anyone luckily enough to run by and grab it. It's such a simple yet genius idea as it works so well! It's also good for a pretty wide audience, since it's quite a colourful and inviting game so both myself and my Son have enjoyed many hours in it.

Best Linux Gaming Distros That Might Be Helpful

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There are plenty of Linux operating systems available for the various purposes. Some of them are also available for the gaming purposes. There are plenty of beautiful Linux operating systems available for the gaming purpose.

Let’s check out some of the best Linux gaming distros that might be helpful and useful for you.

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Videos: Choosing Your First Linux Distribution and Games on GNU/Linux

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Graphics and Games: X.Org Server, Egosoft and "Is Shadow Ghost Cloud Gaming As Great As A Powerful PC?"

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Emulators and Native Linux games on the Raspberry Pi

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Emulators are software that allow you to play games from different systems and different decades on your Raspberry Pi. Of the many emulators available today, the most popular for the Raspberry Pi is RetroPi. You can use it to play games from systems such as Apple II, Amiga, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance, and many others.

If RetroPi sounds interesting, check out these instructions on how to get started, and start having fun today!

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Games: Chained Echoes, GameMode and Proton

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  • The incredible looking 16-bit fantasy RPG Chained Echoes is fully funded and coming to Linux

    Remember Chained Echoes? It's a fantasy 16-bit RPG with dragons, airships and mech units that sounds crazy when put together but it does look good. It's also now fully funded!

  • GameMode Working On GPU Performance Level Tuning For Linux Gaming

    Feral's GameMode daemon for dynamically tuning Linux systems while gaming and reverting to the default behavior when not running games continues to see new capabilities added. 

    Marc Di Luzio, who formerly worked on GameMode for Feral Interactive but then joined Unity Tech and now working on GameMode improvements in his spare time under contract with Valve, has been leading a number of the recent feature additions to this Linux game tuning daemon. Last month he was working on GPU overclocking support while the latest feature work is on allowing GPU performance level tuning support to be enabled.

  • Proton 3.16-8 beta is out for Steam Play with DXVK 1.0 and game fixes

    Just before the weekend appears, we have the brand new Proton 3.16-8 beta available for Valve's Steam Play. This release includes some mighty fine fixes and updates.

    The major upgrade this time around, is bumping DXVK to the 1.0 release. DXVK 1.0 had quite a lot of improvements all around, check the changelog for that here if you're interested. The gist of it is that you should see even more games become compatible and there's some performance improvements too.

  • Proton 3.16-8 Available With DXVK 1.0, Unity Game Fixes

    Valve has released Proton 3.16-8 as their newest release to their Wine fork that adds in various improvements for helping Windows games on Linux primarily to bolster their "Steam Play" functionality.

    Proton 3.16-8 is this new release and the most prominent change is upgrading to DXVK 1.0, which brings performance improvements and other enhancements to this D3D10/D3D11-over-Vulkan layer.

Games Leftovers

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Games: WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, GOG, Spinnortality, Nimbatus, Born Punk, Smith and Winston

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  • WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is the new FPS from 3D Realms, coming to Linux this Summer

    This is going to be awesome, 3D Realms along with KillPixel and 1C Entertainment have revealed WRATH: Aeon of Ruin their new retro-FPS. It's also releasing with Linux support and soon too.

    While Steam only lists Windows system requirements, if you hop on over to the official site there's a Linux "tux" icon to show it will support Linux and the press release sent out by 1C Entertainment has also confirmed this. Need more? Okay, how about the fancy trailer which also shows it:

  • The GOG Midweek Sale has some lovely Linux games included for cheap

    For those who prefer to buy their games from GOG for that DRM-free goodness, they have a Midweek Sale on with some good Linux games in it.

  • Spinnortality: crunching the numbers

    According to Steam I’ve sold 421 Mac copies and 202 Linux copies, out of the current total of 9000.. So almost all of my sales are for Windows copies. I suspect more copies were bought by Linux players but I’m not sure how to verify that; there doesn’t seem to be a “how many people downloaded the Linux version vs. Windows version” tool.

  • Nimbatus, the awesome space drone creation game now has Drone Racing in the latest update

    Nimbatus is a game I've been absolutely in love with from the first moment I touched it and Stray Fawn Studio only continue to impress me with the development of this Early Access title.

    Never heard of Nimbatus? You must be living under a very comfy rock. It's a ridiculously fun game, where you craft drones that you control directly or add a bunch of logic blocks to make them autonomous and then explore a destructible, procedurally generated galaxy.

  • Cyberpunk point & click adventure 'Born Punk' fully funded and heading to Linux

    Good news for fans of both Cyberpunk and Point & Click adventure games, as Born Punk has been fully funded on Kickstarter.

    The campaign just ended today, with over $48K Australian Dollars pledged from nearly 1K backers to help bring it to life. Thanks to some who pledged directly over PayPal, the final total combined was actually over $53K which means it will also get Polish, Italian and Portuguese translations.

  • The destruction-heavy twin-stick shooter 'Smith and Winston' updated with fun new content

    Smith and Winston, an incredibly stylish twin-stick shooter with destructible environments just recently had a rather large update.

    Update 6 was released yesterday with an aim to improve the spit and polish as Execution Unit work towards getting Smith and Winston finished. Since the game originally just dumped you into the thick of it, it left many people (myself included) wondering what the hell was going on. To help a little with that, there's now a sweet intro-video to at least give you a tiny glimpse into the background.

Games: Valve, ProtoCorgi, Super Powered Battle Friends, Oberon, PyGame

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  • A new Steam Beta is up with Vulkan pipeline dumping and collection along with Steam Play improvements

    Valve just put out a new Steam Client Beta with some adjustments needed for Steam Play along with Vulkan pipeline dumping and more.

    First, they've taken another stab at fixing those pesky zero-byte updates that happen in the Linux Steam Client with Steam Play titles. Something that seemed fix but wasn't quite there with it sneaking in again in some situations. This is where Steam wants to download a zero-byte update for all your Windows games installed with Steam Play, a pretty big nuisance.

  • In the shoot 'em up ProtoCorgi, you're a cybernetic pup on a mission to save your owner

    Don't let the cute looks of it fool you, ProtoCorgi made with the free and open source Godot Engine is going to be a shoot 'em up to keep an eye on.

    In the style of some of the classics like R-Type and a great many others, it's a side-scroller so the screen slowly moves to the right as you destroy enemies and progress through.

    Developed by Kemono Games, this pup really does mean business and since it has a demo available for Linux I gave it a run. It feels great, looks good and the Linux demo seems to work very nicely. I'm really looking forward to seeing the full version of this one! Currently the Linux demo is only on, however the developer said it should be on Steam soon also.

  • Super Powered Battle Friends looks like a really fun platform fighter coming to Linux

    Offering up local and online play, the platform fighter (think like Super Smash Bros) Super Powered Battle Friends is coming to Linux.

  • The next major update for the MMO Albion Online named 'Oberon' is due March 20th

    Oberon is going to spice things up quite a bit for Albion Online, one of the few MMOs that actually has a supported Linux version.

    This is the sixth major post-release update for Albion Online, each of them improving the game in many ways. Like those that came before, Oberon will introduce some major new features to keep players happy.

    One of these features involves the Dungeons you can walk into through various points across the map, explore and take down NPCs. The problem is, they are currently quite boring. That should change, as the Oberon update will make these Dungeons procedurally generated lairs with hidden entrances. So not only do you have to find them, when you do they should be different each time which makes the world exploration and PvE in Albion Online a whole lot more interesting. The developers say they have the "potential to contain rare bosses and valuable loot".

  • The winning scene of the game

    Hello and welcome back, in this article we will create the winning scene for this pygame project. Basically, we have already created those winning scene mechanisms in the last project where the game’s winning scene will pop up when the player has concurred all the levels, the player can then press on the play button to restart the game again if he wants to.

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Stable kernels 5.0.3, 4.20.17, 4.19.30, 4.14.107 and 4.9.164

  • Linux 5.0.3
    I'm announcing the release of the 5.0.3 kernel. All users of the 5.0 kernel series must upgrade. The updated 5.0.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-5.0.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:
  • Linux 4.20.17
  • Linux 4.19.30
  • Linux 4.14.107
  • Linux 4.9.164

Firefox 66 Released

Firefox now prevents websites from automatically playing sound. You can add individual sites to an exceptions list or turn blocking off. Read more Also: Firefox 66 Arrives - Blocks Auto-Playing Sounds, Hides Title Bar By Default For Linux

Mozilla/Firefox: Reducing Your Online Annoyances, This Week in Servo Development and Vista 10 Integration

  • Today’s Firefox Aims to Reduce Your Online Annoyances
    Almost a hundred years ago, John Maynard Keyes suggested that the industrial revolution would effectively end work for humans within a couple of generations, and our biggest challenge would be figuring what to do with that time. That definitely hasn’t happened, and we always seem to have lots to do, much of it online. When you’re on the web, you’re trying to get stuff done, and therefore online annoyances are just annoyances. Whether it’s autoplaying videos, page jumps or finding a topic within all your multiple tabs, Firefox can help. Today’s Firefox release minimizes those online inconveniences, and puts you back in control.
  • This Week In Servo 127
    In the past week, we merged 50 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.
  • Passwordless Web Authentication Support via Windows Hello
    Firefox 66, being released this week, supports using the Windows Hello feature for Web Authentication on Windows 10, enabling a passwordless experience on the web that is hassle-free and more secure. Firefox has supported Web Authentication for all desktop platforms since version 60, but Windows 10 marks our first platform to support the new FIDO2 “passwordless” capabilities for Web Authentication.

Lessons in Vendor Lock-in: 3D Printers

One interesting thing about the hobbyist 3D printing market is that it was founded on free software and open hardware ideals starting with the RepRap project. The idea behind that project was to design a 3D printer from off-the-shelf parts that could print as many of its own parts as possible (especially more complex, custom parts like gears). Because of this, the first generation of 3D printers were all homemade using Arduinos, stepper motors, 3D-printed gears and hardware you could find in the local hardware store. As the movement grew, a few individuals started small businesses selling 3D printer kits that collected all the hardware plus the 3D printed parts and electronics for you to assemble at home. Later, these kits turned into fully assembled and supported printers, and after the successful Printrbot kickstarter campaign, the race was on to create cheaper and more user-friendly printers with each iteration. Sites like Thingiverse and YouMagine allowed people to create and share their designs, so even if you didn't have any design skills yourself, you could download and print everyone else's. These sites even provided the hardware diagrams for some of the more popular 3D printers. The Free Software ethos was everywhere you looked. Read more