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Fields Of War Brings 200-Player Mech Battles To Linux

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Gaming If there is one thing that mankind was born to do, it was pilot massive mechs while blowing each other to smithereens. Now Fields of War has stomped onto the scene to fill that role, bringing with it a player count of 200.

Leadwerks: Bringing AAA games to Linux

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Gaming Linux should technically be one of the first choices for game development, due to aspects such as faster OpenGL performance than Windows or Mac. Yet... Enter Leadwerks.

other leftovers:

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  • GNOME Accessibility bid selected
  • Linux Outlaws 314 – Particular Hate
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Linux International boss: Lack of games harmed desktop adoption

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Gaming Linux has struggled to earn its gaming stripes across the years in the face of stiff competiton from Windows and, in recent times, OS X. That began to change when Valve launched its Steam.

Paranautical Activity is on Game Stands

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  • Paranautical Activity is on IndieGameStand and Greenlight
  • The Cheapskate's Corner 5 (Jun 13)
  • Lost Sky Tactical J-RPG [PyGame]

Serious Sam 3: BFE - Blood by the pound

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Gaming Serious Sam 3 cannot be compared to the likes of Call of Duty or aforementioned ArmA II, because its purpose is not to be a realistic war simulation. Instead, the game is oriented toward fun, with lots and lots of gore in it.

Garry's Mod and Painkiller are coming to Linux

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  • Garry's Mod and Painkiller are coming to Linux
  • The Humble Weekly Sale: Serious Sam
  • Garry's Mod Running On Linux
  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is coming to Linux!
  • Alien Arena, an in-depth developers' interview - Part II
  • Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 is Now Available
  • Anomaly 2 pits turret defense against tower offense

GhostControl Inc. coming soon

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  • GhostControl Inc. coming soon
  • 2 GUI tools to check hardware information in Linux
  • Of bugzilla, python, fetchmail, and procmail
  • Server Installation GUI 4.1
  • 8 Free Multitrack Recording Software
  • Sky wallpapers
  • My application base: LibreOffice, graphviz
  • Life with eternal upgrades- XFCE 4.10
  • A look at XFCE 4.10 on Debian Jessie
  • May Stats Show Steam For Linux Use Declining
  • get rid of Firefox’s scrollbar completely
  • DrupalCon Dries Buytaert keynote
  • Quickly create custom software packages with FPM
  • How to cut video using ffmpeg

Serious Sam 4 is going to come to Linux!

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  • Serious Sam 4 is going to come to Linux!
  • A look at Assault Android Cactus
  • 'Alien Arena', an in-depth developers' interview - Part I
  • Save the Date
  • Xonotic 0.7 released
  • 0verkill: Thirteen years after

gaming roundups & stuff

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  • May Linux gaming roundup! And other bits
  • Gaming, Linux Desktop Advances For May 2013
  • Prison Architect, a Smart Game Worth a Look, Now Has Better Riots
  • nsnake: In June, there shall be games

The five best computer games ever

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Gaming Summarizing twenty plus years of one's gaming experience into a single piece with just five top titles is quite an intellectual challenge. You have to go through your memory banks and normalize the sensations and thrills you had back then, and never forget the circumstances you played these games. Your first 256-color game, must be something, eh?

World of Goo Developer Debuts Little Inferno For Linux

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Gaming Developer of the mega-successful casual strategy gem World of Goo is back, and this time they’ve brought Linux along for the first ride!

Humble Double Fine Bundle Mega-Review

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Gaming Still unsure whether Double Fine’s Humble Bundle is worth the money and bandwidth? With only six days left to claim your copies, we go hands-on with every game to help you decide…

Don't Starve Review

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Gaming I feel like the developers at Klei Entertainment really wanted to make a survival horror game and messed up somewhere down the line in a good way. Normally titles in this genre involve characters trying to live through a horrific experience with only their physical prowess and weapons to defend themselves.

Valve Release Portal Beta For Linux

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Gaming Steam for Linux users rejoice! Valve has released a Portal Beta for Linux on Steam

Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Linux Coming

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  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Linux Coming
  • Monster Loves you! currently being tested for Linux
  • New Steam Client Beta Available
  • INSURGENCY FPS coming to Linux

Sir, You Are Being Hunted gets gameplay trailers

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Gaming Sir, You Are Being Hunted is an interesting little game that’s gearing up to hit PC, Mac and Linux platforms this July.

Brutal Legend for Linux appears in Steam

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  • Brutal Legend for Mac and Linux appears in Steam database
  • Tennis Elbow 2013 Now Available For Linux
  • "Among the Sleep" Horror Game Guarantees You'll Never Sleep Again
  • Steam for Linux Client Prepares for Upcoming Releases
  • Three new Linux games hit Desura

Frozen Bubble Might Be The Most Addictive Linux Game Of All

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Gaming Waste your time the right way – shoot bubbles at similarly colored bubbles, in the hope of freeing the entire board of bubbles just long enough for more bubbles to show up. It’s called Frozen Bubble, and it’s more than a game.

Reviewing OpenPandora - Chapter one

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Gaming I rarely review hardware, but I was contacted by Michael Mrozek, the CEO of OpenPandora GmbH, and asked to review their Pandora product, the world's smallest, most powerful micro-gaming computer.

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