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Wargaming Mobilizes with Linux and Open Source

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Gaming Online game developer and publisher Wargaming relies on Linux and open source software to produce and distribute its line of popular military strategy games, says Maksim Melnikau, a solution architect at Wargaming.

Gnome Video Arcade

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Gaming Gnome Video Arcade is a simple Mame frontend designed to work well under Gnome. It is generally a very simple way to get your roms running in your system without much fuss, but what is Mame and what are the roms you will have to use?

Also: Steam has greenlit more games for Linux

Prepare for the First Steam Summer Sale

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  • Linux Users Must Prepare for the First Steam Summer Sale
  • freecell: Simple, fast, addicting
  • Minecraft Crosses 11 Million Units Sold
  • Portal for Linux Leaves Beta, Now Available to All
  • Unvanquished summer tournament
  • The Joystick and Other Game Controllers
  • Hotline Miami 2 will be coming to Linux!

Portal out of Beta, what's next for Valve's Linux titles?

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Gaming That's right yet another title is now official stable enough not be in Beta, that's Portal for Linux!

How to Build a Linux Gaming PC

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HowTos The free Linux operating system has been around for ages, but its inherent complexity and limited support has always relegated its use to extreme enthusiasts, programmers, and other hardcore types. That might be changing, though. We decided to build a Linux gaming box to see for ourselves.

vitetris: Pick of the litter

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  • vitetris: Pick of the litter
  • Adventure Game "The Raven" Now Has a 20% Discount
  • Valve Finally Fixes the Web Interface of Steam for Linux

Half-Life 3 confirmed?

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Gaming The future saviour of PC gaming and the only game we'll need to play ever was possibly confirmed today.

Planetary Annihilation begins its Linux onslaught!

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Gaming Planetary Annihilation one of the most successful games to hit it on Kickstarter has within the last week pushed out their Linux version!

Free and Commercial Game Engines

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Gaming The appearance of new game engines with Linux support gives rise to hope that more games will start to appear in Linux versions. The free game engines are also getting better.

Fields Of War Brings 200-Player Mech Battles To Linux

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Gaming If there is one thing that mankind was born to do, it was pilot massive mechs while blowing each other to smithereens. Now Fields of War has stomped onto the scene to fill that role, bringing with it a player count of 200.

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